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15 Jan. 1960
Art Mooney hires Staurt Bailey to look into an old hotel he wants to buy in a small town named Switchburg in the Nevada desert. Stuart finds a hotel that has been boarded up and out of use for years and a town much the same. There are only a handful of residents left and his questions raise suspicions. And there's the matter of the mysterious light people see coming from the hotel at night.
15 Apr. 1960
Legend of Crystal Dart
Bailey is hired by Crystal Dart a famous entertainer who became famous in Paris after the war. He is to deliver papers to her soon-to-be ex-husband who has taken residence in her rundown ski lodge. She wants him out. Ken Dexter is helping Crystal write her autobiography and he tries to warn Bailey off. Bailey doesn't scare and he and Crystal along with Dexter drive into the mountains to serve the papers. Kurt, Dart's husband, is in a cast from a skiing accident and he is being cared for by Marie, a local nurse. Dexter's wife Janice also soon shows up and informs them ...
22 Apr. 1960
Stranger Than Fiction
Jeff is hired by a wealthy middle aged man who wants his missing young wife found.The client refuses to believe she has left him for a younger man but Jeff thinks otherwise.With Roscoe's help she is quickly spotted but before her husband can be contacted a new situation has developed-she is being held for ransom!
20 May 1960
Perfect Setup
Jeff goes to capture a thief sneaking back via a remote corner of the Islands. PI Jeff poses as a wandering gigolo, signing on as a guitar-strumming lounge act to attract lonely women to a struggling resort. Cricket Blake chirps along with him, but the new competition brings out the worst in a scheming philanderer and a torch-bearing local police chief.
27 May 1960
Man-eating cat stalks the Sierras, making Stu's inquiry about a friend's daughter a low priority with frazzled mountain residents. Stu's old buddy suspects his daughter is rebelling against his strict single-parenting by getting mixed-up with shady characters. A mild-mannered geology professor boarding at the buddy's house, packing heat on his wilderness sabbatical makes Stu wary too.
3 Jun. 1960
The Silent Caper
Stripper Jingle Bells, key witness in a mob trial, is kidnapped to keep her from testifying. Jeff spots her being held in an apartment, then identifies her when he finds one of her trademark "jingle bell" earrings on the sidewalk. Jeff pursues when the kidnapper moves her to a mountain ranch off Route 66.
16 Sep. 1960
Jeff sees enticing wanted robber Vetta Nygood, tails her to a remote mountain hideout, but her accomplices nab him. The ice-cold gang leader Hammett panics, so he ties & gags Jeff up in the abandoned house's attic. Then the 3 robbers flee after divvying up the loot, before the 4th thug, the menacing Deek arrives to claim his cut. Who gets to Jeff first: a chummy rattlesnake, the cops or the vengeful Deek ?
23 Sep. 1960
The Fanatics
Marcus Raymond hires Baily to accompany him on a sensitive diplomatic mission to Africa after there has been two attempts on his life.
7 Oct. 1960
The Office Caper
Just before Stu sings lead in a mob trial, a toy manufacturer moves into 77 Sunset Strip, with no furniture but lots of ammo and suspicious visitors, especially a sinister couple who rub everybody the wrong way. Roscoe knows the head of the assassins, who hires Roscoe to courier a secret toy design from San Diego.
14 Oct. 1960
The Wide-Screen Caper
Astrologer predicts murder will strike the same film fest again, once more claiming someone close to super-agent Shelly Blair. Bailey & Spencer have no trouble mobilizing all their young male ops to protect Shelly's 4 starlet clients (MM, Lotus Lee, Sprite Simpson, Helga Haller), while Roscoe draws an ex-silent film diva, and Suzanne shields an ego-maniacal French heartthrob.
21 Oct. 1960
The Negotiable Blonde
A duplicitous blonde swipes $500,000 from her employer/fiancé, after he hired Jeff Spencer to accompany her and a satchel of negotiable bonds from San Francisco to L.A. She gives Jeff the slip, along with another, much younger fiancé. When Jeff suspects she's fled to Acapulco, fiancé number II joins the chase.
28 Oct. 1960
The Laurel Canyon Caper
Crooner, who's finally cracked the big screen, is suspected of rubbing out scandal sheet publisher Ransome, for threatening to expose the singer's rap sheet. Bailey & Spencer's new gumshoe Rex Randolph sets out to nab the killer, to prove the golden throat's innocence. High on Rex's checklist of suspects is comic Chick Little, who may be another of Ransome's blackmail pigeons.
4 Nov. 1960
Double Trouble
Is Stu moonlighting as a Mafia hit man or could he just be an exact double for Sandy the Executioner? Kefauver's G-Men summon ex-CIA spook Stu Bailey inside the Beltway, to find out before New York's Silk Cipriano has his contract fulfilled on rival narcotics dealer California Baldy Mike Hannigan, sparking a bi-coastal gang war.
18 Nov. 1960
The Duncan Shrine
The funeral of a revered old Western star gets surreal when his huge statue is stolen. The embarrassed Hollywood cemetery hires Jeff Spencer to get the statue back, but gets way more they expect. Jeff's investigation uncovers sex, lies, blackmail, decaying nitrate film, and murder suspects galore.
2 Dec. 1960
The Antwerp Caper
Manet the magician schemes to pay off his gambling debts by reuniting his assistant with her wealthy parents, back in California. To verify that the beautiful young woman's really the daughter who disappeared in World War II Europe, the parents hire Stu Bailey to fly to Antwerp to investigate.
9 Dec. 1960
The Affairs of Adam Gallante
Newlywed Adam Gallante disappears, then someone keeps trying to kill his naive bride Alice. Bloodhounds Rex and Bailey find out that the meek-looking Gallante, a traveling women's clothing salesman, had paramours all over, including Sheila Storm, seer Karma Onyx, and Peaches Schultz.

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