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Season 2

22 Sep. 1959
Game at the Beacon Club
Bronco introduces a pretty young girl to a wealthy older man, not knowing that the girl is actually a con artist out to fleece the man and his friends of everything she can get. Bronco finds himself in the middle of the situation.
6 Oct. 1959
The Burning Springs
Bronco rides into a town and finds himself confronted by a man from his past who shoots him. While testifying at the court martial of the man who tried to kill him, Bronco finds himself reliving his experiences during the Civil War.
20 Oct. 1959
Bronco is hired to protect Frank Kelton by sticking with Dan Flood who is threatening to kill him, but when Kelton is killed, Bronco finds himself with no shortage of suspects - a whole string of people confess to killing him.
3 Nov. 1959
The Soft Answer
Cattlemen and sheep men are in dispute over grazing. Bronco doesn't want to get involved but has to step in before a range war breaks out, mainly because Billy the Kid wants to back the sheep men who refuse to use guns in the fight.
17 Nov. 1959
The Last Resort
Pursued by Marshall Gaffney for a robbery he did not commit, Bronco rides to the town of "Last Resort" - a hideout for outlaws on the Mexican border. There Bronco hopes to clear his name by finding the real robber who framed him.
1 Dec. 1959
The Devil's Spawn
Ambushed and shot by an escaped prisoner, Bronco is saved by a rancher, but finds himself drawn into the rancher's feud with a nearby family. Bronco is there to arrest the prisoner who is the brother of the rancher who helped him.
15 Dec. 1959
Flight from an Empire
Bronco rescues and hires a mother and son who are refugees from the fallen empire of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, but he soon discovers that bandits who believe the two know where $5 million in gold is buried are after them.
29 Dec. 1959
Night Train to Denver
Bronco accompanies a corpse for $25 by train to Denver. On the same train is a friend escorting $100,000 plus a pretty blonde. At the end of the trip he finds himself in jail for stealing the money and then forced to find it by two men.
12 Jan. 1960
Shadow of Jesse James
U.S. Deputy Marshal Bronco who knows Jesse James from the Civil War is given the task of finding him. Bronco tries to convince Cole Younger, a member of the infamous James gang, to turn over Jesse James, who is a heartless killer.
26 Jan. 1960
Bronco's undercover efforts to turn four teenage wanna-be outlaws he caught is interrupted when a violent gang of outlaws decides to rob the same gold shipment. When the sheriff is killed, the town threatens to lynch Bronco for it.
9 Feb. 1960
Volunteers from Aberdeen
Bronco is working undercover on a cattle drive as a Pinkerton man looking for a man. Bronco's lovesick friend is up on robbery and murder charges, of which he isn't guilty, and Bronco has to clear his name and unmask the real killer.
23 Feb. 1960
Every Man a Hero
Bronco, an Army Scout, arrives at Ft. Monument escorting the commander's wife not long after an Indian massacre has taken place leaving five enlisted men. He soon begins to suspect that the "survivors" aren't quite what they seem to be.
8 Mar. 1960
Death of an Outlaw
Bronco as ramrod for John Tunstall gets involved in a range war and is helped by outlaw Billy the Kid. However, after everything is settled, Billy still remains a wanted outlaw and is being pursued by bounty hunter Sheriff Pat Garrett.
22 Mar. 1960
The Human Equation
After a cholera outbreak, Bronco is finally able to convince an army officer to send the Osage Indians to a fertile reservation in Wyoming before his death from the disease. But a hostile new commander may torpedo his efforts.
5 Apr. 1960
Montana Passage
In order to find the outlaws who framed him for murder, Bronco fakes his own death and takes the identity of a colonist. He joins a steamboat of other settlers one of whom nearly exposes him until she realizes he might be innocent.
19 Apr. 1960
Legacy of Twisted Creek
Bronco's after a killer and intends to bring him back alive, but a band of renegade Apaches plans to kill his prisoner in order to foment an Indian uprising while several whites are hoping he fails to start a war with the Apaches.
3 May 1960
Tangled Trail
Bronco comes to the aid of the small rancher Joe Russo up against a brutal cattle baron to collect a debt owed Bronco. He winds up accused of murder when the cattle baron uses the herder's mentally unbalanced wife to get at him.
17 May 1960
La Rubia
Bronco riding shotgun on a stage when it is attacked by Apaches is wounded. He is forced into dangerous intrigue involving a Mexican bandit who rescues them, a treacherous blonde girl who is a passenger and a cache of hidden gold.
31 May 1960
Winter Kill
Marshal Sample and Bronco are escorting a prisoner to the county jail they rescued from a lynching, but their job may be hampered by a vengeful mother who has sworn to kill the prisoner. When Sample is killed, Bronco must take over.
14 Jun. 1960
End of a Rope
Deputy US Marshal Bronco chases an escaped prisoner from Montana to New Mexico. After a friend is murdered, He discovers a complicated scheme to protect outlaws on the run, and winds up sentenced to the gallows himself.

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