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Nostalgia Heaven!
worldsofdarkblue8 January 2006
This movie is of almost generation-defining importance to some of us born in the early post-war years in that (and especially if you were born between 1946 and 1953 and loved spending Saturday afternoons at your neighborhood movie house) you almost certainly saw it. And the memory of seeing it has probably stayed with you. It's style is the stuff of a brief and somehow gloriously exciting moment in our growing up days.

It had a modern, space-age storyboard for the audiences of it's time. The set was any town with a supermarket and a movie theater that would be packed for a Friday midnight show. It has hot rods and rebellious youth, but in the 'why can't they let us have fun' way rather than the disturbed, histrionic rebel-without-a-cause way. All characters were identifiable to us - teens, parents, the old man, the doctor, the nurse, the mechanic, the boy, the puppy, even the cops - were sympathetic to us. We could relate to them all

It had a singularly horrifying monster. It's first victim is heard moaning 'it hurts' and we were convinced and frightened. The menace grows continually throughout the story. There are intense periods of suspense, colourful effects, a fabulous lead in McQueen, and moments of humour, both intended and not. It even had an almost over-the-top sad part to make the more sensitive of us feel like crying.

I saw it in summer, age 9 or so, double billed with 'I Married A Monster From Outer Space', and was so thrilled by the experience of this particular double feature that I went back a couple more times before it left. Everyone I knew saw it. Everyone I knew loved it.
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Smarter than the average horror film
benzene23 January 2001
I have read many of the user comments and I think that the film is generally not getting credit for being a smart thriller. Why does the monster have to be on-screen to make it good? Hitchcock said that suspense plays better than action and although this film missed many opportunities to be more suspenseful, it's is at least not stupid.

In how many horror films today does the hero know the monster and its nature when he should? Steve knows what he's dealing with almost from the beginning and his frustration is not being able to convince the authorities.

Yet the authorities act in a totally credible way as well, even the annoying sergeant. Who would believe such a story from a bunch of "kids" (we know Steve wasn't a kid, but his character is).

One key example of the movie's intelligence: Steve is yelling to Dave to get CO2 fire extinguishers long after Dave has already gotten the message and dispatched people to get them. How many movies made in the 90s would be smart about this subtle detail?

I'm really tired of watching movies and having people behave in ways different than they really would in real life (the most irritating recent example is Tom Hanks falling asleep with the flashlight on in Cast Away). Horror films in particular do this in spades (which is why the Scream films have been so popular), but The Blob, to me, stayed pretty true to its characters, and in so doing made a smarter and better film.

Yes there are many flaws, perhaps biggest is Steve McQueen's very uneven performance, but I think they missed key opportunities for suspense that could have turned this above average, kinda scary, kinda funny movie that's a cult favourite into a true classic.
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A Classic All On It's Own
zombking27 December 2002
I look at this page, and it seems disapproving to me to have to listen to someone ramble and rant at a real classic. Sure, I agree to let everyone have their opinion, but here's mine:

This movie should not be missed by any classic horror watcher, and should be seen many casual viewers around the world. Sure, it has lost some of it's flair and greatness with age, especially in todays world of CGI effects, but that's not why you should like it.

