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Version of 

Remade as 

Huihun ye (1962)
Officer (2001)
full plot has been copied

Edited into 

The Making of 'Psycho' (1997) (Video)
The Clock (2010)
Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012)
Footage from this movie is used.
Apaga y vámonos: Episode #1.4 (2013) (TV Episode)
actors heads are changed with politician heads


Daydreams (1915) (Short)
Laura (1944)
both movies center around a detective who obsesses over the dead women they're investigating
The Enforcer (1951)
El (1953)
Bhagam Bhag (2006)
Sub plot borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Referenced in 

You Bet Your Life: Episode #9.22 (1959) (TV Episode)
Part of quiz question.
Black Orpheus (1959)
La vida alrededor (1959)
The poster of the film is put on the wall of a cinema
Midnight Lace (1960)
There is a scene in the film where Doris Day's character and Rex Harrison's character are standing in a hotel room and the light from the sign is casting shadows on them. This is exactly the same as it is in Vertio but insted of a green light it is blue in this film.
Jules and Jim (1962)
La jetée (1962) (Short)
The whole short movie of the "jetee" was inspired by the dream sequence from Vertigo.
Before the Revolution (1964)
A character talks about the film.
Les Biches (1968)
An obssessed Why reinvents herself to look like Frederique just as Novak did.
Solaris (1972)
Sugar Cookies (1973)
Plot's very similar. Co-writer says it was intenional
Chinatown (1974)
Phantom of the Paradise (1974)
The way we see the drawing of the bird at the beginning of the film is the same way Hitchcock shows the body in the dream sequence of Vertigo. Same twist of the corpse.
Jaws (1975)
Crazy Mama (1975)
Title seen on movie theater marquee
Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
poster on wall
Obsession (1976)
Last Embrace (1979)
the chase up the steps and ladders in the bell tpwer are analagous
Time After Time (1979)
The scene between Wells and Amy in Muir Woods is based on a similar scene between James Stewart and Kim Novak in Vertigo.
Raging Bull (1980)
Artemis 81 (1981) (TV Movie)
Jeb invites his novelist friend to a lecture on Hitchcock's film.
Still of the Night (1982)
Brooke mentions going up the bell tower of an old church, followed by her father.
Remington Steele: Woman of Steele (1984) (TV Episode)
Steele compares his obsession with an old flame to that of Scotty in Vertigo.
Body Double (1984)
Night Court: Bull Gets a Kid (1984) (TV Episode)
Title reference
Remington Steele: Now You Steele It, Now You Don't (1985) (TV Episode)
A private detective is hired by someone with an ulterior motive to track a blond woman who can't control her erratic behavior.
Re-Animator (1985)
Graphics in opening credits are similar
Matador (1986)
Psycho III (1986)
The opening sequence in the convent bell-tower is very similar to the final sequence in Vertigo where a character falls to her death.
Blue Velvet (1986)
Dead of Winter (1987)
Replacement of one women with another
Sledge Hammer!: Vertical (1987) (TV Episode)
Numerous references
Cannibal Hookers (1987)
Poster is shown in a store.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Superdome (1989) (TV Episode)
Servo: "'Vertigo' flashback!"
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals! (1989) (Video Game)
One of the possible answers to the question "Vertigo is -" in the age verification test is "Alfred Hitchcock's film".
Batman (1989)
Quantum Leap: Good Morning, Peoria - September 9, 1959 (1989) (TV Episode)
Sam refers to the film.
Don't Drop Bombs (1989) (Video)
Poster of the film is seen in the room of the music video.
Stella (1990)
mentioned by Stella
Garfield's Feline Fantasies (1990) (TV Short)
Garfield mentions that this movie is playing on the flight.
Goodfellas (1990)
My Secret Identity: A Life in the Day of Dr. J (1991) (TV Episode)
Stephanie refers to the film and its director Alfred Hitchcock.
Europa (1991)
Re-arranged version of Bernard Herrmann's theme song for Vertigo is heard during the church scene.
