Vertigo (1958) Poster


Plot Keywords

acrophobia police
shipbuilder san francisco bay
hair death
college friend rescue
police detective church
vertigo ex fiancee
bodily possession museum
flower in water skeptic
cigarette smoking bookshop
memory police chase
betrayal souvenir of murder
stable private eye
retirement romantic obsession
may december romance transformation
confession reference to mozart
close up of eyes nun
art museum conversation in car
character says i love you cult film
dizziness fetish
corset california
woman with glasses reference to jack the ripper
famous score shipyard
alley skepticism
obsession flower
concealed nudity flower shop
mental breakdown man in love
imagery inquest
spiral clothing store
dream sequence husband wife relationship
chase on roof graveyard
apartment building painting
actress playing multiple roles meta film
tea dance surveillance
commercial artist accidental death
church bell shipping company
animated sequence artist
police officer deception
stool neurotic
jewelry look alike
necklace mistaken identity
ends with death husband murders wife
roof chase death obsession
bouquet age difference
lost love phobia
fainting apartment
female tears friendship
color motif hotel
impostor eye
bachelor girl in bathrobe
fear of heights ex fiancé ex fiancée relationship
nosegay damsel in distress
deceit new dress
driving a car bookstore
reliving the past leitmotif
grave vertigo shot
tragic event hair salon
crying bra
self destructiveness livery stable
california mission murder of wife
wandering impersonation
fainting man spanish mission
forest feeling dizzy
cul de sac voice over narration
paranoia romantic triangle
tree haunted by the past
hoax flashback
female crying orchestral music score
riding in car following someone
policeman wooden horse
throwing flowers in water melancholy
cemetery technicolor
following someone in a car femme fatale
trance bell tower
dyed hair manipulation
older man younger woman relationship dual role
alcoholic drink falling from height
new clothes dirty old man
being followed in car unmailed letter
step stool 1950s
unrequited love psychiatric hospital
woman crying rooftop chase
bolt upright after nightmare police officer killed
rooftop hotel manager
makeover adultery
older man young girl relationship foreign language adaptation
mirror rescue from drowning
blond wearing a grey suit loss of wife
surrealism one word title
reference to coca cola 26 year old
san francisco california dolly zoom
romantic longing being followed
businessman men's club
golden gate bridge private detective
tree trunk redwood forest
stairwell gravestone
restaurant identity crisis
portrait painting guilt
nervous breakdown murder
mysterious woman private club
based on novel title spoken by character
plot twist surprise ending

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