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Alternate Versions

The 2012 ITV Studios Blu-ray features the text at the end as well as the moment with the child.
The US Criterion Collection DVD is slightly edited: after thet Titanic has sunk, 2nd Officer Lightoller (Kenneth More) is on top of the upturned Collapsible lifeboat, a steward swims up to him with a child. Lightoller takes the child, but in the DVD, you don't see him find out that the child is already dead, and then he gently places him in the water. There is also an "epilogue". It describes how the passengers did not die in vain: "The International Ice Patrol now Watches the Seas and a ceaseless radio vigil is in place, etc." In earlier versions, these titles are missing. Only the background footage of toys, deck chairs, and other wreckage floating on the water fills the screen. It is in this version, with no "epilogue", where Lightoller is seen lowering the dead child into the water.

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