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It's Better in the Bahamas

Author: boblipton from New York City
1 May 2009

Charlie Walker is a hard-working guy with a lot of responsibilities. But when he is washed overboard in a storm and washes up in the Bahamas, he realizes he hates his old life and disappears to a new life as a hotel manager with pretty, young Liz Moore. As they fall in love and the hotel becomes successful, life seems idyllic until the past intrudes.

The script is well done, the visuals are fine -- although there are a few more obvious set shots than I would like, and most of the performances are a little too one-note. Leila Barry as Liz Moore is monotonous in her line readings, Peter Donat is overwrought as her ex-fiancé, Janes Harley plays the wife in a hair-do and manner reminiscent of the Bride of Frankenstein and whichever fellow plays the insurance investigator gives an over-the-top performance of Shatnerian proportions. Mr. Lynn, however, gives such a fine performance, full of melancholy gravity, that he makes this a better-than-average effort.

The script is credited to Mr. Lynn and director John Rawlins, the latter of whom apparently is a better screenwriter than director. Still, it looks like it paid for a nice working vacation for the crew.

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A rather strange but enjoyable low-budget bit of escapism.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
30 January 2013

missing English accent on Leila Barry and missing accents on Bahamians mostly no-name actors (though Lynn appeared in quite a few films) small island in Bahamas Bermuda Studio Production

"Lost Lagoon" is a very low-budget film that still is very much worth seeing. Sure, it's got a few faults--but it also does amazingly well for what it is. Think about it--this is the only production by Bermuda Studio Production and the leading lady never appeared in another show or movie according to IMDb--yet it is very satisfying to watch.

The film begins with Charlie (Jeffery Lynn) approaching his brother-in-law for a loan to pay off his insurance premium. But instead of just giving him the money, the brother-in-law takes him aboard his fishing boat and they head out to sea from Miami. He does give him the money--but soon after, a huge storm hits and Charlie is washed overboard. He is assumed dead but actually washes up on an obscure island in the Bahamas (and there are LOTS of obscure little islands there). Here he is nursed back to health by a nice young lady, Elizabeth (Leila Barry). Eventually, he catches a ride back to Miami and when he returns home, no one realizes he's returned...and he starts to wonder why he returned! So, he quickly returns to the island and decides to continue letting everyone think he's dead and live out his life with Elizabeth. But, of course, there's a lot more to the story.

Perhaps this story appealed more to me because I am middle-aged and because I have recently been to the Bahamas. All I know is that although I am very happy, I could see how such a situation could be very tempting for a vaguely disaffected man. It makes for a compelling story and moral quandary. It also happens to be well made and interesting throughout. Because of the tiny budget and how effective the film is, I'm scoring this one an 8. It is currently available for streaming live through Netflix--otherwise I doubt if you'll be able to find such a small film.

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Find Your Own "Lost Lagoon"

Author: JLRMovieReviews from United States
20 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeffrey Lynn is a family man who goes to ask for financial help from his brother-in-law, because he can't make his insurance premiums. His brother-in-law (who's a big jerk) throws it in his face that he's given him money before, that it took him two years to pay back. But, they just happen to be fishing on his brother-in-law's boat off the coast of Miami, when a storm comes up unexpectedly. Fast forward, everyone but Jeffrey Lynn makes it to the mainland. He drifts off to a small island (a part of the Bahamas,) along with some of his brother-in-law's money that he picked up, after it had fallen out of his brother-in-law's pocket getting off the boat. As you can see, this movie wastes no time in setting the stage. Of course, he meets a young lady. Using the money, they go into business together, all the time saying they won't fall in love. But a guy, a girl, an island. You get the picture. This is better than you might think, helped by Jeffrey Lynn's earnest performance, creating someone you might know and can really empathize with. This is the kind of movie you remember where you were when you saw it and look back on it with fondness. This has come out as a DVR, too, and TCM occasionally shows it. But any way you find it, it's quite a treasure. It'll make you feel like you're on vacation, too, and you won't want to leave either.