Dead Again (1991)
Cape Fear (1991)
Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Glory Daze (1992) (TV Episode)
The scene in which Ms. Musso begins to get dizzy and the hypnotist's wheel seen in the background are a reference to "Vertigo."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Teenagers from Outer Space (1992) (TV Episode)
In list of Hitchcock movies
Raising Cain (1992)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Indestructible Man (1992) (TV Episode)
Crow: "This is just like 'Vertigo.'"
The Crying Game (1992)
Fergus' makeover of Dil in the image of Jody, the dead man
Venice/Venice (1992)
Referenced in one of the interview sequences.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Tormented (1992) (TV Episode)
Joel: "An aging Kim Novak re-creates the scene from 'Vertigo.'"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Rebel Set (1992) (TV Episode)
Crow: "It's 'Vertigo'!"
Victim of Love (1992) (Video)
The title is mentioned.
Groundhog Day (1993)
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)
The word "vertigo" appears on the bus ridden by the "resurrected" Mrs. House.
The Age of Innocence (1993)
All around the film, first flower shop scene, etc.
Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (1993) (TV Mini-Series)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Alien from L.A. (1993) (TV Episode)
Tom: "Am I in 'Vertigo' now?!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Atomic Brain (1993) (TV Episode)
Crow references the film during an overhead shot of a staircase.
Schramm (1993)
Stepladder scene.
The All New Alexei Sayle Show: Episode #1.1 (1994) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during 'Psycho Ward Eleven'
Cemetery Man (1994)
When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)
Meg Ryan thinks about her marriage (while R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" is playing in the background) standing at the exact place near the Golden-Gate-Bridge in San Francisco, where James Steward rescued Kim Novak.
The Crow (1994)
Shallow Grave (1994)
A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (1995) (TV Movie)
still with Stewart and Novak
Strange Days (1995)
similar opening scene!!
Twelve Monkeys (1995)
Ad above the main entrance of the theater.
Girl 6 (1996)
The Apartment (1996)
Both films involve a tip-off to the protagonist that he is being played. In Vertigo, it is the necklace that he has seen before. In L'Appartement it is the shoe that does not fit.
Jingle All the Way (1996)
Myron says "I'm scared of heights, you ever see the movie Vertigo, that mean anything to you"
Lost Highway (1997)
Dual identity themes explored.
Friends: The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends (1997) (TV Episode)
Richard talks about this movie in the video store
Insomnia (1997)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1997) (TV Episode)
Tom: "Hey, it's the back door of the 'Vertigo' church."
Career Girls (1997)
The Game (1997)
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (1997)
Some of the soundtrack overtly references that of Vertigo
Gattaca (1997)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1997) (TV Episode)
Mike: Verti-go to hell.
The Making of 'Psycho' (1997) (Video)
Dark City (1998)
Scene by Scene: Martin Scorsese (1998) (TV Episode)
He Got Game (1998)
Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)
When Mel Gibson is chasing the bad guy and jumps off the roof, only to fall and dangle off the other roof, is a reference to a scene in Vertigo in which the same thing happens to James Stewart.
Snake Eyes (1998)
Run Lola Run (1998)
In Lola Rennt, the painting on the wall of the casino (woman in grey suit with hair in spiral bun) is of Madeleine Elster (who in Vertigo is looking at a painting of Carlotta Valdes), and supports the spiral motif employed in both films.
Will & Grace: Pilot (1998) (TV Episode)
Will references "Vertigo".
Free Enterprise (1998)
Movie poster on the door of Mark's office.
Practical Magic (1998)
camera spins as it goes down the stairs
Edtv (1999)
Reputations: Hitch: Alfred the Auteur (1999) (TV Episode)
Making 'Taxi Driver' (1999) (Video)
mentionned once
Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (1999) (Video)
Wakko asks Yakko if he gets vertigo and Yakko says he still does not get that movie after seeing it three times
That '70s Show: Halloween (1999) (TV Episode)
When Eric is climbing after Kelso up on the garage roof, his looking down is a reference to the film.
