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Season 4

14 Sep. 1961
One Starry Night
Mary's careless driving leads to an unexpected romantic evening with a young pop singer, followed by heartbreak when he leaves for the army.
21 Sep. 1961
A Rose Is a Rose
Jeff turned in a terrible paper to his English class that has his teacher and parents upset at his grammar. He is told he has to redo the assignment - on the same day as the father/son baseball game.
28 Sep. 1961
The Close Shave
Jeff starts to grow facial hair and buys every type of shaving and grooming supplies available. He also decided he is grown enough to use Mother and Father instead of Mom and Dad. He wants to contribute to the household income and get a job
5 Oct. 1961
Mouse at Play
Donna's friend is upset because her husband never notices anything new. Donna realizes Alex can also sometimes be unobservant. While Alex is away at a medical convention, Donna changes her hair color to see if he notices when he returns.
12 Oct. 1961
The Monster
The discovery of mysterious animal prints in the backyard leads to a harrowing night for Donna, her children, and a temporary addition to the family.
19 Oct. 1961
New Girl in Town
Mary offers to pay Jeff's way to a movie if he takes a new girl in the neighborhood to the movie with him. Her interest is in the new guy in the neighborhood.
26 Oct. 1961
One of Those Days
Alex has a frustrating day where everything goes wrong and decides to go home. Donna convinces him that they should go on a picnic to relax, but even the relaxing trip has problems.
2 Nov. 1961
All Is Forgiven
Donna & Alex have dinner with their friends Millie & Jack, but the evening turns into an argument between their friends. When the friends decide to split up, Donna suggests they adopt a child to love and heal the family.
9 Nov. 1961
The Electrical Storm
Jeff is suspended from school when he and his friends pull a prank that causes pandemonium during class. Alex and Donna suspect something's wrong but wait until Jeff is ready to come to them.
16 Nov. 1961
The Paper Tycoon
Jeff starts a paper route and realizes it is not as easy as it seems.
23 Nov. 1961
Private Tutor
Mary is excited about an upcoming dance party and hopes the new boy in school will invite her. Donna says she cannot go until her grade improves. Mary's new tutor is the new boy in school.
30 Nov. 1961
Alex, the Professor
Donna talks Alex into being a speaker for a woman's group about child psychology. Alex gives the speech and then decides he is going to put his theories in practice with Mary and Jeff.
7 Dec. 1961
The Fabulous O'Hara
Alex's patient lives with his grandfather. Mr O'Hara thinks Alex is undercharging and says he should charge more for his services. Jeff decides to use that fact and become his father's agent.
14 Dec. 1961
Way of a Woman
Scotty breaks a skiing date with Mary. Donna see Mary's disappointment and asks Alex to take her on a trip to Chicago. Special arrangements are made Scotty comes into the picture and tells Mary he can go on the skiing trip.
21 Dec. 1961
A Very Bright Boy
Johnny Crawford stars as the son of Donna's college roommate. According to an IQ Test, he is not very smart, but the Stone family finds him to be highly intelligent. They find out why his mother thinks he is not smart.
28 Dec. 1961
The Toughest Kid in School
Alex and Mary want Jeff to help the new kid in school get acquainted with school and friends. Jeff finds him annoying as the kid tries to prove he is better and tougher than others.
11 Jan. 1962
Dr. Stone and His Horseless Carriage
Alex is excited over his new car - an antique 1910 car. He drives it around town, causing people to talk.
18 Jan. 1962
For Angie with Love
Jeff tries to match a rich boy's gift of a Cashmere sweater to Angie who he is sweet on. He also sings "She Can't Find her Keys."
25 Jan. 1962
Aloha, Kimi
When the daughter of a family friend is paralyzed in a surfing accident, Alex is asked to fly to Hawaii to assist in her treatment. Alex and Donna get to know the Doctors and Nurses of the Pacific View Clinic.
1 Feb. 1962
Donna's Prima Donna
Mary considers skipping college to pursue a singing career. Donna is skeptical until she hears her sing "Johnny Angel."
