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Curse of the droopy drawers

Author: evilskip from In an ancient pyramid
28 March 2001

In 1957 3 Aztec Mummy movies were filmed almost back to back to back.They were The Aztec Mummy, Curse Of The Aztec Mummy and Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy.The 1st one was bought by Jerry Warren and butchered horribly for US release as Attack Of The Mayan Mummy.K Gordon Murray bought the last two for US release.

A few minutes of The Aztec Mummy shows up in Curse Of The Aztec Mummy.Dr Krupp aka The Bat has been arrested.Dr Almada,Flor and his assistant Pincate feel safe.However a masked crimefighter in droopy drawers and a cape calling himself The Angel shows up to warn Dr Alamada that nobody is safe from The Bat.Sure enough when The Bat is being transported to prison his gang attacks.The Angel shows up and promptly gets his arse kicked.The Bat escapes.

Dr Krupp plots to steal the Aztec breastplate & bracelet from the tomb of Popoca.He gives us a lengthy flashback from The Aztec Mummy.Flor (Dr Almada's fiance) was hypnotized to reveal a past life.She was a hand maiden to one of the Aztec Gods.But she & Popoca did the wild thing and they were sentenced to death.

So Krupp kidnaps Flora and the doctor.The Angel shows up and once again gets his arse kicked.He and the doctor are prisoners as Krupp, his men and Flora search for the Aztec loot.They find Popoca and his is awfully sore at being roused.The gang escapes with the booty.

When they get back to the Bat's hideout yet another fight ensues.Guess what?The Angel gets his arse kicked again.He is unmasked to reveal his true identity ending his crimefighting days.Good thing too unless he liked getting beaten up every twenty minutes.

Krupp forces Almada to translate the symbols on the breastplate that leads to the treasure.But Popoca shows up ready to kill everybody in sight.

This is good for a laugh as it tries to inject a Santo like crimefighter into the Mummy sub genre.The Mummy isn't on screen much at all which is a sore point with me.However it is a bit of brainless fun.

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Berserk Mexican Mayhem! We DARE you to make sense of it !

Author: newportbosco from Canada
7 January 2007

Giving this film a 9 is an internal rating. We are talking Mexican mummy/ masked super hero/ science fiction/supernatural movies. And this one is nearly perfect. First of all, it's a fast 65 minutes. Second, you have that nasty ol' turkey, Dr. Krupp from THE AZTEC MUMMY coming back, and STILL after that doggone breastplate. Ramon Gay, Rosita Arenas and lots of stock footage from AZTEC MUMMY have also returned, with a great edit job of the 'Past Lives Dance Sequence' from the first film. But this film ALSO features the FIRST Mexican masked superhero, complete with mandatory Masked Superhero Mini-mobile/Shriner Car. Santo was three years away. Neutron four. Blue Demon eight. THE ANGEL was there first in 1957, jumping and leaping and getting beat up, complete with the standard equipment deep resonant voice and a wrist radio to get him out of trouble. THIS is history. Don't look for logic or even continuity with the first film. The thing is on such a headlong rush, some people thought it HAD to be edited down from a 12 part serial, like the NOSTRADAMUS films were. It wasn't, by the way, just filmed in the same year, back to back with the first. Now available in THE AZTEC MUMMY COLLECTION from BCI and cleaned up, with the original Spanish soundtrack on one side, the K Gordon Murray re dub on the other...HAVEN'T you always wondered what they were REALLY saying?? Answer: in most cases, it's just as surreal.

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Superb beans-and-cheese shocker

Author: Andrew Leavold ( from Brisbane, Australia
1 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Curse Of The Aztec Mummy is the second of a three-film series filmed back-to-back by cheapskate production company Calderon in 1957. Exploiting the Aztec Mummy angle is a cost-effective attempt at creating a homegrown monster, and it's certainly a unique re-imagining of the classic Egyptian model – tatty coat, Keith Richards hair, and the oddest dubbing job by K. Gordon Murray that makes it sound like a hungry wino. Or, for that matter, Keith Richards on a North American tour.

Curse… begins where the first Aztec Mummy finishes: the eeeeevil Dr Krupp (also known as "The Bat") is busted out of police custody by his evil henchmen, and plans to kidnap the good Dr Almada and his fiancée Flora. In a lengthy flashback, Krupp relates the first film's integral plot point in which a hypnotized Flora, an Aztec princess in a previous life, relates the whereabouts of the Aztec treasure. She was put to death, while her treacherous lover, an Aztec warrior named Popoca, was cursed to eternal life while being buried alive. Almada wants Flora to prove his theories on reincarnation; Krupp, with his eeeeevil beer-gut and Van Dyke beard, just wants the cash.

Enter The Angel, a masked wresting champion of justice, who comes to Almada's aid, but ends up hanging by a light bulb over a pit of rattle snakes. Meanwhile "The Bat" and the bound Flora are chased around an Aztec pyramid by the resurrected Mummy of Popoca, who after countless centuries is still protective of his ex-girlfriend… …But of course it's not the final word from the eeeeevil Dr Krupp. Virtually the entire cast and crew return to do it all again in the third film Robot vs The Aztec Mummy, released in mid-1958. All three black and white movies clock in at just over an hour, and with their episodic, heavy padding, quasi-cliffhanger structure and stagy melodrama filled with cardboard cutout gangsters and mad scientists, are reminiscent of the old American serials of the 30s and 40s. What you didn't see north of the border is a masked wrestler driving up to a crime scene in a sports car. And therein lies their charm.

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A mummy holds secrets of the future.

