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"I found a real-life story more terrifying than any fiction... this is it!" Alfred Hitchcock
The police were convinced... The witnesses were positive ...Yet he was... THE WRONG MAN
Somewhere...somewhere there must be the right man!
For the first time Alfred Hitchcock goes to real life for his thrills! It's all true and all suspense - - the all-round biggest Hitchcock hit ever to hit the screen ! Warner Bros. present HENRY FONDA, VERA MILES and the exciting city of New York in Alfred Hitchcock's [The Wrong Man]
Suspense Mounts Step By Step
Hitchcock's Finest
HITCHCOCK'S FIRST REAL-LIFE THRILLER! (original print ad - all caps)
Do you have a 'double'?
An innocent man has nothing to fear!
25 steps down into a subway and for the first time he doesn't come home that night.

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