The Last Cigarette (1999)
Score featured.
Suzhou he (2000)
Scream 3 (2000)
Memento (2000)
Angel: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (2000) (TV Episode)
The leading lady's name is Judy, and she used to live in Salina, Kansas.
The Making of 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' (2000) (Video)
mentioned once
'Rear Window' Ethics: Remembering and Restoring a Hitchcock Classic (2000) (Video)
mentioned by James C. Katz as an example of a picture shot on 65mm film.
The Fluffer (2001)
Grosse Pointe: Passion Fish (2001) (TV Episode)
Kevin questions Rob how about doing a Vertigo thing.
Plotting 'Family Plot' (2001) (Video)
mentioned once
Get Over It (2001)
Spy Kids (2001)
Shrek (2001)
Moulin Rouge! (2001)
'Obsession' Revisited (2001) (Video)
mentioned several times
Frailty (2001)
According to director Paxton, the opening titles are partially inspired by those in Hitchcock's "Vertigo"
The Tunnel (2001) (Short)
The 100 Greatest Films (2001) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Vanilla Sky (2001)
8 femmes (2002)
Heaven (2002)
Enough (2002)
The Ring (2002)
Trece campanadas (2002)
In both films we can see someone who is going to jump from the top of a church.
Kourastika na skotono tous agapitikous sou (2002)
A poster can be seen in the police officer's appartment.
Die Another Day (2002)
Jinx jumps backwards from heights of the Castillo de San Sebastián to the sound of Vertigo like score
The Making of 'Frailty' (2002) (Video)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: A Night at the Movies (2003) (TV Episode)
An advertisement for it can be seen on the pink flier.
Down with Love (2003)
A lead character changed frrom brunette to blonde in order to trick another. Kovack name of character and actress respectively.
Kangaroo Hitchcock: The Making of 'Road Games' (2003) (Video)
The title is mentioned.
Hulk (2003)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
The famous 'vertigo' reverse-tracking shot is used
The Anti-Hero's Journey (2004) (Video)
briefly mentionned
Nina (2004)
References "Vertigo"'s famous shot of winding stairs.
Secret Window (2004)
Camera zoom on heroine's chignon (hairdo)
Die fremde Frau (2004) (TV Movie)
same music composed by Bernard Herrman
Four Dead Batteries (2004)
Posters in the dressing room
Shooting 'Panic Room' (2004) (Video)
mentionned once
Wicker Park (2004)
A man obssessed with girl whose identy has undergone changes.
Tonî Takitani (2004)
Tony Takitani, just like James Stewart's character, tries to "ressurrect" his beloved by dressing another woman just like her.
Kinsey (2004)
Location, quote, Clara's headscarf in the forest scene: "Sequoia Sempervirens: Always living."
Como Fazer Um Filme de Amor (2004)
mentioned and immitated in the movie (the movie name appears in a subtitle at the scene).
San Francisco: Scene of the Crime (2004) (Video)
mentioned once
Film Geek (2005)
Scotty mentions it. Also, video case is shown in a video store and in Scotty's apartment.
Asylum (2005)
Object of one man's obsession leaps to her death from a clock tower
Ti piace Hitchcock? (2005) (TV Movie)
Poster is shown a couple of times on a wall
The Red Shoes (2005)
camera spins as girl walks up spiral staircase
House M.D.: Autopsy (2005) (TV Episode)
poster in office
The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005) (Video Game)
the church in the "Security Guard" level is a reference to "Vertigo".
House M.D.: Daddy's Boy (2005) (TV Episode)
Wilson has a Vertigo movie poster on the wall of his office.
Jeopardy!: 2005 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3 (2005) (TV Episode)
referenced in clue in "U2 Songs in Other Words" category
Homestarrunner.com: Everything Else, Volume 1 (2005) (Video)
In "Experimental Film", a reference to this movie is made when Strong Sad falls out of the film and into a descending spiral of presidential faces
House M.D.: Deception (2005) (TV Episode)
There's a poster of this film in the office of Wilson.
