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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1958 | 1959 | 1960

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Law of the Gun

29 September 1958
Bill Longley arrives in a small Texas town with the intension of helping Les Torbit, an old army buddy, in his range war with Kyle Richards' outfit. Longley soon learns that Torbit is held for accidentally shooting Richards' teen-aged daughter, but a potential lynch mob is getting liquored up to hang the prisoner if the girl dies.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Neville Brand ... Kyle Richards
John Larch ... Les Torbit

Karl Swenson ... Sheriff
Helen Wallace ... Mrs. Richards

Chris Alcaide ... Townsman
Howard Wright ... Doctor
Jason Johnson ... Hotel Clerk

Hank Patterson ... Bartender
Dennis Cross ... Townsman
Regis Parton ... Pete Bray (as Reg Parton)
Fred Krone ... Fred Bray
Ann Kunde ... Townswoman (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ted Smile ... Barfly (uncredited)
Cap Somers ... Barfly (uncredited)
Carl Thayler ... Gunslinger (uncredited)
Glen Walters ... Townswoman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: The Man with the Solid Gold Star

6 October 1958
Professional gambler Jake Romer wins big in a poker game, taking thousands of dollars in IOUs from Jim Caldwell, an ex-lawman, who had planned to buy cattle for his ranch in Texas. Convinced he's been cheated, Caldwell and his men hold-up the Cattleman Association and take their money along with $100,000 belonging to other cattlemen that was stored in the safe. Although Bill Longley hates Romer and rode with Caldwell years ago, he agrees to join the posse to capture his old friend.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Thomas Gomez ... Jake Romer

Bruce Bennett ... Jim Caldwell
Robert Burton ... Sheriff Brown
Steven Terrell ... Phellps
Richard Reeves ... Ames
Alan Wells ... Harlow, Bank Robber (as Alan Welles)
Bill Clark ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: The Troubled Town

13 October 1958
Hot-headed Johnny Kaler, embarrassed that he's been caught cheating at cards, provokes Bill Longley into a barroom brawl and is quickly thrashed. Later in the evening Johnny tries to kill Bill, but dies when an unknown assailant shoots him in the back from the shadows. Johnny's big brother Mike still blames Longley for the shooting and calls him out for a showdown.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Pat Conway ... Mike Kaler

James Drury ... Johnny Kaler

Harry Dean Stanton ... Frank Kaler (as Dean Stanton)

Walter Sande ... Sheriff Jake Talby

Andy Clyde ... Wild Jack Hastings

William Schallert ... Arnold Leno
Kathryn Card ... Ma Kestler

Harry Harvey ... First Bartender
Gregg Palmer ... First Card Player
Frank Baker ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw ... Barfly (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan ... 2nd Bartender (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 4: The First Notch

20 October 1958
Bill Longley meets an old, but beautiful, friend who currently owns the local saloon and is happy to renew her acquaintance. This angers the local land baron, who has a proprietary interest in the young lady, and he tries to goad his college-educated son into killing Longley to earn the first notch on his gun.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

J. Carrol Naish ... Walt Pierce

Peggie Castle ... Charlotta Rivera

Ron Hagerthy ... Neil Pierce
Dick Rich ... Whitey Rupp
Dan Sheridan ... McBurney
James Nusser ... Shanks (as Jim Nusser)
Walter Barnes ... Jackel (uncredited)
Fred Carson ... Townsman (uncredited)
Bud Osborne ... Stagecoach Driver (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: The Edge of the Cliff

27 October 1958
Orin and Ruth McKnight's May/December romance hits a rough spot when Bill Longley returns from a cattle drive with news that Orin's son from his first marriage died driving off rustlers. To make matters worse, Ruth's old beau has traveled all the way from Ohio to bring his former girlfriend home.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Sidney Blackmer ... Orin McKnight
Barbara Baxley ... Ruth McKnight

Mike Connors ... Larry Enright (as Michael Connors)

Norman Leavitt ... Bender

Season 1, Episode 6: Jail for the Innocents

3 November 1958
While sleeping by his campsite, Bill is startled by sounds of movement in the underbrush. He investigates and finds a young boy who is so frightened that he can't talk. On the road to town, Bill is confronted by two henchmen who try to force Bill to turn the boy over to them; in the ensuing gunfight, Bill kills one of the gunslingers. Bill learns that the lad's father had a gold mine and just struck it rich; he reasons that the miner had been killed by the henchmen and the only witness to the crime is the boy. Bill must find proof to link the town's criminal element with the miner's murder before the sheriff has to arrest him for killing one of the owlhoots.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Ray Ferrell ... Peter Swenson

Vaughn Taylor ... Sheriff Loomis
Herbert Rudley ... Nick Yarboro
Grant Richards ... Dan Keyes
Elaine Riley ... Dolly
John Milford ... Max
Frank Marlowe ... Bartender
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 7: A Tree for Planting

10 November 1958
Bill Longley comes to the aid of Ramirez, a farmer who wants to plant peach trees when the local cattlemen object. The town's sheriff, one of Longley's non-commissioned officers during the Civil War, doesn't want any trouble, but is forced to take sides when a lynch mob threatens to hang the farmer.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
James Westerfield ... Sheriff Sam Bofert

Lurene Tuttle ... Amy Bofert
Martin Garralaga ... Ramirez

Paul Fix ... Bert Gorman
Clarke Gordon ... Brad Emory
Ruby Goodwin ... Sarah
John Cliff ... Ty Beamer
James Parnell ... Jake, the Bartender
Kenner G. Kemp ... Townsman (uncredited)

Kermit Maynard ... Barfly (uncredited)

Jack Perrin ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 8: The Hemp Tree

17 November 1958
The $8300 Bill Longley earned for driving a herd of cattle to Mesa isn't in his hands for thirty seconds before two gunmen rob take his money and the bank's assets as well, mortally wounding the bank president in the process. One robber is killed by Max Bowen almost immediately and Longley continues his pursuit of the remaining bandit into Mexico after the posse turns back. Nick Ahern, the man Longley has been trailing, convinces the Texan that he's not the murdering thief that hasn't been apprehended and Longley convinces him to return to Mesa to defend his reputation in the face of an angry lynch mob.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Michael Landon ... Nick Ahearn

Stuart Randall ... Sheriff Ike Masters

Stacy Harris ... Max Bowen
Allan Lurie ... Gus Phelan
Susan Anderson ... Jenny Masters
Charles Meredith ... Eli Townsend
John Maxwell ... Dr. Graybill
S. John Launer ... Ben Cushman
Joe McGuinn ... Sam Chase
Wilson Wood ... Bank Teller
Charles Bail ... First Bandit (as Chuck Bail)
Brick Sullivan ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: The Widow of Paradise

