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Alternate Versions

In the original japanese version but edited out for the US release, during the final battle there is a brief scene with a second Mogera (the giant robot). Also, the ending is slightly different.
Scenes deleted from the American version:
  • During the final assault on the Mysterian Dome, a second Mogera tunnels up beneath a Markolite cannon causeing the weapon to crash down on the mecha, takeing out both machines.

  • When the Mysterians summon up a tidal wave, a shot of the wave swamping another Markolite cannon is excised. This leaves only one Markolite remaining on the battlefeild. The American version gives the impression that there are two.

  • After the Mysterians are defeated there is brief shot of retreating saucers returning to the satelite station.

  • The final shot in the film is of the American satelite in orbit above the earth. In the distance we can see the Mysterian satelite station recedeing into deep space.

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