Martin Scorsese, l'émotion par la musique (2005)
Martin Scorsese talks about it
Horror Business (2005) (Video)
Video case is shown.
For a Blonde... for a Brunette... for Someone... for Her... for You... (2006) (Video)
A scene from Vertigo is re-created.
House M.D.: Need to Know (2006) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Inside Man (2006)
The classic 'Vertigo' shot (zoom-in, dolly-out) is used when Mr Case is shown in his office, reflecting on his past.
Unrequited Love (2006)
the woman mentions it
A New Wave (2006)
mentioned in dialogue
The Searchers: An Appreciation (2006) (Video)
Mentioned by Scorsese.
Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006) (Video)
Photograph is shown.
Dorm Daze 2 (2006) (Video)
camera spins as someone walks downstairs
House M.D.: Meaning (2006) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Cane and Able (2006) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Lines in the Sand (2006) (TV Episode)
Wilson has a "Vertigo" poster in his office.
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006)
It is mentioned in a magazine.
House M.D.: Fools for Love (2006) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Whac-A-Mole (2006) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
The Holiday (2006)
DVD is shown in a video store. Also, poster is shown in Amanda's house.
D'entre les morts (2006) (Short)
House M.D.: One Day, One Room (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Insensitive (2007) (TV Episode)
When House enters Wilson's office both times we can see a poster of Vertgio
House M.D.: Half-Wit (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Cinema According to Brisseau (2007) (Video)
Jean-Claude Brisseau says that he showed the film at a cinema school
House M.D.: Fetal Position (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Andy Barker, P.I.: Dial M for Laptop (2007) (TV Episode)
Giant poster on wall in Video Riot back room
House M.D.: Airborne (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: House Training (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Family (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Resignation (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
The Best Years: Vertigo (2007) (TV Episode)
Title references the famous film by 'Alfred Hitchcock'
1408 (2007)
Uses the same shot that Alfred Hitchcock used to show Scottie's vertigo, scene when Enslin is hanging from the ledge also mimics Vertigo.
Sex and Death 101 (2007)
The name "Carlotta Valdes" is on the list. Carlotta Valdes is also important for the plot in Vertigo (1958).
I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
Cited by director Chris Sivertson as influence.
House M.D.: Alone (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Psycho (2007) (TV Episode)
The poster of this movie was shown.
House M.D.: Whatever It Takes (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Ugly (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Games (2007) (TV Episode)
Wilson has movie posters in his office for Touch of Evil and Vertigo
Tous à l'Ouest: Une aventure de Lucky Luke (2007)
Vertigo's swirling backgrounds appear behind Joe Dalton when Crook steals the prisoner's wagon.
The Key to Reserva (2007) (Short)
When the man falls off the balcony, a 2 second shot of the lead character reacting is taken using the Dolly zoom or the 'Vertigo' zoom as it is popularly known, since it was invented by Alfred Hitchcock.
House M.D.: Frozen (2008) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Don't Ever Change (2008) (TV Episode)
A poster for Vertigo is on the wall in Wilson's office
The Big Bang Theory: The Nerdvana Annihilation (2008) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Sheldon
House M.D.: No More Mr. Nice Guy (2008) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
A Christmas Tale (2008)
The way Faunia approaches Junon in the museum is the same as the way Ferguson approaches Judy.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
A poster for the film is seen.
House M.D.: Dying Changes Everything (2008) (TV Episode)
Poster on Wilson's office wall.
House M.D.: Lucky Thirteen (2008) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Afstiros katallilo (2008)
Poster on the wall
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #7.46 (2008) (TV Episode)
Included in a $100 question
House M.D.: Let Them Eat Cake (2008) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Smut (2008) (TV Episode)
Olivia questions why someone who collects porn films wouldn't shelve a film called "'V' for Vagina" next to "Vertigo."
Molina's Mofo (2008) (Short)
A prostitute calls the main character's problem a "Scottie syndrome" and compares it to situation in Vertigo.
