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Season 3

15 Sep. 1960
The Stones decide to go away to somewhere different for an extended weekend, but the actual accommodation are nothing like what they saw in the brochure.
22 Sep. 1960
The Mystery Woman
While eating lunch with Mary at a restaurant, a woman approaches Donna as a long lost friend and invites Donna & Alex to dinner the next day at her home. Donna cannot remember who the woman is.
29 Sep. 1960
Donna Decorates
Donna has her kitchen remodeled and new appliances installed. Then she needs to refinish an arm chair which leads to the other furniture look drab. Also, Alex's birthday is the next day, and no one can think of a gift to get him.
6 Oct. 1960
The Love Letter
The Stones hire a handyman to do repairs around the house. The handyman asks Jeff to help him write a love letter to his girlfriend. Donna finds Jeff's practice letter laying around, and thinks Jeff is in love with a classmate.
20 Oct. 1960
How the Other Side Lives
Mary returns home from a weekend visit with a friend and just raves about how wonderful her friend's home is. Donna begins to feel their own home is a shack compared to the other home.
27 Oct. 1960
Alex's Twin
Mary meets a boy at school that reminds her of her father. She thinks Elroy looks like what her father might have looked like at that age. Donna and Alex cannot wait to see Elroy and how much he must look like Alex.
3 Nov. 1960
Worried, Anyone?
Mary is going out with Scotty in a car he built himself. When Donna and Alex find the parts of the car are from cars that have been in wrecks, they are worried.
10 Nov. 1960
Higher Learning
The school issues an intelligence test to the students, and Jeff gets a score that ranks him as a genius. Alex and Donna have to decide to send him to a special school. Jeff fails the entrance exam for the school.
17 Nov. 1960
Never Marry a Doctor
When Les has trouble paying his baby's doctor bill Donna let's him do some work on the house in exchange. When $20.00 suddenly disappears everyone wonders if Les could have taken it.
24 Nov. 1960
It Only Hurts When I Laugh
Alex proves the old adage that doctors make the worst patients when he goes into the hospital for an appendectomy. Donna helps another patient who doesn't want to leave the hospital.
1 Dec. 1960
The Model Daughter
Mary decides she wants to be a model. She wins a scholarship to a modeling school, but finds it expensive to live the life of a model.
8 Dec. 1960
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Mary has a bad case of indecisiveness and asks Donna for advice on clothes, errands, boys, and more. She ends up having a date with two boys.
15 Dec. 1960
Donna Goes to a Reunion
Donna is looking forward to attending her college reunion. When Alex hears about a former boyfriend, he decides to go with her. The women decide to reenact their cheer-leading cheer and Donna gets a black eye the day of the dance.
22 Dec. 1960
Someone Is Watching
While Jeff's friend Gordie is showing off his new scooter he accidentally hits a tree and pretends his leg is hurt much worse than it is so that he can stay at the Stone's house. Donna finds out why he does not really want to go home.
29 Dec. 1960
The Lean and Hungry Look
Mary wants Jeff to pay her back from a loan so she can buy a new sweater. Since there was no due date given, he decides to drag it out. Donna goes on a diet to lose a few pounds.
5 Jan. 1961
Character Building
Donna gets upset with Mary and Jeff starting projects and never finishing them, losing track of items they used last, and more. Donna decides to make them mend their ways.
12 Jan. 1961
World's Greatest Entertainer
Jeff seems to be in a slump by causing things to happen without realizing what is going on. The rest of the family start to praise him for anything he does and he starts to feel better. Jeff decides to try out for the school play.
19 Jan. 1961
Variations on a Theme
Donna is tired of everyone using the piano as a drop area for their belongings. Alex suggests selling it. Donna arranges for a pick up, but then Mary puts up a fight to save it. Donna learns the reason why Mary really wants to save it.
26 Jan. 1961
The Stones Go to Hollywood
When Donna, Mary, and Jeff find that Alex is going to Hollywood for a doctor's conference, they insist on going with him. They plan on two fast days of sight seeing and star gazing, but they mostly sit in the hotel due to heavy rains.
