The Crawling Eye (1958) Poster


First Student Climber: You idiot! We nearly had him. Why did you let him go?

Second Student Climber: Didn't you see?

First Student Climber: What are you talking about?

Second Student Climber: His head! It was torn off!

Prof. Crevett: And then dere is da cloud.

Alan Brooks: What cloud?

Prof. Crevett: Come on, Alan, you know what I'm talking about. Da cloud where there should be no cloud.

Alan Brooks: Where there are mountains, there are always clouds.

Prof. Crevett: But dis one remains static. On da side of da Trollenberg it never moves.

Alan Brooks: A freak of nature.

Prof. Crevett: A *radioactive* freak of nature?

Prof. Crevett: D'you see? Television cameras on da roof. We watch *everywhere*. You know, da government - da government, they say to me, "Professor, do you have to have such *expensive* things? Windows are much cheaper!" And I say I have to have, and I *have*! Dat over there, dat is the *only* window. And even for *dat*, we have *protection*. Look.

[activates electric window cover]

Prof. Crevett: Dat will stand up to *any* avalanche. Uh, dat too was very expensive. All this to study cosmic rays, huh?

[last lines]

[in the observatory room, looking out the panorama window]

Prof. Crevett: [spoken with German accent] Well, Alan. For the first time in weeks, the Trollenberg is free from clouds.

Alan Brooks: Yes - and let's hope it stays that way.

Sarah Pilgrim: *Was* there an accident, Mister Klein?

Mayor Klein: O-On a mountain, uh, dese things sometimes happen.

Philip Truscott: Keep an eye on your roping, won't you.

Brett: Why roping, particularly?

Philip Truscott: Uh, student business last week.

Dewhurst: That's right. Nasty business. Very nasty.

Philip Truscott: How 'bout a breath of fresh air?

Anne Pilgrim: I'd love a breath of fresh air.

Jim: Hey! Wait a minute. There's someome coming.

Second Student Climber: [sarcastically] Who is it, Jim, the Abominable Snowman?

Jim: I tell you there's someone coming. I can't see a thing. Who is it? Who is it? Who - ? No! Ugh-egh. No...!

[Jim falls over the cliff edge]

Prof. Crevett: Da cloud has moved. It is at da foot of da South Col. Where da hut is.

Philip Truscott: Cute little things, aren't they?

Alan Brooks: Yeah. I'm gonna throw a bomb at that one. You watch on the screen, see what happens.

Alan Brooks: Looks like you're goin' for a climb.

Dewhurst: Yes, we're going up the Trollenberg. Gonna have a noggin before we start. Care to join us?

Alan Brooks: All right.

Dewhurst: What's it goin' to be?

Alan Brooks: Scotch, please.

Dewhurst: Scotch and the two brandies. Better give me a bottle of brandy to take with us. Keep the cold out tonight.

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