The Uninvited (2009)
Musical score, theme, necklace from murder
House M.D.: Unfaithful (2009) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: The Softer Side (2009) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
American Dad!: Live and Let Fry (2009) (TV Episode)
When Steve eats the trans fat out of the cans the dizzying title motif from "Vertigo" is played in the score.
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)
When Susan is chased around San Francisco by the alient robot, she accidentally slips off a roof and hangs on to the rain gutter, referencing the opening scene of Vertigo.
The Simpsons: Gone Maggie Gone (2009) (TV Episode)
The Springfield Bell Tower was drawn as a nod to the bell tower of Mission San Juan Bautista.
OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)
Shot of a spiraling staircase; two scenes set on heights have Vertigo-like music score - the Iguacu Falls and the Christ the Redeemer of the Andes statue scenes.
House M.D.: Under My Skin (2009) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Both Sides Now (2009) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Mic Macs à Tire-Larigot (2009)
DVD is shown in a video store.
House M.D.: The Tyrant (2009) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
90210: A Trip to the Moon (2009) (TV Episode)
Poster seen in Jasper's house
House M.D.: Remorse (2010) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)
Cited by director James Nguyen as influence.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Million Dollar Movie Week 4 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $15,000 question
House M.D.: Private Lives (2010) (TV Episode)
Wilson mentions his Vertigo poster
Psych: Mr. Yin Presents (2010) (TV Episode)
Spencer mentions film by name. Juliet is wearing a Kim Novak-esque suit and hairstyle and is set up to fall from a tower.
90210: Girl Fight! (2010) (TV Episode)
Poster on Jaspers wall
NCIS: Guilty Pleasure (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by McCadden
House M.D.: Knight Fall (2010) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Open and Shut (2010) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Alan Wake (2010) (Video Game)
* The tree ring display in one area of Elderwood National Park is almost identical to the one used in the scene where Madeleine and Scotty discuss their lives compared to the life of the tree.
Kaboom (2010)
Character name Rebecca Novak
Insidious (2010)
Dolly Zoom effect is used in a scene
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.8 (2010) (TV Episode)
a poster for the film is seen on a wall during Nick Thune's segment
The Psycho Legacy (2010) (Video)
Is mentioned by Charles Edward Pogue
House M.D.: Office Politics (2010) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Small Sacrifices (2010) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
No Strings Attached (2011)
poster seen
Skins: Franky (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Franky's room
House M.D.: Recession Proof (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
Video case is shown in a video store.
House M.D.: Bombshells (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure (2011)
Poster is seen in Daniel Clowes' studio.
Scream 4 (2011)
Poster on the classroom wall.
House M.D.: Last Temptation (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: The Fix (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
The Artist (2011)
Music from Vertigo used near the end of the film
The Young and the Restless: Cane's Lost Letter Reveals a Shocking Truth (2011) (TV Episode)
One of the DVDs Sofia collects for Lily.
Neighbours: Episode #1.6203 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jim mentions this
House M.D.: Twenty Vicodin (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned by House
American Horror Story: Pilot (2011) (TV Episode)
music from this film is heard
Hugo (2011)
The shot down the spiral staircase of the train station during the final chase scene references Vertigo's famous track/zoom shot down the spiral staircase of the church tower.
House M.D.: Charity Case (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Dead & Buried (2011) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Stars of the Silver Screen: James Stewart (2011) (TV Episode)
The film is discussed.
Nostalgia Critic: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (2012) (TV Episode)
"They enter the opening of Vertigo..."
This Means War (2012)
Also mentioned by Lauren
House M.D.: Runaways (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Pasila: Non, je ne regrette rien (2012) (TV Episode)
Movie poster on a wall in Peter von Schnabel's home
House M.D.: Man of the House (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Dai zeoi bou (2012)
poster on wall
House M.D.: Gut Check (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
Aqui Estoy, Aqui No (2012)
The filmmaker states: "Freely inspired in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'."
