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Season 2

5 Sep. 1959
Montana Kid
To track down the cheating tinhorn gambler Johnny Deuce and recover his money, Randall befriends the card sharp's stepson and protégé, a twelve-year-old orphan boy and card cheat in training nicknamed The Montana Kid.
12 Sep. 1959
The Healing Woman
Josh embarks on a mission of mercy when he pleads with the parents of a boy with appendicitis to let the doctor operate. The father, embittered against modern medicine, trusts only the local witch to cure his son's sickness.
19 Sep. 1959
The Matchmaker
Josh reluctantly accepts an offbeat assignment: finding a beautiful bride for his bashful buddy Charlie, the homeliest and loneliest man in the West. He gives josh a list of the beautiful women in town that are suitable - to him.
26 Sep. 1959
Josh in a federal prison plotting the great escape? The government employs Randall to portray an escaped prisoner in order to trick his cellmate into leading authorities to the $50,000 he stole and stashed away in a secret location.
3 Oct. 1959
Randall finds his prey in the hands of a lynch mob wiping out his bounty. After Randall rescues Jake Pringle from the lynch mob's rope, he learns he's not the only one with a vested interest in keeping the killer alive.
10 Oct. 1959
The Hostage
Who needs enemies with friends like the residents of Rogue City, who celebrate Randall for bringing in notorious killer Jumbo Kane, but just as quickly turn on Josh when Kane breaks loose and demands a hostage to ensure his escape.
17 Oct. 1959
The Empty Cell
Randall is rooked out of his bounty by crafty criminal Hunt Willis and his accomplice. Not one to accept defeat, Josh turns detective to rout the outlaws, his investigation dogged by the suspicious sheriff, a cousin to Willis.
24 Oct. 1959
Bad Gun
Against better judgment after losing a quick draw contest and bet, Josh serves as guide for a dandified East Coast gun salesman who comes west to retrieve and replace a defective gun he sold to notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius.
31 Oct. 1959
The Tyrant
On the trail of a Cavalry deserter and the horses he stole, Josh rides into a town ruled as the private fiefdom of its autocratic, psychopathic marshal who is holding the horses and deserter. He wants a ransom from Josh for them.
7 Nov. 1959
Hired by a father to bring back the man who killed his son Josh is surprised when he doesn't get paid because he brought the man back alive. He pursues the matter to make sure that the father's hate isn't allowed to kill an innocent man.
14 Nov. 1959
Desert Seed
Josh must bring a man back for murder. He has to outwit the man's nephew and men bent on claiming the bounty. Josh must prove to the nephew that he can be trusted to get his uncle back to stand trial for a crime committed in self-defense.
21 Nov. 1959
Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse
Josh brings a wanted man in to the Mesa City Sheriff, only to find he killed the sheriff's brother. Josh decides to join the sheriff and prisoner on the trip to take the man to Crazy Horse for trial but along the way the man escapes.
28 Nov. 1959
No Trail Back
Josh is looking for a man who, while trying to rob a bank, is bitten by a rabid dog. He learns the law wanted him originally to lead them to his outlaw brother. Josh ends up captured by them but they don't believe him about the rabies.
5 Dec. 1959
Man on Horseback
A man shoots his brother over ownership of their property and blames it on an Indian who reclaimed his horse the man found and stole. He then ups the bounty on the Indian to push Josh to find the Indian to "hide" the evidence.
12 Dec. 1959
Chain Gang
Josh is captured by a corrupt deputy and is forced by the sheriff to work on a chain gang in a gold mine. He learns the mine owner and staff keep the men imprisoned by adding to their sentences every time they break the rules.
26 Dec. 1959
Vanishing Act
Randall is tracking an escape artist who is forced to distract a town, letting three guys, rob the bank. When Randall catches them, he turns them over to the sheriff, but they escape. Therefore, Randall must track him down again.
2 Jan. 1960
Mental Lapse
Josh plays detective when he signs on to help an amnesiac discover his identity. The first clue is when Josh must kill a man trying to kill Josh's client who has a telegram on him that may indicate Josh's client is wanted.
9 Jan. 1960
After watching her father stabbed to death, a grieving daughter wants immediate justice rather than wait for the slower-moving wheels of justice. She vows to bring vengeance upon the man who murdered her father that Josh also wanted.
16 Jan. 1960
The Monster
Josh is determined to debunk the dire menace posed by a marauding monster that has smashed mining camps, decimated an Indian village and that has the residents of nearby Nugget City hiding behind locked doors.
23 Jan. 1960
Most Beautiful Woman
Josh, down on his luck, hires out for $100/day to find a woman - one catch is she may be dead. A man wants Josh to help find his fiancé who was last heard from at Hogan but the people there refuse to divulge what happened to her.
30 Jan. 1960
Josh brings in "Doc" Phillips hoping he can lure Clell Fanning out as he has an old score to settle with Clell. He is shot by one of Clell's henchman and he must rely on the deputy, Jason Nichols, who takes over after the Sheriff is killed.
6 Feb. 1960
The Partners
Josh is arrested on a bogus horse-stealing charge. Jason shows up to get him out of jail and a proposal for the two of them to work together. Together they kill 3 brothers wanting revenge against Josh for killing their brother.
13 Feb. 1960
Tolliver Bender
To net a thousand-dollar reward and save a friend, Josh saves Tolliver Bender from a hanging so he can testify in a nearby trial. Double-crosses are immediately hatched by those who want Tolliver dead and by those who want the money.
20 Feb. 1960
A House Divided
An attractive woman hires Josh for $1000 to clear her father on a false murder charge in a town that is not very welcoming to Josh. Meanwhile, the real killer who tried to run Josh out of town hires Jason to kill Josh for $100.
27 Feb. 1960
Triple Vise
Josh and Jason are hired to chase a killer who went to Mexico by his brother who is about to hang for a crime his brother committed. There they meet a barmaid with a different perspective among the less than helpful residents.
19 Mar. 1960
Black Belt
Josh and Jason are on the trail of a karate expert accused of killing his employer. However, his karate ability puts Josh on the sidelines with a broken rib while Jason takes over to track him but hopefully with a healthy respect for him.
26 Mar. 1960
The Pariah
Randall learns "hate comes high" in a town whose people have hired a trio of killers to murder their fellow resident Randy Holleran, a sniveling drunkard whom Josh can't stand but has promised his father to protect.
9 Apr. 1960
Josh captures a wanted recruit and returns him to the Army, but the Captain at an encampment refuses to pay the bounty as he has another use for the trooper. The Colonel at an Army post drafts Josh to stop the mentally unstable officer.
23 Apr. 1960
Death Divided by Three
Josh and Jason track down a fugitive in Texas wanted for murder in Arizona who they find is also sought by his wife who claims he is innocent. When Josh catches the outlaw, he asks to avoid his wife but then escapes from Josh.
30 Apr. 1960
The Inheritance
A dying man offers Josh $2000 to find his son, who ran away from home 15 years ago. The only real identification is a broach the boy took from his mother. Josh follows the trail to a deputy who believes he knows the missing man.
14 May 1960
Prison Trail
Josh and Jason are escorting four prisoners - three men and one woman - to Leavenworth prison when a stranger begins following along behind asking to travel with the group for protection from the Pawnee Indians but Josh refuses.
21 May 1960
Pay-off at Pinto
Josh is summoned for help when the Pinto bank is robbed. The citizens of Pinto are in a lynching mood although the owner says he has enough gold in other banks to cover everyone's deposits as Josh is sent to bring the new money.

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