24 November 1958
After Longley is forced to kill a barfly that tried to shoot him in the back, he learns a quirk in the Montana law code - any man who slays another in a fair fight is responsible for the care and feeding of the widow and children until she gets married. Longley's efforts to escape the snare all come to naught because the widow is in love with him and wants him for a husband until he resorts to reverse psychology.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Charles Watts ... Judge Whittaker
Russell Thorson ... Sheriff
Kem Dibbs ... Cully Crawford
Clark Howat ... Tom
Ricky Allen ... Joey Crawford
Gary Allen ... Nathan Crawford
Shirley Collins ... Dance Hall Girl

Len Lesser ... Brad
Jack Russell ... Man Singing at Organ

Alan Hale Jr. ... Jake Bricker (as Alan Hale)
Marilyn Hanold ... Iris Crawford
Fred Carson ... Brawler (uncredited)
Herman Hack ... Barfly (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 10: Desert Passage

1 December 1958

Season 1, Episode 11: No Tears for the Dead

8 December 1958
While riding down a trail, Bill is accosted by a 'boy' who demands he help 'his' father, who has been shut in the stomach. Before the man dies, he asks Bill to take care of his daughter and Bill discovers that the mud-splattered youth who accosted him is really a pretty girl with her long tresses tucked under her cap. Before the man can be a buried, a posse rides into their camp and the express agent accuses the dead man of robbery, but none of the stolen money can be found in the dead man's saddlebags. Henrietta asks Bill to help her clear her father's name.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Beverly Washburn ... Henrietta Tovers

Michael Pate ... George Brandon
Carole Mathews ... Bess Corbin

Ray Teal ... Sheriff Dave Travers
William Challee ... Roy Tovers

Season 1, Episode 12: The Easterner

15 December 1958
Bill has been hired to guide two Easterners who want to capture wild stallions to use as studs for breeding. Bill and the Dowds get off on the wrong foot when the husband becomes jealous of his old friendship with his wife. Dowd hires three gunslingers to fake a robbery so that he drive them off and look like a hero in his wife's eyes but the owlhoots plan to steal all of the Easterners money and kill Bill Longley in the bargain.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Fay Spain ... Ann Dowd

Donald Harron ... Julian Dowd

Jack Elam ... Tug Swann
Tom Hardison ... Rush
Natividad Vacío ... Huelo (as Natividad Vacio)

Bill Erwin ... Stableman (as William Erwin)
James Drake ... Buck (as Jim Drake)
William A. Forester ... Desk Clerk
Robert Nash ... Bartender
Jack Perry ... Barfly (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 13: A Time of the Year

22 December 1958
Bill Longley shares a stagecoach compartment with Jody Sammett and his pregnant wife Maria on their journey to meet Jody's father, Big Jim Sammett for Christmas. Jody dies helping to fight off bandits who try to rob their stagecoach and Maria's father-in-law refuses to take in his son's Mexican-American wife or allow anyone in town to help her even though she has started in labor. While Bill tries to convince the old man to change his mind, the unsuccessful bandits try to abduct the town's only doctor to operate on their seriously wounded companion.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

George Macready ... Big Jim Sammett
Suzanne Lloyd ... Maria Sammett
Michael Macready ... Jody Sammett
Charlie Briggs ... Jeff Karger
Peggy Maley ... Dolly Mathews
William Challee ... Matt Ainsley
Howard Wendell ... Doc Morton

Dick Wilson ... Norm Seevey

Don C. Harvey ... Ross Hadden
Riley Hill ... Stage Driver
Barry Brooks ... Vince
Gene Coogan ... Barfly (uncredited)
Tex Driscoll ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 14: The Lord Will Provide

29 December 1958
After Longley rescues the wounded Reverend Kilgore from two would-be bushwhackers, he learns that the parson was heading for Phillipsburg, a town with a reputation for killing men of the cloth. Bill decides to pose as the minister to investigate, but without his holster at the minister's insistence. With only Kilgore's Bible for protection, Bill attempts to rally the townspeople against the town boss and his crooked judge.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Murvyn Vye ... Pete Phillips

Ellen Corby ... Katy Clayton
Milton Frome ... Judge Hawks

Ross Elliott ... Reverend Kilgore
Ric Roman ... Curley Hoad
Francis McDonald ... Sheriff

Yvette Vickers ... Judy Clayton
John Eldredge ... Potter
Bru Danger ... Bartender
Ollie O'Toole ... Anderson
Barry Russo ... Frank (as John Duke)
Steve Mitchell ... Jesse Conway
Lovyss Bradley ... Townswoman (uncredited)
George Bruggeman ... Townsman (uncredited)
Gene Coogan ... Gunman (uncredited)
William Newell ... Doctor (uncredited)

Jack Perrin ... Townsman (uncredited)
John Roy ... Townsman (uncredited)
Ray Spiker ... Gunman (uncredited)
Glen Walters ... Townswoman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 15: The Duchess of Denver

5 January 1959
Longley is hired to drive the first herd of cattle directly from the Texas Panhandle to Denver. When he arrives he discovers that the woman who hired him, Jenny Brewster aka The Duchess of Denver, was the daughter of a sharecropper who lived on his plantation before the Civil War and is none to happy when Bill doesn't recognize her immediately. The woman's current love interest is jealous of Longley, too. He precipitates a duel that Longley is sure to lose since it's as crooked as the roulette wheels in his casino.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Gerald Mohr ... Colonel Garson
Dolores Donlon ... Jenny Brewster - the Duchess of Denver
Franco Corsaro ... Maitre d'

Eddy Waller ... Oldest Rider
Mason Alan Dinehart ... Chet Dawson
Don Kennedy ... First Man
John L. Cason ... Second Man (as John Cason)

Emory Parnell ... Samuel Dickens
Richard Adams ... Young Rider
Robert Carson ... Wittaker
Peter Camlin ... Croupier
Gene Coogan ... Cowhand (uncredited)
Bess Flowers ... Diner Patron (uncredited)
Rudy Germane ... Bartender (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp ... Diner Patron (uncredited)
Leoda Richards ... Diner Patron (uncredited)
Bob Whitney ... Croupier (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 16: A Quart of Law

12 January 1959
A crooked sheriff and his henchmen are attempting to continue their reign of terror by running a crooked election. Longley persuades an alcoholic former Harvard law professor to stand-up to the old sheriff and then backs him when he must evict the gunsels from a ranch they're trespassing on.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Edgar Stehli ... Winthrop Davis

