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Mill Creek 50 Movie Packs Discount Code And Giveaway

If you’ve hunted around for movie bargains, you’ve probably seen some of Mill Creek Entertainment’s 50-Movie Packs on DVD. Apart from other great releases by Mill Creek, these packs are phenomenal boons to cinephiles looking to collect older titles.

There are three new packs available, and I want to not only let you in on a discount code, but I have one of the packs available for you to win.

I know a lot of people may be quick to overlook these packs, and not every movie included stands out as a major value, but there are some great titles in each of them, and fans of the genres will be pleasantly surprised by what they get out of the deal. I have to admit that there is something about seeing a 50-movie pack, especially when it doesn’t cost a couple of hundred dollars, or more,
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Sidney Poitier Rarity "The Mark Of The Hawk" Screening At BFI

Sidney Poitier Rarity
Just our luck it's not being screened here, but for our readers in the U.K., there's going to be a very rare screening of the very rarely seen, early Sidney Poitier movie The Mark of the Hawk at the British Film Institute, located at the Southbank Centre in London, on Saturday March 17th at 2Pm (or 14:00 as they say over there). In the 1957 Universal film which co-stars Eartha Kitt, Poitier plays a "rising African nationalist leader, who struggles for his people's freedom in the face of bloodthirsty colonials, disorganized Africans and a hot-headed brother. Sponsored by the Presbyterian Church, its preachiness and opposition to 'Godless communism' fails to conceal the timeliness of its message." Yeah I know... Sounds pretty intriguing doesn't it? How obscure is this film? Even I haven't even seen it! That's how obscure it is. Hopefully one day it'll turn up on Turner Classic Movies cable channel.
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