Carry On Sergeant (1958) Poster


It's an On-the-Ball Riot About an Off-Limits Romance
The funniest film of the year!
The biggest 'shower' that ever 'reigned' in the British army!
It's an On-the-ball Riot About an Off-Limits Romance!
Gang up again on the laughs in Carry on Sergeant
Such carryings-on in this man's Army!
The same hilarious gang that brought you 'Carry on Nurse'
The Laughter Hit of the Century!
It's all about a Dad . . . a Draftee . . . and a Detonation heard round the camp!
Un-Ready, Un-Willing and Un-Able! Meet the riotous recruits who rule Britannia...and do battle with the enemy (their sergeant)!

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