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An honestly good short!
Jim-5005 October 2009
I know many people don't think much of Joe as a stooge, but this short is certainly his best, and I think one of the better stooge shorts overall! The story line is one of the few that has an honest beginning, middle, and end. We all know that many of the stooge endings were pretty lame--either it was the boys running away, or being shot at, or they just ended--bang--without a finish to the story. The story elements all make sense here.

On top of that, there's a scene of genuine pathos where Joe gets thrown out of the house for something that wasn't his fault. The looks of dejection and rejection on his face and in his body language tug at your heartstrings. I've seen all 190 of the stooge shorts and can't remember a similar moment.

But my favorite moment is when he's with the two alien females. Many Joe shorts have risqué and suggestive elements not seen in the Curly and Shemp shorts. Joe is giving the girls the once-over (twice-over?) and says, "Say, do you mind if I take a picture of your... spaceship?" Just before he says "spaceship," his eyes alight onto--and then immediately leave--their impressive bosoms.

I also love the moment when he's picking up his camping gear and then has it all fall out of his bag as he leaves. And lest we not forget the flick has a fair quota of stooge stomach banging, head-knocking, and dumb stuff like Larry pulling a tarp full of cans on top of his head and Moe trying to light his cigar but lighting his nose instead.

All in all, an overlooked short that leaves one satisfied.
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Very Entertaining Non-Stooge Film
frankebe13 June 2010
Like the Stooge film before this one, "Sweet and Hot", this movie falls into place along with "Cuckoo on a Choo Choo" and "He Cooked His Goose"/"Triple Crossed". If you want a vintage-style 3-Stooges movie, don't watch ANY of these films. They are all something different.

Can you BLAME them for trying SOMETHING different a FEW times out of 190? And at this point, they really were not "The 3 Stooges" any more, and we all knew it. So, give them a break for a little experimenting!

And AS something different, take this as a Joe Besser trifle, with Moe and Larry as supporting actors, and it's a perfectly odd, interesting and entertaining short subject to spring on an audience before the feature film. Joe, Moe and Larry (as opposed to "The 3 Stooges") take on the Cinderella story and do a convincing job of it; and it's about as creepy as you'd ever want. Joe has many risqué lines, his acting is really quite good, and for once the meanness behind Moe and Larry makes good sense. (Did you not ever notice that when Moe is not beating up on Curly, Larry is always happy to do it?) The movie doesn't last long, but it's long enough to tie all the ends together. My only criticism is that I think the ending, starting where Joe gets "mad", could have been more imaginative and, at the very end, a little funnier and cuter.

If you want to see Moe and Larry in something REALLY different, watch this film. If you want to see The Three Stooges, you now have 186 other Stooges shorts at your fingertips, thanks to Sony.
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Pretty unusual, but I ended up liking it
Thomas5 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Flying Saucer Daffy" sounds actually more like Warner Bros cartoon from the 1940s or 1950s starring one of the world's most famous ducks, but it is actually a Three Stooges film from almost 60 years ago. Curly and Shemp were dead at this point already and Joe Besser had filled in for the third spot. He looked more similar to Curly again physically compared to the lean Shemp. I believe this film is a bit different compared to other Stooges works, so good to see them try something new again after all those years. Science fiction really wasn't something they would do frequently and Joe even got to kiss 2 beautiful female alien girls. But the rest is similar: it is in black-and-white, runs for under 20 minutes and has Moe and Larry suffer because of their pal's mishaps. I think this is one of the better Stooges works, maybe because it is more plot-oriented than usual, but never forgets to (attempt to) deliver in terms of comedy, the Stooges' core genre. Thumbs up.
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The Two Stooges, Plus Joe Besser
slymusic5 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If I'm not mistaken, "Flying Saucer Daffy" was the final Three Stooges short that was filmed before Columbia Pictures shut down its two-reeler department. The Stooges must have known they did a darn good job after all those years, but this particular short, while at least entertaining, is quite lacking in providing us with laughs. This is a Cinderella-type story, with Moe, Larry, and Joe essentially playing separate characters, and all of our sympathy extends toward the often-abused Joe. Joe's cousins Larry & Moe, and even Joe's aunt (Gail Bonney), treat him like manure. (By the way, it is interesting to watch how stiff Bonney is in administering the slapstick onto Joe; no one was better at this task than Moe.) Fortunately, justice prevails for Joe at the very end. The only moments in the film I find amusing are during the Stooges' camping trip: Larry accidentally topples a crate full of tin cans onto himself and Moe; Moe lights his nose instead of his cigar; and Larry remarks that Joe couldn't win ten thousand jelly beans, much less dollars.

