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  • Chicago Tribune, Friday, July 20, 1956, pt. 2, p. 6, c. 1:


    by Hedda Hopper

    Tony Perkins should be a big star within the year. He's young, good looking, charming, one of the most natural young actors we've come upon. He and Jimmy Dean were great friends in New York, used to have musical evenings together. Tony played the piano while Jimmy beat the drums to popular records. Tony also sings. Being new to movies, he was much amused at the shoulders of his shirts being padded for "The Jim Piersall Story." Tony was playing a scene with another newcomer, Norma Moore, when I was on the set. She's from TV and New York's Neighborhood Playhouse, and this is her first film. These two are delightful together and both should go far.



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