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The Orville Review: Seth MacFarlane's Somber Sci-Fi Dud Crashes and Burns

The Orville Review: Seth MacFarlane's Somber Sci-Fi Dud Crashes and Burns
Consider this a red alert to TV fans everywhere: Are you expecting Seth MacFarlane’s new Fox series The Orville to be a fun Star Trek parody packed with wall-to-wall jokes? Two words of advice: Abandon ship.

Despite what Fox’s official site claims, The Orville — premiering this Sunday at 8/7c — is not a “hilarious comedy.” It’s not even a comedy. Yes, there are a few Family Guy-esque punchlines scattered throughout, but as bafflingly as this sounds, The Orville is mostly a straightforward drama… and not a very good one, at that. Riddled with sci-fi clichés and paralyzed by a grim self-importance,
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'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Review: Abandon Ship!

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Review: Abandon Ship!
Is this really only the fifth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise? It feels like the 50th – bloated, boring, repetitive, draining. (Let me count the ways.) Except for series newcomer Javier Bardem, who brings a dollop of fresh mischief to this paycheck party, Dead Men Tell No Tales has all the flavor of a rotting leftovers.

The story is the same rehash it was the last three times. Back in 2003, Johnny Depp delighted us and the Academy (he nabbed an Oscar nomination, remember) as Captain Jack Sparrow,
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Political terror scenarios were a bit simpler in the 1950s, and movies about them fairly rare. Frank Sinatra gives a strong performance as the villain John Baron, in a tense tale of presidential assassination by high-powered rifle. Suddenly Blu-ray The Film Detective 1954 / B&W / 1.75 widescreen / 75 min. / Street Date October 25, 2016 / 14.99 Starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, Nancy Gates, Willis Bouchey, Cinematography Charles G. Clarke Art Direction Frank Sylos Film Editor John F. Schreyer Original Music David Raksin Written by Richard Sale Produced by Robert Bassler Directed by Lewis Allen

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Some disc companies do well by refurbishing movies in the Public Domain, using various methods to bring what were once bargain-bin eyesores nearer the level of releases made from prime source material in studio vaults. As I've reported with efforts by HD Cinema Classics and Vci, the results vary dramatically -- did the company do a professional job,
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Knife Party Tease Fans With Cryptic Video

In the two years following the release of Knife Party‘s debut full length studio effort Abandon Ship, the Australian electro duo have been relatively quiet on the release front. Fans were treated to the four track Trigger Warning Ep late last year, while Hardwell also teased his long awaited collaboration with the duo, but little else has surfaced aside from that. Now, however, following a cryptic social media post, it appears the hard hitting production moniker of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen is gearing up for something new.

Taking to Facebook, Knife Party shared a mysterious video that has us as confused as we are excited. The clip is comprised of just a few seconds of footage with TV static and the sound of guitar amp feedback, with the words “Coming Soon” serving as the true focal point.

We’re pretty much in the dark in terms of exactly
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Knife Party – Trigger Warning Review

Back in 2011, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen stole our hearts with Knife Party‘s first Ep, 100% No Modern Talking. Aggressive, horror-stricken dubstep was what the people wanted, and that’s exactly what they delivered. Having played a pivotal role in dance music as members of both Pendulum and Knife Party, these two producers have nailed an iconic sound. Their newest Ep, Trigger Warning, is a valiant attempt to return to their roots, but falls a bit short, and has left us wondering what took so long.

Continuing with their satire on all of Edm, the Ep opens up with “Plur Police,” a big room tune with belching lines of irony. It’s got all the requisite vocal samples and raucous behavior of a Knife Party production, centering around poking fun at Edm’s current state of affairs. But remember, Knife Party dropped a little track called “Lrad” which sparked the entire craze,
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Jauz’ New Knife Party Remix Has Bass Wobbles For Days

It looks as though a little role reversal is going on between Jauz and Knife Party these days. It wasn’t all that long ago that Knife party revealed they would be adopting some of the ever-popular bass house sound that has become the former artist’s calling card, but it looks like he’s returned the favor by remixing their upcoming release, “Plur Police,” into a dubstep banger of bone-shaking magnitude.