I don't know if Joe Besser ever revealed why "Flying Saucer Daffy" was his favorite Three Stooges film, but I have an idea. As much as he loved working with Larry Fine and Moe Howard, slapstick was not his forte. Stooge fans grumble that Joe did not fit into the act, and as much as I really like Joe and appreciate his comedic talents, I tend to feel that he is funnier as a soloist. "Flying Saucer Daffy" simply gave him a chance to shine as he goes it alone for a good portion of the film, but unfortunately he doesn't have much to work with.
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Nothing here...
maxcellus4610 December 2005
The real irony is this: Joe Besser was a top notch comedian, in other situations away from the Stooges. He had a definite track record for being very funny and clever. Moe and Larry and Shemp had actually known him or at least of him for many years and liked his work. So what on Earth was going on when he joined the troop as the "third stooge"? Obviously, nothing. In most of these "late Stooge" era shorts, more often than not, the boys are pitted against each other or Joe against the other two and this is not accurate Stooge etiquette. "One for all, all for one, every man for himself", to quote Curly from "Restless Knights". One thing about a good comedy team, Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, The Marx Brothers, no matter how much they all try to take advantage of each other or slap each other around, when the chips are actually down, they stick together and come to each other's aid. In this particular one, none of that happens. It's almost like watching a dog fight as one tries to cheat the others or be mean and nasty, and not for comedic effect either. One might assume that there was something behind the scenes going on here, art imitates life. Maybe there really was hence why Besser did not stay very long with Moe and Larry. Just look at the history of the other teams and tell me I'm wrong.
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This is a great film
Mike Eder16 September 2003
I am writing this as a rebuttal to the ignorance I see on Joe. First of all Joe fit in really well with Moe and Larry. He was the only Stooge to hit back and Larry trying to boss him around as well as Moe meant Larry got beat up twice as bad, This is a great parody of Cinderella and Besser was a very energetic and entertaining guy. In fact Besser is my favorite comedian period. Every line and gesture is clever and Moe and Larry are great as rotten brothers. The Mom is really funny too. Besser bashers be gone you are not real Stooge fans. Never compare third stooges. Thats like comparing chocolate and vanilla. They are both good. Joe was Shemp's best friend and knew everyone since 1932. All six Stooges were nice guys and liked each other. Joe was always very complementary to the others and Larry in his last years always had a photo of Joe and all the others hanging on his nursing home room wall.
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The Truth is Out There...
BlackSabbath12 March 2000
This is it folks. The Three Stooges episode that inspired the hit T.V. series, The X-Files. Well actually, I'm not sure. But don't take Chris Carter's word that it didn't, you can't trust that guy. It's all conspiracies, all lies! Anyways, this before-its-time episode features the boys trying to get a picture of a flying saucer so they can sell it and become rich. This episode has everything The X-Files episodes have: mistaken identities, cover-ups, backstabs, government agents, it has it all. So is there a connection between this episode and Chris Carter's brain child? Don't trust anyone. The truth is out there...
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A terrible Three Stooges Film
stooge6054011 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
This short is the ultimate proof that Joe Besser never fit in as a Stooge. He gets the star role in this short (which is why it's terrible), and has many scenes by himself. Moe and Larry are their own team, and are against Besser. When Curly or Shemp were the third Stooge, this NEVER happened! They always worked together as a team, and stuck together. Howard-Fine-and-Besser had no chemistry and this proves it. Besser taking a several hits in this one (and even those hits look fake) is the only good thing, but (***SPOILERS ALERT***) it was unbearable to see that wimp beating up Moe and Larry at the end, and wind up with all the girls and the money. That's unfair.

Why'd they even call this a Three Stooges short? It's just a lousy film starring Besser, with Moe and Larry as supporting players.
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Good one with Joe!
Movie Nuttball7 July 2004
The Three Stooges has always been some of the many actors that I have loved. I love just about every one of the shorts that they have made. I love all six of the Stooges (Curly, Shemp, Moe, Larry, Joe, and Curly Joe)! All of the shorts are hilarious and also star many other great actors and actresses which a lot of them was in many of the shorts! In My opinion The Three Stooges is some of the greatest actors ever and is the all time funniest comedy team!

This is a very good Three Stooges short with Joe! What is bad about it? Its hilarious in My opinion and Emil Sitka was good. The dialog and communication between the Stooges was really good especially the scenes with just Moe and Larry. Flying Saucer Daffy is a good one to watch and is one of most different Three Stooges shorts that was filmed.
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