Robert Lowery ... Coy Benner

Charles Cooper ... Walt Carlin
Don Kelly ... Dan Savitt
Billy M. Greene ... Will Mathers
Theona Bryant ... Marcia Carlin

G. Pat Collins ... Mort
Mike Ragan ... Lafe Orley
Jess Kirkpatrick ... Jed Torrance
Gene Coogan ... Townsman (uncredited)
Glen Walters ... Townswoman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 17: Outpost

19 January 1959
Longley rescues the lone survivor of a murderous stagecoach robbery, but the man refuses to help him identify the three killers.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Les Tremayne ... Dr. Neal Carter
Patrick McVey ... Marshal Dodson
Harry Swoger ... Nate Woods
Christopher Dark ... Jack Arno
Robert Karnes ... Walt
Jim Lake ... Milt
Scott Peters ... Charley Arno
Herman Hack ... Bartender (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 18: The Peddler

26 January 1959
Longley and the town's newspaper editor come to the assistance of a Hungarian peddler when he is attacked by local toughs. When the editor is murdered by the same gunsels, the peddler must choose between helping the Texan bring the killers to justice or fleeing with his pregnant wife.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Lou Jacobi ... Joseph Varga
Elissa Palfi ... Julia Varga

Chris Alcaide ... Wade Clinton
James Bell ... Mr. Webb

Steve Conte ... Drake
John Francis ... Les
Nick Pawl ... Chet
Eddie Hice ... Garry (as Ed Hice)
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Clay
Len Hendry ... Man
Gene Coogan ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 19: Return to Friendly

2 February 1959
Longley attempts to escort Yancey Lewis, a bank robber sentenced to spend five years in prison in a distant town. Longley not only has to deal with a howling windstorm and an empty canteen, but the outlaw's gang and his pretty girlfriend who are all trying to rescue him - not so much out of loyalty, but Yancey's the only person who knows where the loot from the heist is hidden.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

James Philbrook ... Yancey Lewis
Mary Webster ... Bess Wallen

Anthony Warde ... Dirk Evans
John Harmon ... Lobo Cooms
John Alderson ... Swede Yocum

Season 1, Episode 20: The Man Behind the Star

9 February 1959
Longley's old friend, pretty ranch owner Martha Driscoll, negotiates a highly successful sale at the end of a cattle drive. Although her friends urge her to put her money in the bank until she's ready to board a train home, Martha refuses and ends up being robbed and murdered - but not before naming her killer - Clint Gleason, one of her trailhands. Longley tracks the killer to his hometown where his father is sheriff and learns that the lawman implicitly believes his son is innocent of whatever crimes others accuse him of - even killing women.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Brian Donlevy ... Sheriff Bob Gleason

Richard Jaeckel ... Clint Gleason
Jean Willes ... Martha Driscoll
Robert Anderson ... Trail Boss
Harry Tyler ... Townsman
Robert Griffin ... Ben Lester
Roy Engel ... Mac Carson
Russell Simpson ... Zeb Waters

Season 1, Episode 21: The Ringer

19 October 1959
Bill Longley returns from a cattle drive and discovers an impostor has stolen his mail, destroyed a saloon and dallied with a pretty girl, causing his father to demand a shotgun wedding. The impostor, a criminal recently sprung from jail by a crooked gambler with a grudge against Longley, starts to have a change of heart when he discovers the respect and admiration others have for a man who stands up for the weak and has second thoughts about luring Longley into the trap the gambler has set for the Texan.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Regis Parton ... Warren Masters (as Reg Parton)

Grant Withers ... Ed Martin

Adam Williams ... Jebb Kilmer
Herb Vigran ... Sandy Potts

Olive Sturgess ... Mary Lou Martin

Vito Scotti ... Juan Aruza
Ron Hayes ... Rick Taber
Mel Welles ... Matt Lane

Paul Brinegar ... Ludwig
Maida Severn ... Emma Martin
Gene Coogan ... Barfly (uncredited)
Sam Flint ... Minister (uncredited)

Dan White ... Sheriff Dawson (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 22: The Eyes of Captain Wylie

23 February 1959

Season 1, Episode 23: The Marshal of Yellow Jacket

2 March 1959
Longley has just ridden into the town of Yellow Jacket, when he sees a gunman unhitching a team of horses over the loud objections of a pretty woman. When Longley intervenes, he discovers the man is only carrying out an obscure town ordinance that forbids leaving a wagon on the street overnight - the fine being $50, payable to the town marshal. Longley learns that the marshal has been lining his pockets with fines for obscure town laws he enforces with vigor and determines to beat the man at his own game.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Robert J. Wilke ... Marshal Bart Pennock
John Beradino ... Duke Ellis
Anne Neyland ... Ruth Avery
Kathryn Card ... Kate Mulvaney

Harry Harvey ... Clyde Hatbridge (as Harry Harvey Sr.)
Kenneth MacDonald ... Ed Grover
Henry Rowland ... Deebold
Richard Adams ... Dell Thompson
Tom London ... Grandpa Avery
John McKee ... Ranch Hand (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Pete Nolan (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 24: No Love Wasted

9 March 1959
Wylie Ames, a big gruff widower, has been corresponding with a lonely woman whose personal ad he saw in an out-of town paper. However, she is coming to meet him and this creates a big problem. He asks his old army captain, Bill Longley, to meet her and break the news that Wylie is not the attractive gentleman she is expecting. Also a man Wylie knocked out in a barroom fight dies and the family wants revenge - Longley is in for even bigger problems.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Lon Chaney Jr. ... Wylie Ames (as Lon Chaney)

Marian Seldes ... Cora Laird
Eugene Mazzola ... Jody Ames (as Eugene Martin)
Ken Mayer ... Bob Kelsey
Richard Adams ... Owen Kelsey
William Gould ... Doctor
Tom London ... Stage Agent

Kermit Maynard ... Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Perry ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 25: A Race for Life

16 March 1959
A crooked gambler with a Kentucky-born thoroughbred prods a drunken rancher into betting his entire spread and all the money he has in the bank on a horse race. The gambler tries to incapacitate the rancher's entry in the race but fails; however, what his henchmen couldn't accomplish a rattlesnake bite could and the horse comes up lame racing to fetch the doctor. Longley agrees to allow his quarter-horse to enter the race instead.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Bart Braverman ... Chris Hampton (as Bart Bradley)

Frank Ferguson ... Dobie Smith

Ralph Moody ... Judge Hanks

Douglas Fowley ... Mar Anderson
Kem Dibbs ... Lou
John Cliff ... Andy

Harry Harvey ... Doc Maywood (as Harry Harvey Sr.)

