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Mike Gold: Four Comics Things That Piss Me Off

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Number One: Bitch Planet

Bitch Planet ran only five issues. I know it’s coming back in a new mini-series story arc thingy, but nobody – not even Valentina De Landro and Kelly Sue DeConnick – have any business producing such a compelling series and not publish it every damn month for the rest of their lives. And I’m counting string theory afterlife dimensions.

I mean, look folks, characters like Batman, the X-Men and My Little Pony are being published weekly under a variety of titles. Marvel’s pumping out so much Deadpool that even Emily S. Whitten has a hard time following them all. So is it so much to ask that we get Bitch Planet at least once each month? These are two incredibly talented cartoonists. I’m sure they have lives and loved ones and such, but I don’t care. October will come and go without an issue of Bitch Planet,
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Forgotten B&W Horror #12: Monster on the Campus

This week I got to watch a rather enjoyable movie for the 12th installment in the Forgotten B&W Horror series. With this entry, we look at Monster on the Campus, a 1958 teenage drive-in movie that was sure to cause your girlfriend to hide her face in your chest.

Director Jack Arnold, whose cult-classic Tarantula I possibly reviewed a little harshly, gives us the story of a college professor and his unfortunate encounters with gamma rays, fish blood, and prehistoric man. Sounds fun, right?

Monster on the Campus starts with a series of sculptures showing mankind’s evolution. We then see our hero, Professor Donald Blake, using his girlfriend to create a plaster cast for his newest sculpture in the series – “modern woman”. This is how we learn Professor Blake is an expert on evolution. Next we see a frozen coelacanth (an ancient species of fish thought to be extinct
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DVD Review: "My Blood Runs Cold" (1964) Starring Troy Donohue And Joey Heatherton; Warner Archive DVD

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By Tom Lisanti

I admit it. I am a Troy Donahue fan. There I said it. Not surprising since I love and have been writing about Sixties starlets for over ten years. If there ever was a male version of a starlet, it was Troy. I purchased the DVD box set Warner Bros. Romance Classics Collection featuring four of his early Sixties movies and recently viewed My Blood Runs Cold (1964) from Warner Bros Archive as a DVD-on-Demand. The pairing of Troy Donahue as a loon and Joey Heatherton as the blonde he desires in this suspense film didn’t burn up the silver screens across the country and left most critics cold, but the coupling of America’s favorite bland blonde boy with the Ann-Margret wannabe made for bad cinema you just got to love.

By 1964 Troy Donahue had reached super stardom and was one of the most popular young actors at the time,
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Week 213: Men Into Apes!

I think it was John Landis who once told us that every movie is better if there’s a guy in an ape suit. Let’s find out!

On Monday, September 26, join David DeCoteau for the trailer to Monster on the Campus.

A late entry in the 1950s Universal International monster gallery, this is mostly composed of leftover ideas and props from the glory days. Still, there’s a level of studio professionalism that its indie competitors could never match. Perennially affordable sci-fi leading man Arthur Franz, infected with the blood of a prehistoric fish, turns into a Neanderthal who chases pretty coeds and comes to (natch) a bad end out on the backlot.

On Wednesday, September 28, join Katt Shea for the trailer to Altered States.

William Hurt, in his screen debut, experiments with that nostalgic 80s pastime, sensory deprivation, which culminates in biological devolution. Writer Paddy Chayefsky, credited onscreen
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