House M.D.: The C Word (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Post Mortem (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
House M.D.: Holding On (2012) (TV Episode)
poster in Wilson's office
The Exit Counsel (2012) (Short)
Main character is also named Madeleine, who is also supposedly possessed.
End Roll (2012)
DVD is shown.
Ted (2012)
Vertigo is shown to be available on OnDemand.
The Girl (2012) (TV Movie)
When Hitchcock goes up the stairs towards the end of the film, the shot recalls James Stewart ascending the stairs in Vertigo.
Skyfall (2012)
Similar music and shots when Bond reaches the top of the building in Shanghai, according to director Sam Mendes.
Hitchcock (2012)
In the film, Hitchcock fears that "Psycho" will be another failure like "Vertigo".
Populaire (2012)
The scene in the Paris hotel room, in which Rose models her new dress for Louis, is a visual and stylistic reference to the scene in Vertigo, when Judy models her new dress for Scottie
Escape from Tomorrow (2013)
The shiny necklace from 'the other woman' is similar to Carlotta's necklace in Vertigo
Arrow: Unfinished Business (2013) (TV Episode)
In his cell, the Count quotes lines from the movie.
Mr & Mrs Murder: The Next Best Man (2013) (TV Episode)
Charlie likens Peter dating Nicola and then marrying look-alike Gianna to Jimmy Stewart's obsession with Kim Novak in Vertigo
Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (2013)
A copy of Vertigo on DVD can be seen in the director's office during one scene
Ek Thi Daayan (2013)
small Vertigo poster in Lisa's apartment
A Story of Children and Film (2013)
Title is mentioned
Angels (2013) (Short)
spoofs a scene filmed in San Francisco
FanboyFlicks, Bad Movies!: What's Wrong with Signs??? (2013) (TV Episode)
Poster is shown.
Royal Pains: Vertigo (2013) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
I'm Still Here (2013)
The audio can be heard before Ben and Sophie argue
Enemy (2013)
Poster seen in video store
The Face of Love (2013)
There is a poster on the wall of the house which we see Nikki prepare early in the movie; the plot has some similarities too concerning falling in love with the double of a previous love
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Frame by Frame (2013) (TV Episode)
A poster can be seen.
Castle: Disciple (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Ryan.
Videoclub (2013)
Video case is shown ("Vértigo").
The Cinema Snob: Silent Night, Deadly Night (2013) (TV Episode)
"Probably had the theme to Vertigo playing over it for some reason."
Stephanie (2013) (Short)
Private investigator develops feelings for the woman he's following.
Life Itself (2014)
Title mentioned
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
The shot of Agatha hanging from a balcony.
Film '72: Episode dated 11 February 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Danny Leigh when reviewing Her (2013)
Film '72: Episode dated 5 March 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Danny Leigh when reviewing Under the Skin (2013/I)
The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Crossing the Line (2014) (TV Episode)
A poster is seen.
Sludd (2014) (Short)
The shot of Gabriel walking towards the altar.
Murder of a Cat (2014)
Video case is shown in Clinton's house.
73 Questions: 73 Questions with Blake Lively (2014) (TV Episode)
Blake says this is her favorite plot twist.
Perfect Therapy 3: Dawn of the Bite (2014) (Short)
Music Used
Epic Rap Battles of History: Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock (2014) (TV Episode)
directly mentioned in lyrics
Hollywood Mouth 2 (2014)
a poster is shown.
The Royal Road (2015)
lengthy reflection on the film and numerous shots of locations
Castle: I, Witness (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue by Richard Castle: "Beckett, the murder was staged. This whole thing, it's a work of fiction. It's a Hitchcock movie with me cast as the witness. I'm Jimmy Stewart in 'Vertigo'.The reason we haven't found a body is because there is no body. Eva's still alive!"