You should like it because it actually is a scary movie, even for today's standards. It's overall ickyness will creep you out just as much as the original audiences, so don't slam a classic if you haven't given it a chance. Watch it, but not with a critical attitude. Watch it to have fun, how it was originally intended.
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Excellent B-grade entertainment!
zetes11 May 2002
The Blob is a classic 1950s B-movie sci-fi flick. You probably know the story: two teens (Steve McQueen & Aneta Corsaut) see a meteorite hit the ground, and when they go to look for it, they run into an old man with some weird...blob attached to his arm. They take him to the doctor's office, and then go to find out what happened. From there, the blob spreads, eating everyone in its path. The special effects are cheesy fun, as is the story. There are a lot of great touches, like the cop who plays chess over the radio with a cop in another district. It's no masterpiece, but it has a special place in its genre. Steve McQueen is very good. 8/10.
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Gobs of Fun
BaronBl00d2 November 2004
What a fun time can be had watching The Blob! A meteorite with a blob inside it lands, attatches itself to an old man's hand, engulfs the old man, a nurse, a doctor, and so on...until it is a huge mass of jelly-like substance squeezing through small openings and killing anything and everything in its path. A very young Steve McQueen plays the small-town teenager who just can't get any of the establishment(adults) to listen to him. The film was shot with a shoestring budget and the actors, with the exception of McQueen who shows talent and personality even at this youthful age, range from mediocre to downright bad(Doc Hallen for example), but none of that is overly important to the monster itself. Nothing like it had ever been on film before and some scenes stand out as decidedly very original and memorable. The Spook Movie festival in the movie theater and the finale at the diner are such classic scenes.
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Nothing Can Stop It, Janey Girl!
gftbiloxi30 May 2005
Who would think Andy Griffith's "Helen Crump" (Aneta Corsaut) had a Steve McQueen movie in her past? But that is only one of several weird and wonderful things about the ultimate 1950s teenagers-battle-creatures movie, which might best be described as Rebel Without A Cause meets God Knows What From Outer Space. The Rebel is Steven McQueen (who would shortly decide that "Steve" sounded less prissy), a good boy with just enough wild to be interesting; the very wholesome yet understanding girlfriend is the aforementioned Aneta Corsaut. It was bad enough when their date was disrupted by teenage hot-rodders, but they are considerably more nonplussed when they encounter a gelatinous, man-eating What Is It that rides down to earth on its own hotrod meteor--and begins gobbling up townfolk right and left. But will the grown ups believe them? Of course not, what do they know, they're just kids!

The movie is teeny bopper at its teeny bopping best. The actors take the rather pretentious script very seriously, with many a soulful look into each other eyes, and the "adult" supporting cast probably says "Kids!" very third sentence or so. But the real pleasure of the film its creature, which is well imagined, well-executed, and often manages to generate a surprising degree of suspense. And although clearly on the cheap side (check out those miniature sets, guys!), THE BLOB is actually a fairly well-made film--and there's that catchy little theme song thrown in for good measure. The 40-plus crowd (myself included) will enjoy the movie as nostalgia, but that won't prevent them from hooting right along with the younger set at its whole-milk-and-white-bread 1950s sensibility, and the film would be a great choice for either family-movie night or a more sophisticated "grown ups only" get together. Make plenty of Jello cubes for movie snacking! Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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The very first
laurasandmarcp-112 February 2007
Absolutely the very first film that scared me to death. I happened catch it when my older brother(r.i.p.) was watching it. It was on a black and white TV and not really a good picture but it got me interested. Shortly after, my folks bought a color set and, as luck would have it, The Million Dollar Movie was showing it one Sunday.

I had forgotten most of the plot, but it did not take long to catch up...and I got so scared I had a hard time sleeping that night! I mean sure it was just a movie but it involved a creature that not only came from space, but you could not hear it, or see it...and once it got hold of you it was too late. Even now, after all this time it still sends a shiver up my spine. A true classic, and even better a classic that I have seen scare the pants off a new generation!

Long live The Blob!
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Beware Of The Blob!!
Fuzzy Wuzzy9 January 2015
The Blob was everything that a 1950s Teen/Horror flick should be.

It was fun, goofy, contained plenty of laughable dialogue, and, yes, it was actually quite entertaining, in a cheesy sort of way.

Bad-boy actor Steve McQueen, as Steve Andrews, leads the local teenagers into a battle to save their town from being swallowed up by a giant glop of cherry-coloured Jell-O from outer space.

True. The Blob isn't really very good - But, how can you hate a movie a crazy that's as this?

The Blob is definitely worth checking out.