Kelly Thordsen ... Walt Gardner
Sondra Rodgers ... Doc's Wife

Season 1, Episode 26: Letter of the Law

23 March 1959
Longley rides to the rescue when four gunmen bushwhack a man riding in a buggy. Longley takes the man to a nearby ranch house, but neither the owner or the town doctor wishes to assist the wounded man, a judge scheduled to preside over the trial of the local land baron. When Longley reports the shooting to the sheriff, the lawman can't find any evidence to support the Texan's version of events - or the judge himself for that matter.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

R.G. Armstrong ... Big Sam Aldridge

Richard Hale ... Judge Bradford

Trevor Bardette ... Pop Koller
Kathleen Case ... Julia Koller (as Cathy Case)
Ralph Dumke ... Doc Fry

Stuart Randall ... Sheriff Rangel
Ron Soble ... Cagle

Norman Alden ... Ryan
Richard Reeves ... Montana
Tom London ... Clem

Season 1, Episode 27: Private Account

6 April 1959
Longley, trapped by a landslide, is rescued by Johnny Hinshaw who the Texan soon discovers is on the run from the law. Johnny's accused of shooting a man after a quarrel and since he's already served a jail term and has two brothers on the run from the law he seems like a reasonable suspect to the sheriff - the more so since Johnny's sweet on the lawman's beautiful sister.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Jesse White ... Sheriff Weeb Martin

Karen Sharpe ... Jessie Martin
Joe Di Reda ... Johnny Hinshaw
Konstantin Shayne ... Otto Hoffner
Maudie Prickett ... Maud Avery

Fred Kohler Jr. ... Fred Jackson (as Fred Kohler)
William Shaw ... Vance Allen (as William C. Shaw)

Season 1, Episode 28: Caballero

13 April 1959
Longley and Captain Acosta of the Mexican Rurales travel to San Thomas to bid on a shipment of rifles and ammunition being sold at auction. There efforts are in vain - to their surprise, they are outbid by a beautiful blonde woman. They learn that she's merely the front for a notorious gun runner who plans to sell the guns along the border where they'll soon fall into the hands of the Apaches. Longley and Acosta throw into together to prevent the gunrunners plans from coming to fruition.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Cesar Romero ... Captain Joaquin Acosta
Mari Blanchard ... Catherine Crawford

Whit Bissell ... Shep Crawford

Fred Graham ... Torrey Davis
Abel Fernandez ... Juan
Jim Hayward ... Auctioneer

Season 1, Episode 29: Blood Money

20 April 1959
Stopping by a remote cabin to water his horse, Longley stumbles across its dead owner, the recipient of two bullets in the back. The dead man's brothers don't believe Longley's story that he just killed a rattlesnake and are preparing to string him up when he's rescued by a stranger with a dislike for lynchings. Longley explains his story to the marshal, who rides out of town to find the rattler, but Longley soon discovers that just about half the town was related to the dead man - and many of them are stone cold killers themselves more interested in revenge than explanations.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Ralph Meeker ... Sam Kerrigan

Robert J. Wilke ... Sheriff Tip Latta (as Robert Wilke)
Charles Maxwell ... Lew Cade

Dorothy Provine ... Chalmers
William Vaughn ... Jeb Cade
Guy Wilkerson ... Stableman

Michael Forest ... Deputy Lacy
Charles H. Gray ... Sergeant (as Charles Gray)
Than Wyenn ... Barth
Tom Kennedy ... Bartender (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 30: No Place to Stop

27 April 1959
Longley must help a parolee and his pretty daughter battle a family of outlaws who are trying to drive him off his ranch. Longley has a pair of unlikely allies - a young gunman dressed all in black and a half-crazed old woman who was long held as a prisoner by the Apaches.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Chuck Wassil ... Chick Bowdrie
Charles Arnt ... Old Man Blackston

Strother Martin ... Polk Blackston

Denver Pyle ... Houston Blackston
James Anderson ... Crockett Blackston
Dehl Berti ... Jackson Blackston
Ottola Nesmith ... Auntie
Sally Fraser ... Laura Whipple
Robert Burton ... Noah Whipple
Pierce Lyden ... Hostler

Burt Mustin ... Hotel Clerk

Season 1, Episode 31: Reunion

4 May 1959
After the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, Longley and two his junior officers agree to reunion five years later. The trio rendezvous in Laramie, Wyoming where the sheriff suspects one of the ex-Confederates of stealing an army-payroll.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Robert F. Simon ... Sheriff Will Crandall

Richard Carlyle ... Lacey Winans
Christopher Dark ... Trevor Jackson

Norman Leavitt ... Waiter
Clarence Straight ... Mr. Plummer

Bethel Leslie ... Julie Bofert
Steve Carruthers ... Hotel Clerk (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 32: Badlands

11 May 1959
Longley chases after Clay Thompson, a ruthless bounty hunter who is pursuit of a man falsely accused of bank robbery. Thompson won't believe the Texan when he explains that the wanted posters are being retracted and arranges with a crooked deputy sheriff to ensure that Bill won't interfere with his deadly vocation.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Stephen McNally ... Clay Thompson
Myron Healey ... Sheriff Ed Courtney
Jil Jarmyn ... Beth Kincaid
Michael Galloway ... Frank Kincaid

John Alvin ... Sheriff of Triple Creek
Greigh Phillips ... Deputy

Ralph Moody ... Prospector
Michael Hinn ... Homesteader

Season 1, Episode 33: South of the Border

18 May 1959
When an outlaw gang shoots up a town and robs the bank, Bill joins the posse to track the owlhoots down. When the outlaws cross into Mexico, the sheriff and his men return home, but Bill crosses the border to avenge the deaths of a pretty mother and daughter who had only just arrived in the West.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Jack Elam ... Luke Watson
Peter Mamakos ... Hank Watson

John Doucette ... Sheriff Ben Carter
Leslie Wenner ... Mary Herrick
Joyce Meadows ... Phyllis Herrick
Charlita ... Rosa
K.L. Smith ... Wes Hiller
Abel Franco ... Pedro
Duane Grey ... Fisher
Raymond Hatton ... Storekeeper
Gene Coogan ... Bank Robber (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Bank Robber (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 34: The Smiling Loser

25 May 1959
An actor/cardsharp who cleaned out two men at poker is set up as the fall guy by a crooked express agent and his cohorts when Longley is ambushed and the payroll he is delivering stolen.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Eddie Quillan ... Slick Parker
Rusty Lane ... W.J. Morgan

Harry Lauter ... Sheriff Tom Gray

John Vivyan ... George Nolan
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Pete Nolan
John McKee ... Ranch Hand

