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What Children's Television Should be
Barbara Houston30 March 2003
Almost 50 years later, I remember seeing these stories as clear as day. Probably my favorite was Rapunzel, told with all the loving detail and care that was usually reserved for dramas.

These compare favorably to Shelley Duvall's fairy tales and had the wonderful advantage of showing a grown-up Shirley Temple.

I simply loved them.
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Now Available In DVD!!
PraiseGod5 August 2005
I too was enchanted by the wonderful stories of Shirley Temple's Storybook. My favorite stories were Madeline and Pippi Longstockings. My favorite actors in all the world were Gina Gillespie and Michel Petit. Probably always will be! Like others have written, I remember scenes as clear as if it were yesterday! Scenes from Madeline are especially burned in my memory forever! I have checked the Museum of Broadcasting in NYC and in Los Angeles over the years, but could never find these available to view.

Last week a miracle happened! I found out that there is a wonderful internet site that just became available called At 77, Shirley being the very special person she's always been, has finally released these amazing family friendly shows on restored colorized DVDs! There is a box set, not all of them, but included are my very favorites!!! I am tremendously blessed!!! I have ordered mine and you can now order yours too! I had to share this exciting news with all fans of the show!
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Loved the series.
cjtcxxx11 February 2005
I loved the series " The Shirley Temple Storybook". The one episode I remember the most was " Beauty and the Beast". They were all good for the age I was at the time. I would love to be able to have this series on DVD or VHS so my grandkids could see it. I would like to know if it is available for purchase. I remember most of them being in color, but they very well could have had some of them in black & white. It really didn't matter because the stories were good. It had some great actors in it also. Most of them I don't remember but would love to see the show again. It was done so well and Shirley Temple was a great storyteller .
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Humming to myself after--eek!--48 years!
Bou21 March 2006
I Googled around today to figure out the name of a song I hummed a fragment of. It's from "The Land of Green Ginger," in this series (Jerry Livingston's "Abu Ali, the Mouse, and Boomalakka Wee"). I heard this on this series when I was five, which gives you an idea of how this show can linger. I also recently found my illustrated text version Storybook from 1958, which is a fond memory.

I'd be delighted to see this series on DVD. Near as I can tell from a visit to the site posted here by another IMDb user, only eleven shows thus far (from 1961) are. My remembered favorites are "Rapuzel," "The Land of Green Ginger," and "The Little Lame Prince," although it would take so little to bring back memories of more. Check the cast lists for the individual episodes--some heavy hitters!
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Rapunzel : minor reference to plot line
mgriffc51628 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I truly enjoyed the Rapunzel show of all Ms. Temples' shows, which I watched faithfully each week as a child.

I have never forgotten them and have still retained those beautiful black and white images in my mind to this very day.

Each show brought forth strong values and showed courage in adverse situations that made me a stronger person today.

If I had my wish, I would hope someday all 41 programs could be transferred to DVD format and sold as a boxed set. I suspect there are a number of baby boomer's like myself that would covet such a wondrous gift to share with our grandchildren. Thank you Ms. Temple.
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I would love to see the stories again
solch2622 September 2007
I have the same feelings about these stories... It has been a long time but I perfectly remember stories like Rapunzel, the Nightingale, the Emperor's new clothes, Rumpelstiltskin, Rip Van Winkle, Hiawatha, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Mother Goose, The Wild Swans, and many others. I watched the show every week looking to see a new story. It is really sad that things so good are not available while others violent ones are our daily bread. I have been looking online to see if I can buy them but there are only the Shirley Temple's movies. Hope I can find all the series one day on DVD. It would be wonderful to show them to my kids. Nice things like this should not disappear!
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