It even features a title song that was written by Burt Bacharach.
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Tense, well paced thriller with a good sense of humour.
loserfilmnerd2 January 2011
This hugely entertaining b-movie starts off with an insanely catchy rockabilly song that perfectly sets the mood for what's to come. This movie never makes the mistake of taking itself seriously, which is what made it such an effective thriller.

The acting was actually pretty stiff, and the main characters aren't that interesting, but the director is really good at keeping this viewer in suspense. The blob was pretty ridiculous, but I still tensed up whenever I saw it on screen. And like I said in the summary, this movie has a sense of humour, which is important in low budget science fiction.

I also found the special effects to be clever. The Blob slithered under doorways, through vents, and up people's legs. It was kind of obvious how they did a lot of it,but I personally think that's part of the charm of pre-cgi effects.

Bottom Line: If you're expecting great acting and character development, skip this, but if you like b- movies, it's a masterpiece.
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King of Kool's first
skarbear640419 December 2004
The only notable thing about this film is that it was Steve McQueen's first big starring role.

McQueen's talent is undeveloped and raw but refreshingly honest in this campy little sci-fi horror piece. Steve shows himself as the anti-establishment, hot rod car loving actor who would become a polished icon of the film industry just five years hence.

Later on, McQueen would say he hated this film and that "he was the blob". But everyone has to start somewhere and The Blob is cute, fresh and innocent. Would that we all had stayed that way.

The plot is fast paced and although predictable, still an entertaining hour or so. And it's really fun to see Steve McQueen before he became The King of Kool (and Anita Corsaut before she became Andy Taylor's girlfriend). A close friend sent me the DVD a while back and it's a treasured addition to my Steve McQueen film collection.
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A True Classic
LivingDog29 August 2004
No hidden agenda. Pure scifi. All fun.

I saw the original on TV and was scared pretty bad. I was a kid :)

The original one can be appreciated more when compared to the new one which I saw and have forgotten. The original one, starring the great movie star Steve McQueen (BULLET), is by far the better and only version anyone should see.

The movie production is dated, but the fx used to make the Blob stands up the test of time. I was convinced that that thing was moving on its own accord. 10/10

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Good, Campy Fun...
MetalGeek5 April 2010
I first saw "The Blob" on TV back in the '70s when I was about eight years old and it scared the unholy crap out of me. (I was a nervous type kid.) Seeing it again as a grown man, I smiled a lot at how relatively mild-mannered it is by today's standards, but "The Blob" is still a ton of fun. A young Steve McQueen (billed as "Steven" here for the first and only time in his career) plays the plucky, square-jawed teenage hero (despite the fact that he was 27 when he made the movie) who battles valiantly against the usual group of unbelieving grown-ups (who's gonna take the word of a teen-age hot rodder?) in order to save his small town from a man-eating alien hunk of goo that crashes to earth inside a meteor and begins absorbing townspeople at an alarming rate overnight. The title creature may resemble a wiggling, chewed up hunk of bubble gum, but you gotta love those attack scenes shot from The Blob's point of view (did they use a "Blob Cam?") and that oh-so-catchy theme song ("It creeps! It leaps! It slides, it glides across the floor!"). Admittedly "The Blob" suffers a bit from a few slow patches in the middle of the film where Steve and his fellow teens do more talking than anything else, but once the third act begins and the creature oozes into a sold-out midnight horror movie show at the local theatre, causing mass panic, it's golden. "The Blob" is an iconic piece of 50s sci-fi/horror, no doubt, and it's just as much fun to watch today as it must've been "back in the day." "The Blob" was remade in the late 80s by "Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors" director Chuck Russell (I like that version as well), and now I'm hearing that Rob Zombie's next film project will be yet another new version of "The Blob." What puzzles and worries me is that Zombie says the first thing he's going to change in his remake is that there won't be "a big, red Blobby thing. I hate that." Now, how the hell are you going to make a "Blob" movie WITHOUT a big, red Blobby thing? Blasphemy!!!
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Classic 58's original in one of the first roles of Steve McQueen as intrepid young man
ma-cortes4 March 2010
This original version with Steve McQueen is a camp classic that was shot in low budget. It deals about a small town besieged by an enormous, man-eating amoebic mass and fast-growing that land over earth from exterior space. As a meteorite is the origin a strange substance that devours anything it finds.Our hero is a rebellious youngster who saves the damsel in distress and taking on the impressive blob. The picture terminates with an interrogation ¨? ¨ on the Antartic.