Drawers (2015)
Poster seen
Insectula! (2015)
parody of Scottie's dream sequence
Inside Out (2015)
One of the movie posters inside Riley's nightmare center closely resembles the poster for "Vertigo," which is also set in the San Francisco area.
iZombie: Astroburger (2015) (TV Episode)
DVD used on date night.
iZombie: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat (2015) (TV Episode)
Ravi and Peyton plan to go on a "Vertigo" tour of San Francisco.
Na plovárne: Kim Novak (2015) (TV Episode)
Kim Novak talks about her collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, Edith Head and James Stewart.
Saturday Night Live: Miley Cyrus (2015) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned in 'Too Late with Ruby Nichols'
Demain (2015)
Mélanie refers to this movie when introducing San Francisco.
iZombie: Abra Cadaver (2015) (TV Episode)
Peyton suggests to Ravi that they stay up to watch the Vertigo movie together.
A Christmas Eve Conversation with Quentin Tarantino & Paul Thomas Anderson (2015) (Video)
Mentioned by Paul Thomas Anderson.
Hail, Caesar! (2016)
The name "Carlotta Valdez" refers to "Vertigo", where Carlotta Valdez was the woman in the portrait Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton pretended to be possessed by.
Never Fade (2016) (Short)
Both Sean and Gwen are avid Hitchcock fans, alongside the director.
500 Questions: Episode #2.5 (2016) (TV Episode)
correct answer in "Cinema Facts" category
Hotel Impossible: Funeral Home Impossible (2016) (TV Episode)
Vertigo mentioned and stills shown in conjunction with the Mission San Juan Bautista in town
Cash Trapped: Episode #1.2 (2016) (TV Episode)
Incorrect answer.
Gotham: Mad City: Blood Rush (2016) (TV Episode)
The scene in which Isabella comes into the room dressed as Kristen is similar to the scene in "Vertigo" in which Judy comes into the room dressed as Madeleine--green lighting is prominently featured in both scenes.
My Movie Girl (2016)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Hollywood Mouth 3 (2017)
A poster from the movie is shown.

Featured in 

AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Stewart (1980) (TV Special)
Tower scen with Novak's fall
Sans soleil (1983)
Several stills and a film sequence are shown.
The 57th Annual Academy Awards (1985) (TV Special)
Precious Images (1986) (Short)
Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies (1990) (Short)
clip shown during the pre-show. The main theme is also played during the pre-show.
Libera (1993)
Twelve Monkeys (1995)
James and Kathryn are watching this movie in a theater.
Family Portraits: Alfred Hitchcock (1995) (TV Episode)
scene with James Stewart shown
The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys (1996) (Video)
The film is screened at the editing room near the end of the documentary.
Siskel & Ebert: Men in Black/Wild America/Out to Sea (1997) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown for the segment on James Stewart.
Obsessed with Vertigo (1997) (TV Short)
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: America's Greatest Movies (1998) (TV Special)
This film is #61 on the list.
Reputations: Hitch: Alfred the Auteur (1999) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown.
Hitchcock: Shadow of a Genius (1999) (TV Movie)
The Best of Film Noir (1999) (Video)
Clips shown.
4 Vertigo (2000) (Short)
Features clips from this film
'Torn Curtain' Rising (2000) (Video)
clip shown
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies (2001) (TV Special)
This film is #18 on the list.
The 100 Greatest Films (2001) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown
Stuart Little 2 (2002)
Stuart and Margalo watch this movie on their first date.
Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003)
Excerpts appear in the film.
American Dreams: R-E-S-P-E-C-T (2003) (TV Episode)
Meg and Luke watch the film at the drive-in theatre.
The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing (2004)
Clip included; editing analysed.
House M.D.: Safe (2006) (TV Episode)
Wilson is watching Vertigo at the end of the episode, and the audio can be heard.
The Sopranos: Kaisha (2006) (TV Episode)
music - Chris and Julianna watch it in the theater
The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006)
featured in documentary
Hitchcocked! (2006) (TV Movie)
Clips featured.
30 Even Scarier Movie Moments (2006) (TV Mini-Series)
Clips are shown.
