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3 Jan. 1959
Rope Law
Josh and Brace Logan are met on the range by a group of men who want Logan, Josh's prisoner. When he refuses, he's hit from behind and loses Logan. When he gets to town to file a complaint he is surprised to find the sheriff was the leader of the men and his son was the one who hit him. Josh takes an interest in the case now and is determined to find the truth...especially since the sheriff's son wants to organize a lynching.
10 Jan. 1959
Six-Up to Bannach
Josh needs a ride to Brannach fast in order to stop an unjust hanging. The only mode of transportation available is a coach carrying a load of dynamite with a surly driver who doesn't take well to Josh. He reluctantly agrees to allow Josh and his prisoner to travel with them. There are a number of obstacles on the way to slow them down...a river to pass, a washed out bridge and a prisoner who doesn't want to cooperate.
17 Jan. 1959
The Spurs
A man and a woman shoot an already dead man in a back alley making it look as if she shot him in self defense. Josh Randall arrives in Lordsville looking for Vic Warsaw, a killer he has been trailing. The sheriff informs Randall that Warsaw was shot and killed and has just been buried. Josh discovers that the man was shot by Lucy Fremont the town seamstress. After investigating Warsaw's personal effects Josh begins to suspect that Vic Warsaw may still be alive. He begins to question Lucy Fremont in order to get at the truth.
24 Jan. 1959
Reunion for a Revenge
Several men escape from Yuma Prison with a thirst for revenge against a man named Aben Starr. He works at the Saddle Creek Way Station and Randall shows up there expecting the men to arrive also. Soon two of the escapees do arrive and take Josh and Starr captive while waiting for their partners to show. Before they do a stage rides in carrying a Quaker and his deaf-mute sister. They all wait for the other two men to show up so they can carry out their revenge against Starr.
31 Jan. 1959
Josh is in town for a bit of vacation when two bounty hunters, Ralph Meadows and Al Jarrett, arrive with a dead man. Their unethical methods offend Josh and he wants nothing to do with them. Josh tries to mind his own business but they think he's waiting for a big score and want in on it. Their constant surveillance soon wears on Josh and he devises a scheme to pit the two against each other.
7 Feb. 1959
Call Your Shot
A grieving father hires Josh Randall to find his murdered son's body, but Josh's search for clues runs up against a cowardly conspiracy of silence.
14 Feb. 1959
Secret Ballot
Randall comes to assist a war buddy in his bid for the town's mayoralty, quickly running afoul of the established political machine and its corrupt mayor and sheriff.
21 Feb. 1959
The Corner
A bounty hunter is not a hero in his own hometown, as Josh learns when he honors a dying friend's request to return his body to Cameron and the townspeople rush to judgment, believing Josh killed him for the reward money.
28 Feb. 1959
Eager Man
Josh is approached by the wife of a wanted man eager to turn himself in peacefully, provided Josh split the bounty with his wife. To ensure the deal goes as planned, Josh enlists the aid of an old friend: Sheriff Pat Garrett.
7 Mar. 1959
The Legend
A man with unwavering faith in a legend about lost treasure hires Josh to lead his family on an expedition into the desert to locate the cache of Spanish gold.
14 Mar. 1959
When a young runaway is framed for killing a Pinkerton agent, Randall turns detective to uncover the real killer.
21 Mar. 1959
Double Fee
Josh uncovers an unconventional kidnapping plot when he signs on to rescue the ransomed sister of a famous singer.
28 Mar. 1959
The Kovack Affair
Josh comes to the aid of his old friend Jesse, who is being strong-armed into selling the Outrider Hotel by self-proclaimed mayor and town bully Peter Kovack.
4 Apr. 1959
Bounty for a Bride
A decidedly different and dangerous assignment awaits Josh when he agrees to go into the Apache camp and compete in their contests to win the hand of a white woman the Indians kidnapped as a child and have raised as their own.
11 Apr. 1959
Pursuing killer Joe Collins into the Superstition Mountains, Josh is shadowed by a man who believes Collins could be his long lost son.
18 Apr. 1959
Angels of Vengeance
A violent religious cult cast lots and it falls upon a young woman to act as its angel of vengeance. Her mission is to murder Josh Randall in retaliation for his killing their cult leader's son in a shootout.
