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12 Oct. 1960
A Death of Princes
Detective walks from icing surrendering shooter Gimpy, so his commander asks Adam to volunteer to spy him. Adam struggles with taking the assignment on gun-happy comrade Bane, whose jacket includes 2 other recent kills, but many medals. Soon, the Shakespeare-quoting detective holds a clandestine meet with a playboy, a boxer, and a terrified woman: each fears Bane will reveal their separate crimes. Is Bane a rogue cop or is he pursuing bigger fish ?
19 Oct. 1960
The Pedigree Sheet
The investigation of a car wreck reveals two dead men (one killed by a bullet) and a survivor - a petulant, uncooperative young girl. Lt. Parker finds she holds the key to the NYPD proving jury tampering in a murder case. Her alcoholic father, once a prominent attorney, helps to unravel the girl's recent past to get to the truth.
26 Oct. 1960
A Succession of Heartbeats
A millionaire playboy is murdered in his luxury apartment-along with a married woman. A "black book" filled with ladies telephone numbers doesn't include all of his conquests, including a woman who later confesses to the murders. Adam finds holes in her story and eventually plays a hunch which causes a suspects alibi to fail.
2 Nov. 1960
Down the Long Night
Norman Garry is harassed by former neighbor Max Evar. Evar,an "expert on horror", lost his family due to a fire he holds Garry responsible for. Garry asks the NYPD for help and Det. Flint becomes interested in the case. The discovery that Evar was recently released from a mental hospital heightens the drama.
9 Nov. 1960
To Walk in Silence
A blue blood Wall Street investment manager witnesses a shooting. Afraid for his reputation,he stubbornly refuses to aid the NYPD in their investigation. After other possible witnesses have been killed and his daughter is kidnapped a difficult decision awaits him - shall he cooperate even with his daughter's life at risk?
16 Nov. 1960
Killer with a Kiss
A young man working at Bellevue Hospital, at the Mental Ward, has a neurosis himself. He harbors a deep seated hatred of his deceased military hero father, whom he blames for his mother's death. This has culminated in a twisted pattern of revenge. He lures uniformed policemen by faking emergencies and then murders them.
23 Nov. 1960
Debt of Honor
Murder during a poker game heist, doesn't faze the second biggest loser at the table. It's just hours before his betrothed arrives from Sicily via arranged marriage, but slick gambler Mori is blasé about that too. Detective Flint takes his actress girlfriend Libby dancing in the streets at Mori's wedding party, to find out who the robbers are, before they get killed the old way.
30 Nov. 1960
The Human Trap
A wealthy playboy is dead from an icepick wound. He died in the upscale apartment of a woman whose ex-husband is a notorious gambling czar. The lady freely admits she killed the playboy - in defending her daughter from his advances. Lt. Parker and Det. Flint have the same feeling - "something about her story stinks".
14 Dec. 1960
The Man Who Bit a Diamond in Half
Dying crook Wicklow heists a museum's entire diamond exhibit. A gemologist sneers that the rocks are well-known to be plastic duplicates. Why pull an elaborate Rififi and kill a guard for such paste, the detectives wonder ? Simultaneously, a controlling, crass millionaire and his dim, beauty queen wife's comical war over her obsession for expensive baubles reaches crescendo.

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