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Clarion Cay, Black Rum, and Calypso Magic

Author: howdymax from Las Cruces, New Mexico
1 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never thought much about Jeffrey Lynn the actor. In fact, thinking back, I can only remember him in one obscure movie called: "Strange Bargain" with Richard Gaines. But this movie changed my opinion of him. He plays Charlie Walker, a loser lawyer who can't even pay his life insurance premiums. His wife takes him for granted, and his obnoxious brother in law pushes him around. A total schlub. As fate would have it, he gets caught in a storm during a fishing trip and ends up on an isolated island in the Bahamas, where he meets an enchanting girl who lives alone with a couple of servants. She owns a rundown shack and fishing pier, is about to lose it all. Charlie sees a chance to start a new life and decides move in and help her turn it into an island paradise. From here on it gets predictable, at least until the end. The scenery is breathtaking - even in black and white. The story is familiar but sweet. But the main reason I decided to comment on this movie was the odd confluence of circumstances I noticed. Jeffrey Lynn is listed as one of the writers and contributed additional dialogue. I wondered what his interest was in this movie. Leila Barry plays the love interest, but this was her only movie. I don't get it. She is a natural and her acting style was intriguing in an amateurish way. She leaves you wanting more. I'm not that much of a softy, but anybody with a heart, after watching this movie, would wish for a happy ending. I wish I could give you one. I wanted to finish this movie up feeling a warm glow. Instead I came away feeling a strange ambivalence.

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The "Saga" of Charlie Walker

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
8 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Some Spoilers) With him being lost at sea Charlie Walker, Jeffery Lynn, ended up on this out of the way island in the far flung Bahamas. It's there that Charlie was nursed back to health, on lots of sleep and coconut milk, by the island's owner pretty and caring Liz Moore played by Leila Barry in her only film role.

With Charlie being declared lost at sea and thus deceased his wife Bernadine, Jane Hartley, back in Miami tried to collect on a $100,000.00 life insurance policy she had on him. It's when insurance investigator Mr.Barkin, Don Gibson, found Charlie Walker, using the name Charlie Wilson, on the island that things started to get real interesting. Running the island's tourist resort "The Lost Lagoon" Charlie had it made for a while in no one knowing who he really is: The lost at sea Charlie Walker.

Now not only is Charlie facing insurance fraud but may well have to be reunited with his battle ax of a wife Bernadine who'll find out that he's been cheating on her! That's by Charlie being shacked up with the younger and far prettier Liz Moore! Feeling that life is no longer worth living Charlie tried to do himself in by drowning himself in the Atlantic Ocean. It's then that Charlie's friend local native Hurbert, Stanley Seymour, risks his life saving Charlie from killing himself. That with poor old Hurbert, after Charlie belted him, almost ending up drowning himself!

In the end Charlie finds that a life of running away from his problems, his wife Bernadine, is far worse then not facing them. As for Liz she's reunited with her former fiancée David Burnham, Peter Donat,who left her at the altar on her wedding day. David not only left Liz but took off with her life saving of almost $3,000.00! It was Charlie's great sacrifice in going back to his wife that made it possible for both Liz & David to get back together. An event that seemed utterly ridicules as well as unbelievable just 24 hours earlier!

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small time exotic adventure with some intrigue

Author: ksf-2 from southwest US
1 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers ** Another one that Turner Classic hardly ever shows... as of May 2009, only 6 ratings votes. Lost Lagoon stars Jeffrey Lynn as Charlie Walker, who went to law school, but never made it big. We are told in the first three minutes that his insurance policy will lapse if he doesn't come up with money soon, and he tries to borrow it from his fishing buddy Millard (Roger Clark). Suddenly a storm whips up, and they have to abandon ship.... the next scene is Millard sharing the grief of Charlie's loss with Charlie's wife Bernadine (Jane Hartley). But is Charlie really dead ? He washes up on an island, and spends a couple days there before heading home.... and when he finally gets home, he realizes he might be more useful playing dead and letting his wife collect the insurance he heads back to run a resort with Elizabeth (Leila Barry, in her one and only film) who had found him when he washed up on shore. Lynn is listed as one of the writers, along with director John Rawlins. Looks like this was the last thing Rawlins ever directed, even though he was only 56, and would live another 40 years. Some fun music by Herb Smith and his Coral Islanders. Peter Donat, Robert Donat's nephew, is David Burnham. Lost Lagoon is a small-time, exotic island adventure, with some amount of intrigue, but its not a primo, five-star performance. Some bigger names might have made a stronger film.