Season 1, Episode 35: The Sheriff of Boot Hill

1 June 1959
Though reluctant at first, Bill accepts the offer of his old friend Sheriff Ben Tildy to take the job as his deputy, even though several deputies have been killed over the past few years as two ruthless men have taken over the town, and the residents blame Tildy for the deputies' deaths.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Reed Hadley ... Sheriff Ben Tildy

Denver Pyle ... Joe Lufton
Charles Maxwell ... Luke Stricker
Terry Frost ... Wes
Chick Bilyeu ... Sam Elser
Charles Bail ... Lou

Season 1, Episode 36: The Gunfighter

8 June 1959
Bill stops a trail boss from harassing a saloon girl. The humiliated trail boss then decides to use a young man, too eager to prove his manhood and join up with the group, to get his revenge on Bill.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Dick Kallman ... Grady Fenton

John Pickard ... Ben Kirby

Charles Cooper ... Dan Philips
Kristine Miller ... Ruth Fenton
Nancy Valentine ... Helen

Robert Bice ... Sheriff Glen Cutler
Paul E. Burns ... Fred Waller
Russell Custer ... Townsman (uncredited)
Eddie Hice ... Cowhand (uncredited)
Jack Isbell ... Cowhand (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers ... Townsman (uncredited)
Regis Parton ... Cowhand (uncredited)
Tom Smith ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 37: The Man Hater

15 June 1959
Bill tries to help a young woman who is being pursued by two men. The men tell him that she is a thief and that they are bringing her back to the gunfighter who she is trying to flee from. Unfortunately her experience with the gunfighter has made her bitter toward all men.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Lori Nelson ... Elizabeth Blake
William Tannen ... Sheriff

Henry Brandon ... Lightning Crowley
Tom London ... Old Jess
Charles Horvath ... Sam
Henry Kulky ... Joe
James Drake ... Pete (as James H. Drake)
Rod McGaughy ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: No Way Out

14 September 1959
Bill stops at an inn, where he meets an old lawman friend, who is holding two convicted killers. The lawman knows that friends of his two prisoners are in the area and planning to free them. When the lawman is wounded, Bill must take the responsibility of keeping the prisoners in custody himself, helped only by the meek owner of the inn, his domineering wife, and a gambler unwilling to take unnecessary risks.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Helen Wallace ... Sarah Partland

Stuart Randall ... Lee Tatlock
Lucien Littlefield ... John Partland

James Griffith ... Morgan Lewis
Gerald Milton ... Tod Cannon
Kem Dibbs ... Troy Ferris

Joe Turkel ... Evan McBeem (as Joseph Turkel)
Tom Hardison ... Will Catton

Season 2, Episode 2: Image of Guilt

21 September 1959
While Bill is participating in a draw and shoot contest in a town rodeo, the local bank is robbed, and a photographer friend of Bill's is shot and killed. The photographer's young son, however, sees the picture his father took of the robbers just before they shot him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Richard Travis ... Jess Grady

Chris Alcaide ... Tubbs
Stephen Hammer ... Jimmy Grady
Don Haggerty ... Sheriff
Selene Walters ... Rosalie

Fred Graham ... Moore
Pitt Herbert ... Hotel Owner

Monte Hale ... Loomis
Paula Victor ... Mother
Tommy Andre ... Hoster's Kid
Walter Merrill ... Doctor (as Anthony Merrill)
Phil Schumacher ... Target Clerk (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 3: Cattle Drive

28 September 1959

Season 2, Episode 4: The Dishonest Posse

5 October 1959
Riding with a posse, Bill captures the bank robber they were after, as well as the money he had stolen. But the others in the posse decide to split the loot among themselves. When Bill is the only one who refuses to go along with the idea, they decide they'll have to kill him as well as the robber. But a band of Comancheros interrupts their plans.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Peter Whitney ... Nate Jeeter
Henry Rowland ... Dutch Slegler

Bill Erwin ... Les Cosby

Bing Russell ... Larry Boland
Nestor Paiva ... Jose Taffola

Jack Lambert ... Jack Proddy

Season 2, Episode 5: Blue Norther

12 October 1959
Bill is ambushed and his horse is stolen. Having to take a stagecoach, he finds that one of the other passengers is wanted outlaw Pony Sloan. But after stopping at a way station, he meets another man from whom he finds there is another side to Sloan's story.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Dan Barton ... Pony Sloan
John Beradino ... Sebe Bisbee

Harry Dean Stanton ... Chad Bisbee (as Dean Stanton)
Hal Baylor ... Dobe Bisbee
Eddie Hice ... Luke Bisbee
Ned Wever ... John Camden

Eddy Waller ... Stage Driver

Parley Baer ... Drummer

Season 2, Episode 6: Traildust

19 October 1959
After killing one of the outlaw Kiley brothers, the citizens of Calico have buried him as an exhibit in the middle of the main street. The veteran lawman who they've hired as their new sheriff objects to this provocative act, causing the citizens to ask for his resignation. Then Bill comes to warn the citizens after he learns that the Kiley gang is planning to ride in and wipe out the entire town in revenge.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Brian Donlevy ... Sam Gallup
Chuck Henderson ... Jim Hasty Fox
Addison Richards ... Mayor Thurston
Nan Peterson ... Madeline Thurston
Mike Ragan ... Barlow
John Daheim ... Jess Kiley (as John Day)

Lane Bradford ... Gabe Kiley
John Milford ... Frank Kiley

Len Lesser ... Matt Kiley

Hank Patterson ... Webber
Jess Kirkpatrick ... Bartender
Phil Schumacher ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 7: The Telegraph Story

26 October 1959
Bill is working with a telegraph company installing lines, but an outlaw gang camped in the area wants to get the crew to leave.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Edward Ashley ... Darrell Stanton

Denver Pyle ... Chip Andrews
Harry Fleer ... Gil Sommers
Tom Trout ... Bill Ness

Fred Graham ... Chad Rogers
Regis Parton ... Chuck Rogers (as Reg Parton)
Richard Adams ... Conners
Barbara Pepper ... Mary Devlin

Dan White ... Mulligan
Phil Tully ... Grogan

Season 2, Episode 8: Stampede

2 November 1959
Bill is hired as trail boss driving a cattle herd to Abilene. But he has to contend with two big problems. One is a hostile trail hand, whose anger over Bill getting the ramrod job over him is aggravated by his jealousy over the ranch owner's daughter. The other is a rival drive who's leader will stop at nothing to insure that his herd gets to Abilene first. First of a two part story, concluding with "Showdown At Abilene".