This short budget film contains noisy action, suspense, grisly murders and emotion. This flick provides great load of screams, terror, creepy atmosphere which becomes pretty sinister with the mound of glop appearing. It's a sleek production with genuine thrills, tension, chills and regular special effects, making an exciting slimy jello invader and frightening and horrifying to the audience by that time . This moving movie packs astonishing scenes as when the large blob exploding through the theater screen(meanwhile the spectators are seeing a film starred by Bela Lugosi, the mark of the vampire) and people stampede from cinema, furthermore when the Thing invades the Downing Town Diner among others. The film packs an atmospheric cinematography with ominous camera angles, colorful atmospheres and moody woods. The motion picture is professionally directed by Irvin S. Yearworth Jr. Rating : Acceptable and passable, well worth watching. The producers wish thanksgivings to people of Downingtown, Phoenix, Pennsylvania where the movie was shot. It's followed by ¨ Beware, the Blob(1972)¨ in which a technician brings a frozen specimen of the original Blob from the Pole and is directed by actor Larry Hagman (JR) with Robert Walker Jr and Dick Van Patten ; plus ¨The Blob (1988)¨ by Chuck Russell with Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith that is cool tribute to the original movie and contains better FX and lots of blood and gore.
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I grew up in Royersford, Pa.
Rick Neal9 January 2000
I grew up in Royersford, Pa. The town where Jerry's market was. I remember my whole family going out to watch the filming. I remember a guy showing the "Blob" to me and my brothers in a bucket. I also would like to share that my mother was in the movie. Her hair style was the same as Aneta Corsaut's and she was ill one evening and they saw my mom and asked her to sit in the car with Steve Mcqueen for some shots from behind. They payed her $25.00 and gave her a story to tell until she passed away this past August. My mom was not a teenager and she was a few months from giving birth to my little sister.
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pure terror at age ten in 1958
p-flaherty31 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't aware of Steve McQueen in 1958. I only knew that I was extremely frightened about going to see this film. (I'd been devastated by the movie "Trantula" at age seven . . . but I was ten now). The 1st scene where the Blob crawls up the farmer's probing stick and engulfs his hand was enough to make me want to leave the theater. But I stayed and suffered through each of our monster's attacks. I felt such horror when Steve and his girl barely made it out of the doctor's office (poor doc), and even more when The Blob entered a movie theater and devoured a large portion of the audience . . . so many in fact that IT oooooozzzzzzed out of the front doors, too huge now to fit through just one. It seemed indestructible and unlimited in growth potential, and when it trapped poor Steve in a sieve-like diner, he seemed like a sure dinner to be.

To say that the Blob was cold would be a modern day description, but in the end, better icy than scaring and mentally rupturing little kids.

I remember walking home that evening with my uncle Nick, trying to act brave. He knew I was in trouble, and when I got into bed that night I could not only feel the Blob in the room, but when I summoned up the courage to look down at the floor, there the red pulsating, heart-like hungry dude sat, waiting for me to try and get up and go to the bathroom. It took months to recover.

I'm 57 years old now . . . I've made it.

Of course The Blob wasn't destroyed.
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See It With An Open Mind
FilmFatale23 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I hadn't seen "The Blob" since I was 7 or 8 and viewing it as an adult was an incredible experience. Pages could be written on its influence on horror films even today. And even more could be written on its social subtext with the 50s "fear of teenagers". But this simple little tale of interplanetary horror is still a damn fine scary movie if you let it be.

