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Season 2

23 Sep. 1959
Suitcase Fireman
The Rescue 8 team attempt to rescue a man who, beaten and unconscious, is trapped on a girder next to a blazing furnace.
30 Sep. 1959
The Rock Prison
An adventure club member becomes trapped inside a cave while trying to reach a flashlight that was dropped. No firemen can fit in the tight space to free the man so a call is put out to any member of the public who is good health, 5 feet tall and no more than 100 pounds. After a few civilian males try and fail, a female trapeze artist is able to dislodge enough rocks from around the trapped victim to allow Wes and Skip to pull the man to safety.
7 Oct. 1959
Fools Gold
Four thieves attempt to rob a safe at a grain elevator company. When one of the thieves lights a cigarette, there is a dust explosion. Wes and Skip must devise a plan to rescue the plant guard who was overcome by the thieves and dumped into a shaft, his son and any of the thieves that survived the blast.
14 Oct. 1959
Paid in Full
Wes and Skip must rescue a gangster who has threatened a friend's life.
21 Oct. 1959
Dangerous Salvage
The Rescue 8 team attempts to rescue trapped in the hold of the ship he was attempting to salvage.
26 Oct. 1959
3 Mile Bomb
The Rescue 8 team attempts to rescue a truck driver pinned in his cab while deadly butane gas leaks from the wrecked tanker.
4 Nov. 1959
Not for Glory
Skip attempts to rescue a souvenir hunter who becomes trapped.
11 Nov. 1959
Forced Landing
While off duty, Wes, Skip, their friend who is an airplane pilot and his son fly their 4 seat propeller plane to a secluded place for a hunting trip. With no radio or any means of communication, the men plan on a peaceful hunting trip until the pilot gets bit by a snake & ultimately has a heart attack. Wes & skip who realize their dire situation give the pilots son the encouragement he needs to use his limited flying ability to save his father by flying them all to safety.
18 Nov. 1959
A prison inmate fakes a heart attack so he can escape and talk his wife out of divorcing him. He takes Wes and Skip along as hostages.
25 Nov. 1959
A boy runs away into the woods and is confronted by an escaped lion which forces him to take refuge in a tree.
2 Dec. 1959
The Third Strike
A baseball player loses consciousness when he is hit by a wild pitch. When he wakes up in the clubhouse a short time later he is in shock with short term amnesia. Being afraid and not knowing why he's there, he attacks a policeman and takes his gun. He then flees to the top of the stadium light tower to hold off his pursuers. Wes and skip must devise a plan to get this ball player to give up the gun and get him down safely.
9 Dec. 1959
A pretty teenager with a crush on Wes tries to get him to rescue her by climbing atop a gas tank. Her boyfriend, not realizing her intentions, tries to rescue her and becomes trapped as a result.
16 Dec. 1959
Heat Wave
The Rescue 8 team must come to the aid of two men trapped above a vat acid that's ready to explode.
23 Dec. 1959
The Birdman
Broken-jawed young man in a crashed helicopter is unable to tell rescuers of his professor, who crashed in a bird suit on another hill.
30 Dec. 1959
The Collision
Wes and Skip must rescue a woman trapped behind her steering wheel after a car wreck.
6 Jan. 1960
Leap of Life
Wes and Skip join a team of Indian firemen to battle a forest fire.
13 Jan. 1960
The Squatters
The Rescue 8 team comes to the aid of a frightened backwoods couple.
20 Jan. 1960
A wealthy playboy enters a risky cross-country car race at his press agent's request, but wrecks his car in the mountains and Wes and Skip must rescue him before his car goes off the edge of a cliff.
27 Jan. 1960
High Explosive
A spoiled rich kid, attempting to escape the police, hides in the back of a truck full of combustible nitrate. When the truck wrecks, Wes and Skip must rescue him before the chemical explodes.
3 Feb. 1960
Add a Pinch of Death
Three scientists are trapped when their laboratory explodes. Wes and Skip must extract them before the building collapses.
10 Feb. 1960
Ten Minutes to Doomsday
Wes and Skip assist a demolition expert investigate the destruction of recently constructed buildings.
17 Feb. 1960
Square Triangle
Wes and Skip come to the aid of an asthma victim trapped beneath a rotting pier.
24 Feb. 1960
A Chinese girl, stung by her father's refusal to let his daughter to marry into a family who no longer follow ancient customs, attempts suicide by blowing up her father's restaurant. The Rescue 8 team attempts to dig her out from the building wreckage.
3 Mar. 1960
When an elderly lighthouse keeper's hand is trapped in the beacon's machinery, Wes and Skip brave a violent storm to rescue the keeper and repair the lighthouse.
10 Mar. 1960
High Lonely
The Rescue 8 team is called when a night watchman attempts to replace the burned out aircraft warning light on top of a smokestack and he accidentally kicks away the ladder.
17 Mar. 1960
When an retired actor becomes trapped on the top floor of his dilapidated mansion, Wes and Skip come to the rescue.
24 Mar. 1960
The Rescue 8 team must find a truck driver buried under a tons of sand.
31 Mar. 1960
When an emotionally disturbed man is buried under his family's garage, the Rescue 8 team is called to pull him from the collapsed building.
7 Apr. 1960
School for Violence
Wes and Skip come to the aid of a high school principal who is being attacked by a gang of youthful gang.
21 Apr. 1960
13 Stories Up
Wes and Skip attempt to rescue three men trapped in a burning building's elevator.
28 Apr. 1960
Deep Danger
Fleeing a burglar, a door-to-door saleswoman falls into an abandoned well.
5 May 1960
I Don't Remember
Wes helps the police locate the bank robber who knocked Skip unconscious.
12 May 1960
Second Team
Angry that he wasn't put in command of the Rescue 8 squad during Wes's absence, Skip acts insubordinately towards his new commander with disastrous results.

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