In a move of classic misdirection, Knife Party addressed their most recent in a series of album release delays by uploading a preview of the remix. While we’re certainly used to hearing such expertly tweaked bass wobbles in Jauz’ other productions, many of the effects and other elements sound like something you might expect from the likes of Excision or Borgore. Perhaps Skrillex rubbed off on him when the two collaborated on “Squad Out” a couple months ago?
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Knife Party Address Delay Of Impending Ep Release, Sort Of

Australian electro house duo Knife Party are behind schedule on their upcoming Ep – which, at this point, doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Last year’s Abandon Ship was famously delayed by two weeks, and while we don’t have an exact time frame for Trigger Warning, it’s looking like it’ll be around the same if not longer.

Knife Party’s Rob Swire addressed the delays with the following tweets:

Working on some remixes for the first time in a while. Also, Ep out shortly!

Rob Swire (@rob_swire) September 22, 2015

I think part of the problem was: even though Plur Police is a parody, it still had to be finished and mixed — Rob Swire (@rob_swire) September 15, 2015

Every time I heard it, my brain went “ugh get fucked”. But I had to endure…for the good of mankind.

Rob Swire (@rob_swire) September 15, 2015

From now on: no more sarcastic tunes.
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Imperial sexuality, murder droids, and fan rage: 'Star Wars Aftermath' with Chuck Wendig

  • Hitfix
Imperial sexuality, murder droids, and fan rage: 'Star Wars Aftermath' with Chuck Wendig
There are three decades between the events of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” With a gap that wide, it makes sense Disney and Lucasfilm are filling it in with brand-new lore. All of it within the same continuity, all of it sanctioned, and all of it interconnecting seamlessly. One of those new pieces of the puzzle is “Aftermath” by Chuck Wendig. The novel is set immediately after the second Death Star explodes like a deadly piñata. Taking out the head of a hydra like the Empire doesn’t kill the beast, but merely drives it underground. Recently I sat down with Wendig to discuss what it’s like to be part of this brave new world of “Star Wars” and how his novel fits into the greater narrative. Hitfix Harpy: At what point did LucasBooks approach you to write for them? Chuck Wendig
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Knife Party’s New Ep Gets Title And Approximate Release Date

It’s hard not to love Knife Party, and the news of their upcoming Ep has sent the Edm community into a frenzy in recent weeks. You might remember when they announced it last month, but only now have they revealed a title and date range for the release.

Our new Ep is titled “Trigger Warning”. It will be out in the next 6-8 weeks!

— Knife Party (@knifepartyinc) July 24, 2015

While last year’s Abandon Ship featured an eclectic range of material for what the typically electro house-categorized outfit puts out, Trigger Warning may well expand the parameters further. A preview uploaded by member Rob Swire hinted that at least one bass house track might find its way onto the effort, which will apparently be released sometime in August or September.

Tell us, are you as eager as we are to listen to more of Trigger Warning by Knife Party? Sound off below!
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Knife Party – Abandon Ship Review

Out of the hiatus of the Australian drum and bass band, Pendulum, rise vocalist Rob Swire and guitarist Gareth McGrillen’s Knife Party. Their work with Pendulum is heavily influenced by electronica, but it draws from the deep well of rock music as well. With Knife Party, the duo have gone full-edm mode on us.

Leaked on iTunes suddenly last week (whether accidentally or purposefully we don’t know), Abandon Ship serves as their debut studio album and comes to us a month shy of their three month anniversary as a group. But it’s not like they’ve been sitting politely in a corner all this time waiting for their turn. Each year since their formation, Knife Party has added a new Ep to their ever-increasing discography, with this latest offering easily taking the cake for being the most fleshed-out creation in the collection. Some dents materialize on the duo’s flashy exterior,
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Knife Party Will Now Abandon Ship In November

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting Abandon Ship, the upcoming album from Knife Party, we’ve got some bad news. The Australian duo has announced today that the disc is now delayed from its initial end of October release date to November 10th. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s definitely a bit disappointing for those who have been looking forward to hearing new music from Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

Thankfully, Knife Party did issue a statement apologizing to fans and explaining why they have to wait a bit longer now. It seems that the guys just needed some more time to polish off the tracks, which is perfectly fine by us. It’s not a big delay at all and if it means that we’re going to be getting more great Knife Party music, then I’m totally okay with it.

Check out
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Begin Again With This Knife Party Music Video

Knife Party have been pretty busy lately building hype for their upcoming album Abandon Ship, which sets sail on October 27th. They’ve already released a few tracks from it and today, we have a music video for one of them.

