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Season 3

11 Sep. 1960
Spud Dud/High Jinks/Tricks and Treats
Professor Huckleberry Hound tells the story of a smart potato that tries to take over the world.
18 Sep. 1960
Legion Bound Hound/Price for Mice/Hokey Dokey
Sgt. Huckleberry Hound commands the reluctant Company B of the foreign legion.
25 Sep. 1960
Science Friction/Plutocrat Cat/Lamb-Basted Wolf
Inspector Huckleberry Hound of Scotland's Back Yard must investigate reports of a monster schnitzel.
2 Oct. 1960
Nuts Over Mutts/Pied Piper Pipe/Which Witch Is Witch
As a dog catcher, Huck must contend with a dog that may be smarter than him.
9 Oct. 1960
Knight School/Woo for Two/Pick a Chick
Huck is drafted into the Knights of the Round Table.
16 Oct. 1960
Huck Hound's Tale/Party Peeper Jinks/Robot Plot
Huck tells his great great grandson the story of how he got the name Buffalo Huck.
23 Oct. 1960
The Unmasked Avenger/A Wise Quack/Boobs in the Woods
As The Purple Pumpernickel, Huck must avenge the wrongs of the King he works for.
30 Oct. 1960
Hillbilly Huck/Missile Bound Cat/Castle Hassle
Huck travels to Pennsyltucky and inadvertently rekindles the old Huckleberry/Doodleberry family feud.
6 Nov. 1960
Fast Gun Huck/Kind to Meeces Week/Booty on the Bounty
The Huckleberry Kid is called upon to bring in the second fastest gun in the West, Teeny Terwilliger.
13 Nov. 1960
Astro-nut Huck/Crew Cat/Hokey in the Pokey
When no one volunteers, the Pentagon forces Professor Huckleberry Hound to pilot his own rocket into space.
20 Nov. 1960
Huck and Ladder/Jinksed Jinks/Who's Zoo
As a firefighter, Huckleberry must capture a gorilla that has gotten lose.
27 Nov. 1960
Lawman Huck/Light Headed Cat/Dogged Sheep Dog
When the Dalton brothers come to get Dinky out of jail, the sheriff runs away and leaves Huck to take Dinky to trial.
4 Dec. 1960
Cluck and Dagger/Mouse for Rent/Too Much to Bear
Huckleberry is a secret agent who must deliver a briefcase of top secrets to the ambassador in Rutabaga.

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