Sure, it looks cheesy as all get out in our modern world. But "The Blob" packs in some genuinely frightening moments as a band of kids track the unstoppable creature when then adults don't believe them. In fact, there are even some pretty bleak moments in its candy-colored world. And Steve McQueen gives so much more than the story deserved on paper that we the viewers really get caught in the moment and believe in him.

To sum up, if you can take off your postmodern irony filter, there's a lot more to love here than meets the eye.
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Beware of the blob it creeps and leaps, and glides and slides.
Spikeopath25 June 2010
A giant amoeba-like alien terrorises the small community of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Jack H. Harris, a cheapo producer of such fodder like Schlock and Dinosaurs! couldn't believe his luck when Steve McQueen's popularity finally got his goo starring movie noticed. The Blob is not, as some 50s sci-fi lovers want you to believe, a quintessential movie in the pantheon of creature features and B movie sci-fi's. It's a silly movie that is nothing more than a teenager drive-in movie made to pass the time away necking with your respective partners. There's some value in McQueen's performance, who at least has an aura of believability about his character, but he's almost submerged and lost to the audience on account of being surrounded by bad actors and even worse writing. There's a groovy title tune to enjoy, where the names of Bacharach & David being involved opens the ears and raises a pleasing eyebrow. While the location work and colour photography is technically agreeable. But really there's not much else on offer here. No it isn't an astute movie about the looming threat of communism, and no it isn't a movie ahead of its time. It's campy fun for sure, but ultimately it's disposable at best. 4/10
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THE BLOB.....a classic pro-society horror film. Ten Stars!
roddmatsui18 May 2008
THE BLOB is a great horror movie, not merely because of the vividly horrific images of its nearly unstoppable, flesh-dissolving title character, but because it features a real societal message. It is, in many ways, a "feel-good horror film." The clever storyline is helped immeasurably by solid performances from the entire cast. The two romantic leads, Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut, bring surprising depth and sentimentality to the proceedings. They are misunderstood but very well-meaning young people, and it's very easy to root for them.

This is a pro-society movie, and its juvenile delinquent characters cause trouble mainly out of boredom, not out of some malevolent character flaw. Steve McQueen's drag-racing rival almost appears to be an enemy early on in the proceedings, but quickly joins in McQueen's campaign to save the town from the oozing invader once he sees McQueen's seriousness. In this way, a character situation that at first appears to be cartoonish suddenly develops depth and human realism.

The authorities' initial skepticism of the kids' wild claims is proved wrong--and once the threat is acknowledged by all, all conflict within the society disappears. This unification of purpose, and the validation of the "troublemaking" teens, becomes official when Aneta Corsaut's father breaks into the school to obtain the fire extinguishers needed to freeze the Blob. On any other day, breaking into the school would be considered an act of vandalism typical of a juvenile delinquent--on this particular day, it is a necessary action performed by an adult authority figure. At this turning point, it is clear that there are no lines of division between the young and the old.

This is an unusual film in that it acknowledges the perception of a "generation gap" but suggests that it is more imaginary than real, and that given a real crisis, people will naturally band together to restore order. "The Blob" is a perfect tonic for the kind of depression that generally comes with a viewing of "Night of the Living Dead" (1968).

Much has been made of the film's cheap but innovative (and effective!) visual effects. They are undeniably clever. A lot of the gravity-defying tricks we see the Blob perform were achieved with miniature sets designed to be rotated. The camera was typically attached to the sets in a very firmly "locked down" position (the lights had to be similarly attached so that the lighting remained steady as the room was turned this way and that). These scenes were often photographed one frame at a time as the room was slowly turned--the silicone blob oozed very slowly and its action needed to be sped up. In a way, this was similar to stop motion photography, but utilizing a blob of silicone rather than an articulated puppet. Even today, the effects are startling and bizarre.