8 Feb. 1962
Explorer's Ten
After listening to a talk on space travel, Jeff and his Explorer friends decide to raise money to buy a telescope. Once they have the money, Jeff thinks there's a better way to use it.
15 Feb. 1962
The New Office
Alex considers moving his practice out of the house and into an office downtown. Everyone is excited about the idea at first but then start to get second thoughts.
22 Feb. 1962
The Golden Trap
Mary is confident she can handle Jeff and the house when her parents go out of town. But then the water heater goes on the fritz and all of her friends drop in for an impromptu party.
1 Mar. 1962
Free Flight
After Donna sends a telegram complaining about an airline's service directly to its president, the airline gives her and Alex two free tickets. Unfortunately, they come with several strings attached.
8 Mar. 1962
The Wide Open Spaces
This episode was a back door pilot that introduced the Stones' neighbors, the Adams, whom Donna and Dr. Alex Stone pay a visit after the family moved from Hilldale to a farm in the country to escape the rigors of living in the city. The episode stars William Windom ("The Farmer's Daughter") as David Adams and Patricia Breslin ("I Saw What You Did") as Millie Adams, David's long suffering wife who loathed life on a farm. Two juvenile brothers from Canada, Steve Barringer and his little brother Leslie, starred as the couple's two sons. The new series was to be a ...
15 Mar. 1962
The Fireball
As Jeff and Angie rehearse their lines for a school play, they reminisce about the way they first met. They both get angry with each other and wonder if they can continue their participation in the play.
22 Mar. 1962
Once Upon a Timepiece
When Alex's watch seems to be shot, Donna buys an antique one to replace it. After they discover an inscription on it Donna decides to track down the original owner, with surprising results.
29 Mar. 1962
Hilldale 500
Jeff is interested in entering go-cart races. He does not have the money to do it, nor does he have his mother's approval.
5 Apr. 1962
Winner Takes All
Jeff and his friend Moose enjoy playing school baseball, but Moose's father keeps pushing Moose to do more on the field. Alex decides to talk to the overbearing father about teens and sports.
12 Apr. 1962
Skin Deep
A friend sets Mary up on a blind date, and she is looking forward to it. When she learns the boy is not attractive, she wants to cancel the date.
19 Apr. 1962
The Fortune Teller
Donna is coaxed into being a fortune teller at the town's bazaar. Not knowing what to do, she ends up creating fortunes to tell people. Later, it turns out some of her predictions start to come true.
26 Apr. 1962
Man of Action
Jeff and his friend Smitty seem to have Smitty's little brother tagging along with them. They convince Donna to watch him while they go to visit their girlfriends.
3 May 1962
Donna Meets Roberta
A friend tells Alex a woman is selling her house cheap, but in another year the house value will rise and Alex should consider buying it. Donna meets the woman, a mother like her with children to care for.
10 May 1962
The Caravan
A trip across the country in a recreational trailer turns out to be more work and problems than the enjoyable vacation it started out to be.
17 May 1962
The Swingin' Set
Jeff and Smitty find new girls in town to take to the prom. The two couples attend and have a nice time, but when they switch dates, the evening is magical. Paul Peterson sings Just Keep All Your Love Locked.
24 May 1962
On to Fairview
Jeff gets a job at a bicycle shop to earn spending money. He wants a special gift for his girlfriend. Donna wants him to clean his room before going out so he might lose his job.
31 May 1962
The Man in the Mask
Jeff manages to get an interview with Don Drysdale, an all-star pitcher for the LA Dodgers, for the school newspaper.
7 Jun. 1962
The Father Image
Alex has a patient who needs constant care. Jeff wants his father to help him get his driver's license, and Mary wants him to help repair a pair of shoes she needs for her graduation ceremony.
14 Jun. 1962
Dear Wife
After attending a friend's wedding, Mary seems anxious to get married herself. Alex jokes he'd rather Mary elope and save him the cost of a wedding. Alex and Donna pass it off as a passing fancy until they think she has run off and eloped.

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