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23 Sep. 1958
The Besieged
Bronco hears gunfire while riding. He spots a family headed for California being attacked by a band of gunmen. The family is not firing back so he helps assuming they are out of ammo but they are Quakers who do not believe in fighting.
7 Oct. 1958
Quest of the Thirty Dead
One of Bronco's best friends is killed in a train wreck. Bronco looks into it, and discovers that the "accident" was in fact not an accident at all; the train was deliberately sabotaged. An old Civil War friend may be responsible.
21 Oct. 1958
The Turning Point
Bronco discovers that the man whose life he just saved is in reality a notorious gunfighter after they decided to homestead together near Plainview. Bronco supports him as he tries to live down his reputation with the local citizens.
4 Nov. 1958
Four Guns and a Prayer
Bronco takes the job of Sheriff at Cottonwood not realizing that the Garnet brothers have taken over resulting in several murders. Bronco is forced to ask for help from several gunfighters in order to save the town but there is resistance.
18 Nov. 1958
The Long Ride Back
When Bronco comes back to his home town after having fought for the South in the Civil War, he finds that not only do many people in town consider him a traitor, but they also think he's a murderer who killed the brother of his fiancé.
2 Dec. 1958
Trail to Taos
A gang of bandits and Apaches have been robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains including massacring the victims in some cases. Bronco goes undercover for the Postal Service hoping to catch them in the act and find who is behind it.
16 Dec. 1958
Brand of Courage
After being shot, Bronco comes to the aid of a group of nuns who have a cattle ranch and are about to touch off a range war with neighboring cattlemen who don't want them to sell their cattle in order to drive up the price.
30 Dec. 1958
A writer hires Bronco to take her to the ghost town Basin City. It is at a high altitude near an abandoned gold mine and a glacier. Once there they run into three other men. They are there for reasons that put her and Bronco in danger.

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