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Harmless, Innocuous...and Rather Boring Too
mrb198018 September 2005
This teenage opus of a mom (Virginia Field) and her two high schoolers moving to a new town isn't very involving. The plot (what there is) meanders from Field's relationship with Douglas Kennedy, to the kids' adventures in high school, to the local gossip over the skeleton in Field's closet (which itself is pretty bland). Interesting slice-of-life regarding small-town high school life (completely different now) takes back seat to Field's supposedly dark secret. Even the final scene in which everything is resolved isn't too interesting; worth watching for a pre-Granny Irene Ryan and a few (sort of) decent songs.
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Poor Man's Peyton Place
cutterccbaxter30 June 2005
This is must viewing for fans of two of TV's most famous Grandma's. Ryan and Corby are fun to watch in their non-grandma parts. Rockabilly fans, however, won't find much "rock" or "billy" in Les Brown's band. They can sort of swing, but they don't come close to rockin'. Still, the music might be the movie's strongest asset for the plot is pretty weak, and in the end you know things will turn out swell for the Carter family.

The best unintentional gag through the film is Gary Vinson's character Jimmy Carter. Being that he and his sister are the new kids at school he is constantly introducing himself to the other students. "Hi, I'm Jimmy Carter."
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Rockabiliy Baby was quite an enjoyable Rock 'n' Roll/Big Band hybrid comedy
tavm26 March 2017
This was sort of a hybrid Rock 'n' Roll/Big Band sort of movie as many of the songs mention R'n'R and sound like they would be comfortable in the late '50s era though since the main bandleader is Les Brown and His Band of Renown, you also hear plenty of his BB sound as well. The two young women singing the "Rock" songs-Judy Busch and Marlene Willis-both sound good, wonder why they didn't become successful? There's also an amusing appearance of Irene Ryan-years before her turn as Granny on "The Beverly Hillbillies" and an interesting one of Ellen Corby-years before becoming Grandma Walton on "The Waltons". I should also mention that she also previously appeared in my favorite movie-It's a Wonderful Life-as one of the people Jimmy Stewart encountered during the run-on-the-bank sequence. For the most part, with quite some humorous scenes, I enjoyed Rockabilly Baby.
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