24 Apr. 1959
Littlest Client
Josh is hired by a young orphan girl to find the parents she insists are still alive and with whom she yearns to be reunited.
2 May 1959
The Conquerors
A concerned father hires Josh to retrieve his son, a passionate young ideologue whose gift for rousing rhetoric is being used by plunderers to recruit freedom fighters to serve in their phony liberation of Baja California.
9 May 1959
Amos Carter
Josh's big talk lands him in big trouble when his browbeating the locals about ending the decades-long Carter-Blake feud gets him drafted to go reconcile the hate-fueled hillbillies.
5 Sep. 1959
Montana Kid
To track down tinhorn gambler Johnny Deuce, Randall befriends the card sharp's stepson and protégé, a twelve-year-old orphan boy and card cheat in training nicknamed The Montana Kid.
12 Sep. 1959
The Healing Woman
Josh embarks on a mission of mercy when he pleads with the parents of a boy with appendicitis to let the doctor operate. The father, embittered against modern medicine, trusts only the local witch to cure his son's sickness.
19 Sep. 1959
The Matchmaker
Josh reluctantly accepts an offbeat assignment: finding a beautiful bride for his bashful buddy Charlie, the homeliest man in the West.
26 Sep. 1959
Josh in a federal prison plotting the great escape? The government employs Randall to portray an escaped prisoner in order to trick his cellmate into leading authorities to the $50,000 he stole and stashed away in a secret location.
3 Oct. 1959
After Randall rescues Jake Pringle from a lynch mob's rope, he learns he's not the only one with an invested interest in keeping the killer alive.
10 Oct. 1959
The Hostage
Who needs enemies with friends like the residents of Rogue City, who celebrate Randall for bringing in notorious killer Jumbo Kane, but just as quickly turn on Josh when Kane breaks loose and demands a hostage to ensure his escape.
17 Oct. 1959
The Empty Cell
Randall is rooked out of his bounty by crafty criminal Hunt Willis and his accomplice. Not one to accept defeat, Josh turns detective to rout the outlaws, his investigation dogged by the suspicious sheriff, a cousin to Willis.
24 Oct. 1959
Bad Gun
Against better judgment, Josh serves as guide for a dandified East Coast gun salesman who comes west to retrieve and replace a defective gun he sold to notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius.
31 Oct. 1959
The Tyrant
On the trail of a Cavalry deserter and the horses he stole, Josh rides into a town ruled as the private fiefdom of its autocratic, psychopathic marshal.
7 Nov. 1959
Hired by a father to bring back the man who killed his son Josh is surprised when he doesn't get paid because he brought the man back alive. He pursues the matter to make sure that the father's hate isn't allowed to kill an innocent man.
14 Nov. 1959
Desert Seed
Josh attempts to bring a man back for murder. He has to outwit the man's nephew and 2 men bent on claiming the bounty. Josh kills the 2 men and proves to the nephew that he can be trusted to get his uncle back to stand trial for a crime committed in self-defense.
21 Nov. 1959
Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse
Josh brings a wanted man in, only to find he killed the sheriff's brother. they take the man to Crazy Horse for trial and along the way the man escapes. Josh saves the sheriff by killing the man.
28 Nov. 1959
No Trail Back
Josh is looking for a man who, while trying to rob a bank, is bitten by a rabid dog. Josh ends up shooting the man's brother, also an outlaw, and gets the man to a doctor to save him.
5 Dec. 1959
Man on Horseback
A man shoots his brother over ownership of their property and blames it on an Indian who reclaimed his furs from him. Josh finds the Indian and they work together to bring the man to justice.
12 Dec. 1959
Chain Gang
Josh is captured by a corrupt deputy and is forced by the sheriff to work on a chain gang. With the help of other members of the chain gang, Josh brings the culprits to western justice.
26 Dec. 1959
Vanishing Act
Randall is tracking a magician who, along with two other guys, robs banks. When Randall catches him, he turns him over to the sheriff, but the man escapes. So Randall tracks him down and is shot but keeps the man and his daughter at bay. Later the accomplices show up, demanding that they're going to do things their way from now on.

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