The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963) Poster


Soho...Where Love Comes Cheap...Money Comes Hard...And Life is a Girl With a Suitcase a Thousand Miles From Home.
Hard-Hitting Drama of Small-Time Hustler!
Raw! Sordid! Brutal as Brass Knuckles!
Hard-hitting drama of a small-time hustler in trouble with the top-money boys - the mob - the strip-tease queens!
The syndicate gave him five hours - to pay up or get cut up!
Broke ... a thousand miles from home ... what can a girl do?
It hits the screen like a clenched fist!
The Story of a Small-Time Hustler Shooting for the Big-Time!...In big Trouble with the Czars...The Mobs and the Girls!
Nerve shattering entertainment and violence explode along the Soho Strip...where love comes cheap...money comes hard...and the syndicate plays for keeps!
Recommended for Mature Audiences

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