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Michael Dante ... Steve Chambers
Mario Alcalde ... Yellow Hawk

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Pedro Vasquez

Kay E. Kuter ... Trail Cook (as Kay Kuter)

Shirley Knight ... Lily Atkins
Robert Burton ... Atkins

Roy Barcroft ... Bishop
Bob Hopkins ... Link Peters
John L. Cason ... Kohl (as John Cason)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Cole
Joe Yrigoyen ... Von
Clifford Klenk ... Joe
Buddy Roosevelt ... Cowhand (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 9: Showdown at Abilene

9 November 1959
After failing in an attempt to ambush Bill, Bishop pays a band of Indians to attack the Akins herd, hoping to scatter the cattle and thus prevent them from reaching Abilene first. Conclusion of a two-part story, the first part being "Stampede".

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Michael Dante ... Steve Chambers
Mario Alcalde ... Yellow Hawk

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Pedro Vasquez

Kay E. Kuter ... Shooter (as Kay Kuter)

BarBara Luna ... Fawn (as Barbara Luna)

Shirley Knight ... Lily Atkins
Robert Burton ... Atkins

Frank DeKova ... Mandan (as Frank de Kova)

Roy Barcroft ... Bishop
Charles Horvath ... Leach
Nick Pawl ... Trent
Bob Terhune ... Baylor
John Hiestand ... Cain Mathews

Robert Bice ... Cattle Buyer (as Bob Bice)
Bill Coontz ... Bishop Cowhand (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 10: The Reluctant Bridegroom

16 November 1959

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Rodolfo Acosta
Mario Alcalde ... Yellow Hawk

Michael Dante ... Steve Chambers

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Pedro Vasquez (as Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzales)

BarBara Luna (as Barbara Luna)

Ralph Moody

Season 2, Episode 11: Trouble on the Trail

23 November 1959
Still leading the cattle drive, Bill is allowed to take his herd across a powerful rancher's land. On the way across, he finds a woman who claims she is fleeing from the rancher's advances. But he soon learns that she has not told the whole truth.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Michael Dante ... Steve Chambers
Mario Alcalde ... Yellow Hawk

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Pedro Vasquez

Kay E. Kuter ... Shooter
Tod Griffin ... Carl Maynor
Bob Hopkins ... Arney Young
Dan Peterson ... The Boy

Joan Taylor ... Rita Maynor
Buddy Roosevelt ... Cowhand (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 12: Cowards Don't Die

30 November 1959
A former lawman, now a storekeeper, has lost his nerve after a shooting incident, and is now being harassed by a gang of outlaws led by the brother of a man he once killed. The ex-lawman's daughter refuses to let him put on a gun again or try to fight back.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Karl Swenson ... Sam Maitland

Robert J. Wilke ... Pete Torrey (as Robert Wilke)
Bern Hoffman ... Marshal Ed Bowden
Sally Fraser ... Martha Maitland
Hal Baylor ... Deke Anson
Sherwood Price ... Mort Drover

Hal Smith ... The Bartender

Season 2, Episode 13: Border Incident

7 December 1959
Bill travels to Ciudad Juarez to accept a job working for a cattleman and his fiancée, only to soon find out he has been set up as the scapegoat in a counterfeiting scheme.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Claude Akins ... Clay Fallon
Whitney Blake ... Nora Banning
Alan Roberts ... Chico
Alberto Morin ... Captain Rojas
Douglas Kennedy ... Jason Quarles
Nacho Galindo ... Garcia
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. ... Arturo Lopez (as Rodolfo Hoyos)
Roberto Contreras ... Gonzales
Natividad Vacío ... Ignacio
Gwen Dolyn ... Monecita

Season 2, Episode 14: Dangerous Ground

14 December 1959
A rancher warns Bill and the railroad workers not to put track down through the land his cattle graze on, even though it is government land. Later he shoots and seriously wounds one of the workers as they are riding in a wagon. But Bill picks up the rancher's son instead, and the workers are in lynching mood.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sculley (as Alan Hale)

Kipp Hamilton ... Stevie Martin
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris
Harry Shannon ... Jayson Howell
Robert Foulk ... O'Brien
Regis Parton ... Phil Gorham (as Reg Parton)
Wendell Holmes ... Marshal Sommers
Dick Kallman ... Ben Howell
Ken Christy ... Bartender

Season 2, Episode 15: End of the Track

21 December 1959
Bill tries to find out who's been supplying whiskey to railroad workers during their working hours, thus slowing down their progress. He first suspects a lady saloon owner, but it soon becomes apparent she's not the one, and whoever it is is determined to stop the railroad from going through.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sculley (as Alan Hale)

Kipp Hamilton ... Stevie Martin
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris
Bern Hoffman ... Otto

Don C. Harvey ... Arthur Henshaw
Regis Parton ... Jess Branson (as Reg Parton)
Richard Adams ... Hobie Lewis
Harry Fleer ... George Stacey

Season 2, Episode 16: Rough Track to Payday

28 December 1959

Season 2, Episode 17: Friend of the Family

4 January 1960
Bill's former Civil War commander asks him to take his oldest son with him on the trail to make a better man out of him. Bill agrees to this, but he detects that the son has an intense bitterness toward his father---until another man who served under his father in the war makes a claim the boy can't allow to go unchallenged.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

John Dehner ... Major Randolph

James Coburn ... Cal Gruder
Steven Terrell ... Evan Randolph (as Steve Terrell)
Joyce Staigg ... Girl
Regis Parton ... Cowpoke (as Reg Parton)

Roger Perry ... Robin Randolph
Anthony Brand ... Hotel Clerk
Mickey Golden ... Bartender
Jimmie Booth ... Barfly (uncredited)
Forest Burns ... Ranch hand (uncredited)
Jack Isbell ... Barfly (uncredited)
Richard LaMarr ... Barfly (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt ... Townsman (uncredited)
Chick Sheridan ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ted Smile ... Barfly (uncredited)
Bob Terhune ... Wally (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 18: The Taming of Rio Nada

11 January 1960
Longley has been a special marshal to the Texas town of Rio Nada. The area has been plagued by Mexican bandits who have used to the cross the border into the United States and raid the countryside. The gang is led by a mysterious leader known only as "El Sombro". When Longley captures an agent for El Sombro, he hopes to use the threat of hanging for the attempted murder of a deputy sheriff to force him to identify the illusive bandit chief. (Note to viewers: Best to first view "The Terrified Town", then "Sixgun Street", then "The Taming Of Rio Nada", as this is the order in which the events are meant to take place even though the episodes originally aired in the reverse order).