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On an obscure Bahamas' cay, Jeffrey Lynn tries to escape his old life

Author: msroz from United States
12 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Lost Lagoon" has an interesting story. The star is Jeffrey Lynn, a good actor who achieved success as a Warner Brothers regular and was almost cast as Ashley Wilkes in "Gone with the Wind". He turned to TV work after his movie career faded, and this movie is one of a few he appeared in during the 1950s. It's a low-budget independent production.

The film is a drama that contains some noir aspects that add interest, although there is no crime or violence or dark photography. There is no femme fatale, but there is another woman in her place. There is no crime, but there is escape from a past identity while leaving a possible insurance fraud in place.

Lynn plays Charley Walker. He's a middle class middle-aged guy trapped in marriage and unpaid bills. His wife has two boys from another marriage. He has to borrow from his loudmouth hectoring brother-in-law to keep up his insurance premiums. When a tropical storm wrecks the boat he's on, Charley survives on an obscure island in the Bahamas, but he is thought to be dead. The insurance company, however, doesn't pay off until the case is investigated further. The wife may have to wait 7 years. Charley's helped along by a woman half his age (Leila Barry) who was jilted at her wedding by Peter Donat. Her plans to open a small hotel-resort have been derailed.

At first Charley does the "right" thing by his conscience. He flies back to his wife, but after eavesdropping on her and her brother unknown to them, he flies back to escape the confines of his life and build a new and free one in the sun. He has a business arrangement with Leila, but after awhile he gives in to her and they become lovers. The resort becomes a success. This idyllic existence is cracked wide open, however, when an insurance investigator shows up. Charley will have to see his wife before the case can be closed.

Even worse for him, Peter Donat shows up, hoping to make amends with Leila. She goes back to him. Although she made a pretty good show of loving Lynn, really it was more affection and gratitude for his help, and also her dependence on having a man around. In that respect, she's like Charley's wife. He attracts dependent women. But now Leila can have her young love, Donat, and she can have her successful business. Will he remain true or will he fly off again as he once did? Like Charley's wife, he promises to make amends, even restoring Leila's money he had taken, but we can't be sure.

You have to feel sorry for Charley. His wife is no prize, being very dependent on him. She promises to behave differently, but we are left with the impression that the old situation might re-emerge with Charlie like a mouse on a treadmill to nowhere. He certainly doesn't have the passion for his wife that he had for Leila. The trap door is closing on him, we sense. There is a ray of hope, however. He has more backbone than before. He dumps the obnoxious brother-in-law off the boat, and it appears that he will become less henpecked.

This film is by no means a domestic noir like the earlier "Pitfall". It's a step or two in that direction. Charley is trapped in middle-class life with the American Dream not panning out. He tries to escape and doesn't succeed at that either. But notice how the major characters in this movie all have character (really human) weaknesses that leave us in doubt about them and their futures together. There is a noir core here that's trying to break through the surface sunshine. Romance in the sun doesn't achieve an escape for Charley.

Lynn does an excellent job portraying a man who habitually lives up to his responsibilities but who tries to do what he wants for a change and create some fulfillment for himself.

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Author: rosyrnrn from United States
17 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm in pain trying to find something decent to say about this movie. OK, here is one good comment: the plot is a good one. Anyone can grow older and look back at the time of youth and feel some sort of longing. But most people do the best they can with their lives without making drastic changes like this main character does. Other than that, the entire movie is directed and acted extremely poorly. I do want to respect the opinions of the other critics here. But in all honesty, this is as bad as it gets. All the acting is extremely bad. And it's no wonder the guy wants to leave his wife. She looks and acts like a corpse. I have to agree with another reviewer's comment about her -- she really does look like the bride of Frankenstein and that is no stretch of the imagination. The only half way enjoyable part is possibly when the locals are singing and playing instruments. Other than that, it caused me great distress to watch this movie to the bitter end. Best line of movie was at the end when the main character pushes his brother in law over the side of the boat and into the ocean. But I'm afraid you'll have to suffer through the entire movie like I did to hear what that line is.

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