Author: Michael O'Keefe from Muskogee OK
20 January 2002

Released in the U.S. as CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY in 1957, this movie seems to be made cheap and in a hurry. Hurry for it to be over is not a good compliment for a movie that only runs 65 minutes. When horror is done badly it becomes comedy. The evil Dr. Krupp(Luis A. Castaneda) also known as the desperate criminal The Bat continues his search for the breast plate and bracelet of an Ancient Aztec mummy. Dr. Almada (Ramon Gay) must protect his fiance Flor(Rosa Arenas)for she is a reincarnate of an ancient handmaiden that knows the location of the coveted treasure. Flor is kidnapped by the Bat's gang of hoodlums and coming to the rescue is a hooded, capped and haphazard fighter of crime The Angel(Crox Alvardo), who gets more ass whippings than a red headed step-child. So much for a hero. So much for horror that turns into laughable mystery. Stick to ice cold Mexican beer, a bowl of salsa and a dozen beef taquitos!

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Aztec Mummy

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
26 February 2008

Maldicion de la Momia Azteca, La (1957)

** (out of 4)

Corny sequel has The Bat escaping police custody and kidnapping the scientist and his girlfriend (both from the first film). This time around there's also an overweight, masked wrestler named The Angel who tries to help matters and of course there's the aztec mummy who is nice enough to stop by for about five minutes. While the first film was a tad bit more serious in tone, this one here is pure camp from start to finish and manages to get quite a few unintentional laughs. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off at The Angel who has to be one of the dumbest "heroes" in film history. His goal is to protect the scientist and his family but he gets them in more trouble than anything else. The scene where The Angel gets beat up by The Bat's men is priceless. This film only runs 63-minutes but I still can't figure out why they only use the mummy for five minutes. Oh well.

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CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY (Rafael Portillo, 1957) **

Author: MARIO GAUCI ( from Naxxar, Malta
25 June 2007

This is an inferior first sequel to THE AZTEC MUMMY (1957), eschewing much of the atmosphere and metaphysics of the original for comic-strip antics and cliffhanger situations involving a masked avenger (whose identity is even more incredible than the revelation of the villain at the end of THE AZTEC MUMMY) and a private snake pit! Despite the title, the appearance of the mummy itself is almost an afterthought – since it's relegated only to the climax. Though barely over an hour in length, the film features extensive flashback footage from its predecessor and, similar to it, the scenes involving the mummy are extremely dark – the lighting during the finale changes drastically from one shot to the other – perhaps so as to conceal the rather poor make-up job! The comedy relief isn't very pronounced this time around (as it turns out, for plot purposes) – while the villain (incidentally, the scene depicting his escape from the clutches of the police at the beginning of the film utilizes footage from a gun battle featured in the first entry in the series!) here completely forsakes his "Bat" persona on his way to becoming the mad scientist in the next instalment...

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Aztec Mummy

Author: Spuzzlightyear from Vancouver
22 March 2012

Totally anti-climatic movie here featuring an escaped convict wanting buried treasure, but has to rely on a scientist who solely knows where the treasures are located, a professor who can decipher the hieroglyphics on a map for the exact location. But never fear! El Santo, caped, masked wrestler, is here to save the day! Or is he? He can barely fight his way out of a parking lot, let alone defeat the bad guys. Dreadful on so many levels, with an ending that's just so anti-climatic (El Santo is totally reduced to a non-character) that features, oh that's right, a mummy, you'll be scratching your head and wondering what the heck you just saw.

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Okay but still slow visit with the Aztec Mummy (it has tons of footage from the first film)

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
22 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Second of the three Aztec mummy films picks up where the first film left off with The Bat, now exposed as Dr Krupp still going after the hidden Aztec treasure. Again using past life regression he tries to find the hiding spot and eventually runs up against the mummy. There is a great deal of flashback material in this film from the first movie with the result that even at an hour the film feels padded. (Actually had I not just seen the first film it wouldn't have been bad). This time out the evil doctor also has to contend with a masked wrestler named the Angel. Why he's involved never really makes sense other than the person who is really Angel wants his identity hidden. Its not a horrible movie, but it is a slow one. Its also the sort of thing that most people point to as the creakiness of Mexican horror films. Actually its the creakiness of the ones that got a great deal of play on American TV. As with the first film the mummy only really shows up in the final minutes (though there are some brief flashback footage) so the inclusion of the mummy is more a come on than a real statement. And despite the apparent demise of Dr Krupp he's back in the third film Robot VS The Aztec Mummy. Better than the first film, as to whether you see the film is up to you.

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Another great Trash!!

Author: Benedito Dias Rodrigues from Brazil
14 May 2017

I love this kind of movie that weren't available in Brazil but l found an original box from USA with subtitles em English to my Trash's Collection. This is a second movie this fabulous trilogy about Aztec Mummy pursued by Dr. Krupp as Bat (Murciélago) who wants Aztec Treasure,among the characters has Angel an masquerade hero like Santo that help Dr. Almada and your beauty fiancée Flor....the plot is predicable but the movie is really funny and enjoyable too for trash's lovers only!!

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Exactly what you would expect from a 60 year old Mexican movie.

Author: FunBagsTheBoyToy from Butt Town
26 April 2017

This movie has some terrible acting and dialogue.They say some completely ridiculous things but I won't waste time repeating them. This is the story of a rich scientist who has a small daughter,no wife and a young boy who we eventually learn is his brother.An evil scientist kidnaps his girlfriend and daughter while the young boy and some gay guy get all weird. Plus there's a wrestler named Angel.Halfway through it becomes "The" Angel. There's a ton of silly fights.A cop gets shot and gently sets his gun down before he dies.A bad guy bumps into some bottles that don't break and starts screaming like it's killing him.There's plenty of silliness. Did I mention there's some stuff about a mummy too? At barely over an hour,this movie is worth your time.

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