The Pendulum-esque song, Begin Again, is actually my favorite of what we’ve heard so far from the new disc, so I’m pleased to see that it’s receiving a visual accompaniment. A futuristic video that suits the music well, I’m definitely digging what I see here.

Unfortunately, the song is being criticized heavily, with fans calling it too light and melodic for a Knife Party track. While that may be the case, I absolutely love it and am pleased to see them supporting it with a music video.

Check out the visuals for Begin Again below and let us know if you think the song strays
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New Knife Party Single, Begin Again, Leaks Onto The Web

With Abandon Ship, the highly anticipated upcoming album from DJ duo Knife Party, drawing nearer, we’re starting to hear more and more new music from it. The disc’s first single, Resistance, found its way onto the web not too long ago, and today, another new track, titled Begin Again, has surfaced as well.

A strong departure from the typical sound that we’re used to hearing from Rob and Gareth, Begin Again is a vocal-heavy (thanks to Rob) and more melodic song that sounds more in line with something that we’d expect to get from Pendulum. That’s not a bad thing, though. Not at all. In fact, I’m digging this track a lot more than Resistance and am hopeful that most of the album follows suit with Begin Again, rather than the bass-heavy first single.

Listen to Begin Again below and let us know what
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Knife Party Leaks First Single From New Album

Not too long ago, we told you that Knife Party would be releasing the first single from their upcoming album, Abandon Ship, towards the end of August. True to their word, the DJ duo has “leaked” Resistance, an intense and edgy track that should definitely please fans who have been eagerly awaiting new music from Rob and Gareth.

For fucks sake…there was so much rain today, the studio must have sprung a leak! pic.twitter.com/syEvKzbtO9

— Knife Party (@knifepartyinc) August 25, 2014

Abandon Ship hits on October 27th. While you wait patiently for it, check out the latest from Knife Party below and leave your thoughts on Resistance in the comments section.

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Knife Party To Release First Single From New Album For Free At End Of August

Knife Party is getting ready to release their upcoming album Abandon Ship, and on August 25th, fans will get a sneak peak at what the duo has in store for us. Late last night, Rob Swire Tweeted that the first single, Resistance, would make its way onto the web at the end of the month. And the best part is, is that it will be free. He also mentioned that the full album would “follow shortly after.”

First single from the album is titled “Resistance”. It will be released for free (!) Mon 25th August and the album will follow shortly after

— Knife Party (@knifepartyinc) August 14, 2014

Of course, more Knife Party can only be a good thing, and with their upcoming album as highly anticipated as it is, I’m sure that fans will be extremely eager to hear what the duo has in store for us once they drop Resistance.
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A Good Day to Die Hard 'Big Ole Bird' Clip

A Good Day to Die Hard 'Big Ole Bird' Clip
Seven days from now, the 20th Century Fox action sequel A Good Day to Die Hard will explode into theaters nationwide, giving fans their much needed dose of non-stop action and witty one-liners they have come to expect from Bruce Willis' John McClane. The studio has debuted a new clip featuring John and his son Jack (Jai Courtney) trying to escape the onslaught of gunfire from a helicopter. We also have two more TV spots, in case you need even more footage to satiate your appetite for action.

A Good Day To Die Hard - Big Ole Bird

A Good Day To Die Hard - TV Spot Me and My Boy

A Good Day To Die Hard - TV Spot Hard to Kill

A Good Day to Die Hard comes to theaters February 14th, 2013 and stars Bruce Willis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jai Courtney, Yuliya Snigir, Patrick Stewart, Megalyn Echikunwoke,
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Tyrone Power V: Sexual Orientation Rumors

Mai Zetterling, Tyrone Power. Two two co-starred in the 1957 drama Seven Waves Away / Abandon Ship. Tyrone Power IV: Bisexuality, Cesar Romero Rumors [Right: Tyrone Power in Jesse James.] The other thing that cracks me up — and I’ve done a study of this — if someone is outed as gay in a book, the next tell-all that comes out lists that person as someone’s gay lover, whereas in previous books, that liaison was never mentioned. A great example is Marlon Brando. A book comes out about him and now he has slept with absolutely every single man who ever walked the earth. Absolutely no discretion on Marlon’s part — if an author said someone was gay, Marlon got into bed with [...]
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