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Barbara Stuart ... Poker Alice

Reed Hadley ... Wild Jack Tobin
Valerie Allen ... Anne Banner
Tom Fadden ... Ezekial Waters
Richard Devon ... Tim Craven
Alex Montoya ... Juan Corteno
Mason Alan Dinehart ... Brazos Kid
Robert Wesley ... Doctor Bell
Henry Wills ... Ramon (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 19: Sixgun Street

18 January 1960
After acting marshal Bill orders no guns to be worn on the streets of Rio Nada, a local casino owner sends for two notorious gunmen to kill him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Barbara Stuart ... Poker Alice

Reed Hadley ... Wild Jack Tobin
Valerie Allen ... Anne Banner
Tom Fadden ... Ezekiel Waters
Richard Devon ... Tim Craven

Bob Steele ... Luke Short
Mason Alan Dinehart ... Brazos Kid
Gerald Milton ... Birney
Richard Adams ... Martin
Dee Cooper ... Henchman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 20: The Terrified Town

25 January 1960
Bill is brought by two bounty hunters to the Governor, who hires him as a marshal to clean up a border area which is being run by an outlaw known as El Sombro. Bill also learns that the sheriff of the main town in the area, his old mentor, has become a drunk and is totally ineffective in handling the situation.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Barbara Stuart ... Poker Alice

Reed Hadley ... Wild Jack Tobin
Valerie Allen ... Anne Banner
Tom Fadden ... Ezekiel Waters

James Griffith ... Shawn O'Rourke
Bern Hoffman ... Bull Brinkley
Maurice Manson ... Governor Joseph Winthrop
Regis Parton ... Cabot

Chuck Hicks ... Smith
Dee Cooper ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ray Spiker ... Hoodlum (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 21: Thirty Hours to Kill

1 February 1960
Bill is forced to kill one of the Dawson brothers after a fight when the man draws on him, and then he must contend with three other brothers who vow to kill him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Mort Mills ... Ben Dawson / Blackie Dawson
Katherine Squire ... Tessie Dawson

Malcolm Atterbury ... Doc Cooke
Morris Ankrum ... Sheriff Bailey (credit only)
Ron Hayes ... Walt Dawson
Ron Soble ... Amos Dawson
Forrest Lewis ... Charlie
Chick Bilyeu ... George Tracy

Season 2, Episode 22: Quarantine

8 February 1960
After Bill, again working with the railroad, turns down a bribe from a landowner to detour the track through his town, the man then forces a doctor to quarantine the railroad workers, falsely claiming a case of cholera.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Lita Baron ... Dolores
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris
Douglas Kennedy ... Sheriff

Frank Ferguson ... Thomas Laurie

Don Beddoe ... Doc Hunter
Dick Rich ... Cullen
Clifford Klenk ... Parkman
James Drake ... Deputy
Anthony Brand ... First Guard
Ethan Laidlaw ... Worker (uncredited)
Phil Schumacher ... Worker (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 23: Buried Treasure

15 February 1960
Bill finds an old prospector almost dead from thirst, and brings him in to the railroad workers camp. But men from a rival outfit talk the old man into spreading a story about finding gold, hoping to lure the workers away from their job.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sculley (as Alan Hale)
Lita Baron ... Dolores
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris

Andy Clyde ... Andy Miles
Kem Dibbs ... Matt Horton
Jess Kirkpatrick ... Jim
James Drake ... Gil Horton
Clifford Klenk ... Pat
Anthony Brand ... Williams
Ted Smile ... Railroad Worker (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 24: Captive Crew

22 February 1960
A group of convicts take over the work train, killing their guards, and hold the entire crew at the construction site hostage. Bill, who they think they also killed on the train, makes it back to the site and must figure out a way to stop them.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sculley (as Alan Hale)

Kipp Hamilton ... Stevie Martin
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris

Michael Pate ... Emory

Mike Mazurki ... Kale
Craig Duncan ... Billings
Steve Mitchell ... Tim
Buddy Roosevelt ... Engineer
James Drake ... Guard
Victor Romito ... Buck
Herman Hack ... RR Fireman / Cook (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 25: Showdown

29 February 1960
With his job about done, Bill is planning to leave the railroad workers camp and move on, until a former crewman once fired by MacMorris shows up to make trouble, and Bill learns the man is working as field agent for the company that the workers hoped to get a new contract from.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sculley (as Alan Hale)

Kipp Hamilton ... Stevie Martin
Duncan Lamont ... David MacMorris

Anthony Caruso ... Gar Loomis
Hugh Sanders ... Henry Beekman
Ron Hayes ... Ty Embry
Howard Negley ... Dr. Keller
Clifford Klenk ... Hotel Manager
Ethan Laidlaw ... Diner Patron (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 26: Borrowed Time

7 March 1960

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Russ Conway ... Bob Jason
James Drake ... Matt Stacey
Raymond Greenleaf ... Reverend Hibbs
George Keymas ... Lud Galloway

John Pickard ... Jess Walton

Ann Robinson ... Anne Carter

Season 2, Episode 27: The Governor's Lady

14 March 1960
Bill saves a government agent from ambush. The agent is carrying a list of landowners who are refusing to pay their taxes, and the daughter of one of those landowners---the one who the attempted killers are working for---is engaged to the governor.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Lita Baron ... Abby Moreno
Myron Healey ... Clay Calder
Frank Puglia ... Carlos Moreno

Richard Travis ... Governor
Alberto Morin ... Hotel Clerk
Mark Dana ... John Maddox

Eva Lynd ... Sarah Lou
Susan Lyle ... Carol
Joe Dominguez ... Juan
George DeNormand ... Party Guest (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 28: Town Divided

21 March 1960
Bill finds a town engulfed by a feud between two ranchers. He also learns that his former commanding officer, now a doctor, has turned to drinking, and that a young man blames him for crippling his arm. Bill tries to talk the doctor into staying and not running from the challenges.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Morgan Woodward ... Mark Jordan
June Blair ... Ellen Warren
Walter Coy ... Dr. Andrew Nelson
Robert Foulk ... Barkeep
Steven Terrell ... Ken Crowley (as Steve Terrell)
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 29: The Guilty and the Innocent

28 March 1960
A lynch mob wants to hang a young man convicted of killing a family of homesteaders. Bill rides in with a stay of execution from the governor just as the mob is about to break into the jail and the desperate prisoner escapes.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Robert F. Simon ... Vance
Percy Helton ... Lem Munson
Bud Slater ... Jed Lewis

Denver Pyle ... Sheriff
Helen Wallace ... Nancy Lewis

Don C. Harvey ... Tom

Norman Leavitt ... Bartender
John Barton ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)

Kermit Maynard ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
Phil Schumacher ... Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 30: Presentation Gun

4 April 1960
Bill stops to visit his friend, a well-respected sheriff, only to find that the man has been jailed for killing an unarmed youth, and the whole town has turned against him, including his own son. Bill seeks to find the real truth even though the sheriff himself tries to discourage him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Ron Starr ... Chris Calvin (as Ronald Starr)
Gary Judis ... Curley Sloane

Harry Harvey ... Cass Porter (as Harry Harvey Sr.)