A very good film with an exploitative-sounding title, THE BLOB is a must-see.
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Cult and Classic Sci-Fi
Claudio Carvalho12 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A meteorite falls in the country of a small town, bringing a jelly creature. An old farmer is attacked by the alien in his hand, and the youths Steve Andrews (Steve McQueen) and his girlfriend Jane Martin (Aneta Corsaut) take him to Dr. T. Hallen (Steven Chase). The local doctor treats carefully the blister, and asks Steve to investigate the location where they found the old man. When Steve returns, he sees the blob killing the doctor. Steve and Jane try to warn the police and the dwellers, but nobody believe on them, while the blob engulfs many people, getting bigger and bigger.

"The Blob" is a cult and classic sci-fi. It is a low budget movie, with many ham actors and actresses (with the exception of Steve McQueen), awful effects, but also delightful and very, but very funny. This is the first time that I see this classic (I had seen the 1988 remake with Kevin Dillon), and I really recommend it to fans of Steve McQueen and sci-fi B-movies from the 50s. The film subject of my review number 1,400 could not be better. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Bolha" ("The Blob")
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Danger, The Blob has come to town
Chris Gaskin13 May 2005
I've seen The Blob several times and is one of the better low budget alien invasion movies from the 1950's.

A strange meteor lands just outside a small town and an elderly man goes to investigate this. A strange jelly like substance then attaches itself to one of his arms and a young couple who saw the meteor land arrive in time and take him to the local doctor's, where the old man then gets completely absorbed by the mass. The doctor and his nurse are the next victims and the mass is getting bigger. When these incidents are reported to the police, they don't believe the young couple and accuse them of making all this up. They finally believe them when the mass, now huge turns up in the town's cinema and everybody runs into the streets screaming. It then attaches itself on a diner with the young couple and some others inside. The Blob is stopped by spraying a load of fire extinguishers at it and it freezes, which is its weakness. It is then transported by plane to the frozen wastes of the Arctic and disposed of there. But it is only frozen, not dead...

This movie has a typical setting for its period: teenagers and a small town. The Blob has a good rock and roll style theme song at the beginning and the movie is atmospheric throughout.

The sequel, Beware! The Blob followed in 1972 and a remake came in 1988 but this is the best of The Blob movies.

The cast is lead by Steve McQueen (The Great Escape)and is the movie that made him a star and Aneta Corsaut plays his girlfriend. I'm not familiar with any of the other stars.

The Blob is a must see for all sci-fi fans. Fantastic.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.
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A cheesy horror flick that happens to be very well done!
andy-22716 May 1999
Hey, I know all about the campy horror flicks of the 50's, with the women screaming at the cameras while the monsters carry them away. A spoof of that genere was made into the movie "Matinee", which was inspired by William Castle. But, if any one of those flicks stands out as something actually very good, it would be "The Blob"! The performances, including Steve McQueen's, really give the film life, instead of a mindless junk fest for teenagers. The blob itself, is a really scary monster, because it has no shape, no face, no reactions to anything. Nothing! Just an ooze of slime that crawls along, looking for more things to eat. Things like "The Fly" just look hilarious, with big bulging eyes, and a helpless woman screaming at the top of her lungs. Suprisingly, "The Blob" has very little of that. You will have fun with this flick! Oh, and take my advice, STAY AWAY FROM THE REMAKE!
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The Blob
Toronto856 July 2013
A young couple out for a night of fun get more than they bargained for when attacked by 'The Blob'. While taking a drive with his girlfriend Jane, Steve see's an old man in the road with something on his hand, begging for help. It all begins when something mysterious lands on Earth, a giant blob which resembles a jelly latches onto an old man's hand. When the couple take the man to the clinic, they think it's all over. But it's only the beginning. The blob completely consumes the man as well as the doctor and therefore grows bigger and bigger. Pretty soon it rolls around the little town, killing anything in sight. It's up to Steve, Jane and the police force to put an end to it's reign of terror before it consumes everyone.

