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Alternate Versions

The 1999 DVD contains some scenes where the color filters are either more subtle or completely removed compared to previous versions. However, the filters were reinstated for the 2006 DVD and 2009 Blu-Ray.
The general release version omits references to the wide-screen process Todd-AO, Technicolor (a credit for DeLuxe is shown instead), and the original distributor Magna (replaced by a 20th Century-Fox credit).
The UK cut of the film begins with the first scene of Nellie and Emile at the plantation, and then the first Seabees scene, as was done originally on Broadway. US distributor 20th Century Fox decided to rearrange the two sequences, thus opening the film with "Bloody Mary".
(spoiler) Original roadshow version ran 171 minutes. 20 minutes were edited for general release, subsequently shown in theaters, television, and home video. These scenes were:
  • A non-musical bridge during the song "Bloody Mary" in which Mary attempts to sell a shrunken head to a sea-bee. Mary calls him a "stingy stinker," and it resumes with the chorus of the song.

  • As Luther explains to Cable what goes on on the island of Bali Ha'i, he sings a short reprise of the song of that name.

  • Nellie and Emile repeat the chorus to "Some Enchanted Evening" before kissing. In the general release, the chorus was removed from this reprise.

  • Much of the scene at Bali Ha'i, including shots of Cable and Billis's entry to the island, and much of the Boar's Tooth ceremony.

  • After the party, Emile's surprise was that he put a towel on his head and sang a comic reprise of "I'm Gonna Wash That man Right Outta My Hair".

-Then* his children walked out to meet Nellie. As it stands in the edited version, it seems as if the children themselves were the surprise.
  • Luther complains about the absence of gas for the generator during rehearsals

  • Luther asks a nurse about Nellie as the ships go out.

  • With overture, ent'racte, and exit music, this complete cut was approximately 175 minutes. Some people claim that the original full-length version shows Lt. Cable getting shot and falling dead, but others say that this is never shown. As shown in most prints, Emile merely reports Cable's death, just as he does in the play, and Cable is shown lying dead as the natives prepare to bury him.

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