Stafford Repp ... Harvey Sloane
Robert Brubaker ... Sheriff Jim Calvin

Chris Alcaide ... Deputy Luke Smith

Fred Graham ... Barkeep

Season 2, Episode 31: Ruthless Woman

11 April 1960

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Bob Hopkins ... Ewell
Ken Mayer ... Tom Bolt
Francis McDonald ... Colton
Joyce Meadows ... Helen Castle

Season 2, Episode 32: The Nomad

18 April 1960
Bill comes to the defense of an unassuming man who is being bullied and tries to encourage him to stand up for himself. Soon the man asks Bill to teach him how to use a gun.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Danny Scholl ... Tony
Robert Anderson ... Gil Fraiser (as Bob Anderson)
Edward Earle ... Mr. Mead
Nesdon Booth ... Kurt

Larry Chance ... Riley
Cindy Ames ... Janet
William Fawcett ... Sheriff (credit only)

Burt Mustin ... Old Timer
Mickey Golden ... Bartender
Tim Frawley ... Hostler
John Barton ... Townsman (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg ... Townsman (uncredited)
Dave Dunlop ... Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Isbell ... Townsman (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Stoney ... Townsman (uncredited)
Chalky Williams ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 33: Killer's Road

25 April 1960
Bill takes the job of escorting a convicted killer to his hanging, knowing that the man's sons and gang members are in the area planning to free him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Robert J. Wilke ... Asa Kirby (as Robert Wilke)

James Best ... Clay Kirby

Lane Bradford ... Jed Burdette
Harry Fleer ... Marshal Ray Gibbons

Season 2, Episode 34: Lady Tenderfoot

9 May 1960
An Easterner and his daughter hire Bill to guide them in the search for a wild stallion whom they hope to breed. But an old enemy plans to follow them on the search and rob the horse breeder and get revenge on Bill.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Claire Kelly ... Gail Henshaw

Jack Elam ... Dud Parsons

Emory Parnell ... Hugo Henshaw

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Pedro Martinez
James Drake ... Dodge Slater
Billy M. Greene ... Hotel Clerk
Tom Hardison ... Chip Karns
Chet Brandenburg ... Barfly (uncredited)
Jimmy Noel ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 35: The Invisible Noose

16 May 1960
Bill goes after three men who forced him to accompany them on a bank robbery and framed him for it.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Charles Maxwell ... Jeff Watson
Regis Parton ... Pete Stephens (as Reg Parton)
Elaine Edwards ... Lois Bentley

Gregg Barton ... Posse Leader
Paul Keast ... Parson

Bill Erwin ... Sheriff Nick Rand
Anthony Brand ... Charlie Short
James Anderson ... Mike Blake
Jimmie Booth ... Posse Member (uncredited)
Bill Coontz ... Barfly / Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Ray Jones ... Posse Member (uncredited)
Chick Sheridan ... Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 36: The Mountain Man

23 May 1960

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Charles Arnt ... Ed Kingman

Sam Edwards
Duncan Lamont ... Mack
Ken Mayer ... Ace Morgan
Bud Osborne
Peter Palmer ... Critter Calhoun
Regis Parton (as Reg Parton)

Hal Smith

Season 2, Episode 37: Johnny Tuvo

30 May 1960
Bill befriends an overeager young man named Johnny Tuvo who plans to challenge him in the upcoming horse race. But two other men at the event have more sinister plans for how to take advantage of it.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley

Ron Hagerthy ... Johnny Tuvo
Myron Healey ... Gait Gaylor
Dehl Berti ... Mouse Murphy
Mary Webster ... Carrie Nagle

Frank Wilcox ... Robert Kincade
Jack Carr ... Hanrahan
Roberto Contreras ... Maggio
Anne Howard ... Party Guest (uncredited)
Sailor Vincent ... Bartender at Party (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 38: The Accuser

6 June 1960
Bill is captured by a posse and accused of being one of the men who robbed the bank and shot the banker. Unfortunately, the victim claims Bill was the robber who shot him. Only the sheriff, whom the banker hates for being in love with his daughter, is inclined to believe Bill.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Don Haggerty ... Lew Taylor
Kristine Miller ... Mattie Benton
Harry Cheshire ... Doc McKensie
Fay Roope ... Mr. Benton
Regis Parton ... Butts (as Reg Parton)

Mike Mazurki ... First Bank Robber
Jimmy Lydon ... Smitty (as James Lydon)
Jim Hayward ... Clem Potter
Michael Jeffers ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 39: Mission to Monterey

13 June 1960
Bill is sent into Mexico to investigate and put an end to a counterfeiting ring that's been operating there making phony American currency. The lawman he was to contact is ambushed and killed, leaving Bill to handle the situation alone, dealing with Mexican authorities who don't trust him.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Eduardo Noriega ... Captain Ortega

Richard Carlyle ... Clay Beaumont
Jewell Lain ... Janet Wade

Raymond Bailey ... Consul James Wade

Lane Bradford ... Buck Tanner

Season 2, Episode 40: Badman

20 June 1960
Bill escorts a prisoner to Pueblo for trial. He is also to deliver money to the prisoner's mother for his daughter, whom she has custody of. On the way the two men encounter a dust storm, which forces them to take refuge in a ghost town. Three outlaw associates of the prisoner are also coming there.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Tod Griffin ... Kurt Branden

Celia Lovsky ... Grandma Branden

Beverly Washburn ... Greta Branden

Anthony Warde ... Clem Bodie
John Harmon ... Russ Hardin
John Alderson ... Jake
Gilman Rankin ... Roy Adams (as Gil Rankin)

Season 2, Episode 41: 24 Hours to Live

5 September 1960
Bill hopes to prove that his friend Steve Murrow is innocent of killing the man who married the girl he was hoping to marry. But he only has 24 hours to do it before Steve is hung, and the town sheriff has threatened to kill Bill if he tries to break Steve out.

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Paul Birch ... Sheriff Jed Benson
Wendell Holmes ... Henry Morton
Harry Bartell ... Walt Garner
Barbara Kelly ... Ruth

Charles Cooper ... Steve Murrow

Burt Mustin ... Pop Evans
Richard Norris ... Bob Fenton

Season 2, Episode 42: Episode #2.42

12 September 1960

Rory Calhoun ... Bill Longley
Dehl Berti ... Jim Teach
Tom London
Robert Morris ... Chuck Cameron
Paula Raymond ... Gloria Cameron
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Pertie

Dan White

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