Elevator to the Gallows (1958) Poster

Plot Keywords

rope murder
german alibi
thief revolver
mistress mercedes
drink captain
arms dealer telephone operator
motel elevator
irony of fate newspaper headline
sleepless night murder disguised as suicide
offscreen killing jazz score
passionate love love triangle
title same as book character says i love you
jazz music weekend
mercedes 300 sl mercedes coupe
voice over inner thoughts unfaithfulness
thunder theft
telephone call talking to self
suspense suicide attempt
stealing stealing a car
sidewalk cafe shooting
security guard scaling side of building
salesgirl refrigerator business
reference to rommel reference to goethe
recording record player
reckless driving rear ending a car
rain raincoat
prostitute police
policeman police station
police siren police investigation
pocket knife pinball machine
pills photograph
photographer phone booth
pay phone passion
parking ticket oil
oil pipeline oil business
north africa night watchman
newspaper murder of husband
motorcycle motor scooter
motel desk clerk mistaken identity
miniature camera locked inside apartment
locked gate leather jacket
knife kiss
key journalist
investigation interrogation
interior monologue infidelity
illegally parked car husband wife relationship
gun grappling hook
gloves girl
geneva switzerland gate
gardenal garage
friend friendship
french indochina war french foreign legion
following someone florist
flash camera extramarital affair
ex paratrooper drinking
dressing door key
death death of husband
croissant confession
coincidence coffee
climbing cigarette smoking
cigarette lighter cigar smoking
chess champagne
car theft car chase
camera businessman
black cat bar
bartender algiers algeria
algeria french noir
paris france war hero
pencil sharpener flower shop
famous score double suicide
developing a photograph trapped in an elevator
sleeping pill fake suicide
feature film directorial debut carjacking
1950s adultery
love elevator shaft
based on novel

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