2 Feb. 1961
Donna Directs a Play
Mary and her classmates are rehearsing for a school play, but the director steps out at the last minute. Donna steps in to be the director.
9 Feb. 1961
Trip to Nowhere
When a friend of Jeff's brags about going on a camping trip with his father, Jeff says Alex is taking him camping also. Since Alex is unavailable, Donna decides to take him. Before the trip, Jeff finds out his friend is not going camping.
16 Feb. 1961
The Geisha Girl
Donna meets the wife of a new doctor at the hospital. Since she is Japaneses, Donna decides she needs to learn some American customs and way of life.
23 Feb. 1961
The Busy People
When Donna finds her and Alex's friends stay busy with music lessons and dance lessons, she decides she and Alex have to take some kind of lesson's together. Donna signs them up for painting lessons so they can spend more time together.
2 Mar. 1961
Tony Martin Visits
Donna gets a parking ticket and does not think she is in the wrong. She decides to fight it in traffic court. While there, singer Tony Martin is also in court fighting a ticket. He decides to fight his ticket because Donna is fighting hers.
9 Mar. 1961
Aunt Belle's Earrings
Donna wants to go to the Founders Ball but Alex does not. Alex is struggling with Mr Greevy for financing of a new clinic. Greevy wants more money. Donna's Aunt Bell visits. Turns out, Bell and Greevy know each other from years past.
16 Mar. 1961
The Poodle Parlor
Donna and her friend Madeline decide to open a poodle parlor in town, and the husbands think it is funny because they do not know how to run a business. The women are determined, but find out there are only seven poodles in town.
23 Mar. 1961
Mary's Heart Throb
While Mary is babysitting a young child, the older brother comes home and tells Mary he left college. The Stones try to help him determine which career path he wants to follow.
30 Mar. 1961
Donna's Helping Hand
The Board of Health Director retires, and Donna campaigns to have Alex nominated. It would mean he could have regular office hours. Alex enjoys his job as a pediatrician.
6 Apr. 1961
The Merry Month of April
Alex realizes it is the day before income taxes are due, and he rushes to prepare the papers.
13 Apr. 1961
Music Hath Charms
While putting on a puppet show, Jeff accidentally breaks a treasured gift that Donna purchased for Alex - a musical tobacco jar. Alex is glad it is broken because he did not like the music.
20 Apr. 1961
Let's Look at Love
Mary is upset when she learns that two boys tossed a coin to see who would take her out. Mary does not want to be considered a pawn and decides to give up on boys.
27 Apr. 1961
For Better or Worse
Alex and his friends plan a fishing trip, and the others say they have to ask permission from their wives to go. Alex says he does not have to ask for permission - until he tells her he is going.
4 May 1961
Jeff, the Treasurer
Jeff is elected class treasurer and brings home all the money in the class fund. Alex and Donna warn him to be careful, but of course Jeff misplaces the money and has to find it before the next class meeting.
11 May 1961
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
Donna & Alex encourage Jeff to join the church choir. He does, but then he is teased by his classmates. Jeff takes up weight lifting to muscle up in case of a fight.
18 May 1961
Military School
Herbie's friend who is in the military visits. Herbie suggests that Mary and he take the friend with them to the school dance. Mary does not want to, but when she sees the handsome friend, she changes her mind.
25 May 1961
Mary's Driving Lesson
Mary asks Scotty to teach her how to drive. He starts out by telling her all about how cars work, what types of cars there are, what is great about cars, etc. Mary just wants to learn how to drive.
1 Jun. 1961
The Mustache
Alex returns from a hunting trip with a mustache and beard. He decides to keep the mustache which receives mixed reviews from the family. Mary has a crush with a new boy at school who has different views from all her friends.
8 Jun. 1961
Mary's Little Lambs
While Donna is out of town, Mary takes over the house in a negative way. Alex allows her to have a teen party, and on Saturday to open the house to a baby-sitting service.

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