White Noise 2: The Light (2007)
clips of movie shown
Man in the Chair (2007)
Film shown at a theater
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: 10th Anniversary Edition (2007) (TV Movie)
This film is #9 on the list.
AFI's 10 Top 10: America's 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres (2008) (TV Movie)
This film is #1 on the "Mystery" list.
A Night at the Movies: The Suspenseful World of Thrillers (2009) (TV Movie)
clips with James Stewart; Kim Novak
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Cemetery Man (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips of the movie were shown and James compares the lost love plot to Cemetery Man.
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: From Paris with Love/Dear John/Frozen (2010) (TV Episode)
Screenplay Cliché segment.
These Amazing Shadows (2011)
Clips from this film are shown in These Amazing Shadows.
Edición Especial Coleccionista: Comparativa: Psicosis (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned and clip shown in trailer
The Nostalgia Chick: You've Got Mail (2011) (TV Episode)
recalling Jimmy Stewart
The Story of Film: An Odyssey: The Arrival of Sound (2011) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
The Story of Film: An Odyssey: Sex & Melodrama (2011) (TV Episode)
Clips shown
Parenthood: Forced Family Fun (2011) (TV Episode)
watched on TV
Stars of the Silver Screen: James Stewart (2011) (TV Episode)
Footage shown.
Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles: Citizen Kane Is the Best Film of All Time (2012) (TV Episode)
It is mentioned and discussed. Also, poster and footage of this movie are shown.
Great Movie Mistakes IV (2012) (TV Movie)
Clips of mistakes shown
Bad Movie Beatdown: Wes Craven Presents Don't Look Down (2013) (TV Episode)
Film Brain points out how DLD pays homage to this movie
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Mel Brooks (2013) (TV Movie)
film clips shown
Smashing UK Top 10: Top 10 Film Scores (2013) (TV Episode)
The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Crossing the Line (2014) (TV Episode)
Seen at the cinema
Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015)
Clips shown
El ciudadano nerd (2015) (Short)
Clips shown
De Palma (2015)
Clips shown.
Renegade Cut: Vertigo (2015) (TV Episode)
movie is discussed and analyzed
Joy (2015)
Clips from the movie are seen.

Spoofed in 

The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968)
Kim Novak again plays a dual role involving murder
High Anxiety (1977)
The central theme of Dr. Thorndyke's "high anxiety" is based off the vertigo ailment that James Stewart suffered from.
Foul Play (1978)
The Simpsons: Principal Charming (1991) (TV Episode)
The bell tower and staircase are identical to those in the film.
Not Without My Handbag (1993) (Short)
The Simpsons: Homer Loves Flanders (1994) (TV Episode)
The shots of Flanders on the stairs and on the tower spoof the film.
Weird Science: Horseradish (1995) (TV Episode)
This episode is a parody of the film.
Jumpers (1997) (Short)
That '70s Show: Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die (2000) (TV Episode)
Throughout the whole episode Eric has Vertigo and is afraid of heights. Scene setups in the episode reference Vertigo.
Pushing Daisies: Bitches (2007) (TV Episode)
Emerson's dream sequence is a spoof of the dream sequence of this film.
Torrente 4 (2011)
scenes spoofed
Pretty Little Liars: For Whom the Bell Tolls (2011) (TV Episode)
Running up the bell tower and someone falling off accidentally.
Flashback (2011)
The park ride called Verti-goooo!
Arrested Development: Flight of the Phoenix (2013) (TV Episode)
Michael closely examines face of Lucille 2 set to Bernard Herrmann score
Raising Hope: Murder, She Hoped (2013) (TV Episode)
parody scene
Family Guy: Christmas Guy (2013) (TV Episode)
Theme plays as Stewie follows his double
Comedy Bang! Bang!: Josh Groban Wears a Suit & Striped Socks (2014) (TV Episode)
There is a poster for a movie called "Vertical" with the same design as this movie's poster
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)
One of Earl and Greg's movies ("Vere'd He Go?")

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