Watching 'The Blob' in 2013 made me realize that this 1958 film actually dates pretty well. The fashion and acting isn't all that different (or over the top) than what we see now. It's well acted with Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut leading the way, and I'm sure was genuinely creepy at the time it was released. There are quite a few tense moments in which the giant blob attacks the doctor and nurse at the local clinic, and then goes after movie-goers at a theatre! It was very well done, the director did a great job at creating panic and the sense of fear with the people in the town.

It can get a little slow around the middle frame after a strong start, that's probably the film's biggest weakness. However, the ending scenes when it attacks at the theatre and the diner are worth sticking around for. I also liked that the entire movie takes place on one night, it helps it not drag on and on too much. Highly recommended "old time" monster movie.

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A good idea that was done well,............for it's time
"The Blob" is an interesting creature. It's not like any other creature cinema history has ever seen. It doesn't have a skeletal structure. It doesn't have a face, and it doesn't have a body (a specific figure). So the question in mind, is how does a group of filmmakers and special effects artists make this idea a reality. The answer was just being innovative and creative. And for the amount of technology that was available at the time, it was an astounding feat.

Starring as the hero (if that's what he really is) is Steve McQueen. McQueen plays an ordinary teenager who ends up running into The Blob and notices the horror that it causes. Honestly, calling McQueen's character a hero or an ordinary teenager is hard to say. The plot of this story runs at a slow pace and much of it is focused on how McQueen tries to convince people that he's not hallucinating. There's not much of any character development at all really. As for the other characters involved in this story, there isn't much to talk about because much of the dialog is bland and sluggish.

What stands out from that however, is The Blob creature itself. To watch this creature on screen is intriguing enough to wonder how the film crew could have gotten this to work so well. The Blob truly does slink and slush its way around in this film. It's almost like Jell-O but filmed in slow motion. Unfortunately, the fun really doesn't begin until the film enters its finale. The way that "fun" is used in the previous statement describes what it's like to watch The Blob move in every scene, not the death scenes of its victims.

What was most disappointing about this film was how little The Blob was in every scene. Sure it's fun seeing what it can do but wouldn't viewers want to see more? They probably never did. Adding to this was the fact that the death scenes did not even last long on screen. It is to the assumption the reason why the film was no graphic was due to the generation it was released to. This can be understood but it still can be frustrating. Surely someone would be thinking, "So what happened to the victim? Can't we see what happened?". As for the musical score, which was produced by Ralph Carmichael, has a nice tone to whatever scene is currently happening. The only song I have in question is the one at the opening credits. Why so jolly sounding?

As the first of a couple "blob" films, this one isn't a masterpiece but it is something worth admiring for even if the part worth admiring is relatively small. Somehow though, if this movie wasn't about The Blob, this story ultimately would have been left in the refrigerator where it belonged.
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A fondly remembered "classic"
BrianG16 April 2000
Mention the words "The Blob" to most people in their 40s and 50s and you'll get a knowing grin in return. Treated by the critics at the time of its release as just another teen monster movie (which it pretty much is), this film struck a chord among teens of the time that most other films of its kind didn't. It's difficult to say exactly why. While Steve McQueen's good lucks and charm are much in evidence, his performance isn't much different from those in other films of its type. The effects are good, but not great. The plot is pretty much your standard alien-life-form-endangers-Earth story. So what is it about "The Blob" that makes people remember it so fondly?

For one thing, it's in color, where most films of its type were in black and white. For another thing, it had some great old hot rods in it, something a lot of teenage boys (and boys whose teenage years were far behind them) could identify with. Also, the teenagers in the movie didn't act like teenagers at the time were so often portrayed: wise-ass, smart-mouthed punks. There were no false heroics, either; the kids--and the sheriff and the other authorities--got together once the danger was recognized and banded together to fight it.

Probably the main reason people like it, though, is that it's just so damn much fun to watch.
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