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Season 3

17 Oct. 1960
The Mustangers
Bronco takes a job herding cattle cars, working for an arrogant boss who has a beautiful and flirtatious younger wife. During a fight, the boss falls off the train, and Bronco is blamed, but the man's body can't be found.
7 Nov. 1960
Apache Treasure
Bronco is hired by the Army to find out who's been killing and scalping Apache men, woman, and children. The chief's brother was among the last victims, and Bronco must find the guilty parties before the peace treaty is broken and war breaks out.
12 Dec. 1960
Seminole War Pipe
To save two Seminole friends, man and wife, from a lynching at the hands of former Confederates, Bronco tells them the story of how they tried to help the South in the war by bringing Jefferson Davis' peace offering to their chief in Florida.
2 Jan. 1961
Ordeal at Dead Tree
The bank is robbed and a teller killed, and the four brothers responsible knock out Bronco and make it look like he was involved. He is arrested and jailed, but escapes when lynch talk gets out of control and heads with the sheriff to find the real robbers.
23 Jan. 1961
The Invaders
Outlaw Mace Tilsey kidnaps the marshal's daughter and threatens to kill her unless he and his gang are allowed free reign of the town until the gold shipment they plan to steal arrives. Bronco, acting as temporary deputy, hopes to find the girl before the outlaws decide she is no longer needed.
20 Feb. 1961
The Buckbrier Trail
Bronco is hired by a sheriff to escort killer Walter Rurick to trial, as the sheriff rides with a decoy. On the way, Bronco and Rurick are stopped by the family of a woman Rurick killed, but an Army troop stops them from taking justice into their own hands. However, Bronco soon learns things are not at all as they seem to be.
13 Mar. 1961
Yankee Tornado
Bronco, working for a cattleman in supplying food for railroad workers, tangles with Teddy Roosevelt over the excess killing of game. When Bronco learns that the railroad has employed far less men than the number of buffalo killed, he comes to believe that Roosevelt is right, and that his employer, and the man he in turn is actually working for, may have ulterior motives for the excess slaughter.
3 Apr. 1961
Manitoba Manhunt
Bronco is deputized by a U.S. Marshal and sent with two other deputies to Canada to search for a man wanted for embezzlement. The man was Bronco's commanding officer during the war and Bronco is the only one of the deputies who could identify him. Unbeknownst to Bronco, however, is that the other two deputies are impostors who ambushed and killed the real ones.
24 Apr. 1961
Stage to the Sky
Citizens of the town of Paradise want to keep Billy Rawlins, a one-time gunman who has become a minister, from starting his church in the town, especially after $25,000 collected for the church disappeared. On top of this, Billy's brother Johnny, who has not reformed at all, hopes to get Billy to renounce the pulpit and head his outlaw gang again.
8 May 1961
Guns of the Lawless
Bronco finds that the two former co-owners of the Rockin' Chair ranch, Gil Groves and Petrie Munger, have split the ranch and allowed a feud to develop between them. Now Munger has hired a sadistic gunman, who beats Bronco and Groves' foreman and takes them into the desert to leave them to die.

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