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7 Jan. 1959
The Kitty Angel Story
Kitty Angel finds herself not welcome on the wagon train due to her past. When Flint returns to the train toting a sick Indian baby, she has everyone's prejudices to deal with as well as this life threatening illness.
14 Jan. 1959
The Flint McCullough Story
Flint, in love with a Mormon girl he can't marry, joins the confederate army. When he finds out that he won't be joining any battles and what their real purpose is, it may be too late for him and the girl he loves.
21 Jan. 1959
The Hunter Malloy Story
Hunter Malloy and partner get jobs as drivers on the wagon train to rob their boss. Striking gold instead while stopping to repair their wagons, the fever is high as some stop to strike it rich and uncover more than just a few nuggets.
28 Jan. 1959
The Ben Courtney Story
The sheriff of Bitter Springs feels he has lots of reasons to hate. When settlers from the south want to live there, he tries to take a black child he says they are just using for free labor but his reasons go much deeper than that.
4 Feb. 1959
The Ella Lindstrom Story
Ella Lindstrom loses her husband on the wagon train ride west from Boston. With her seven children she decides to stay the course against the wishes of Major Adams. It gets more complicated when she thinks she is expecting number eight.
11 Feb. 1959
The Last Man
Scouting for a better pass, Flint finds a mountain man, hungry and half out of his mind. With no memory, his strange behavior may endanger the entire wagon train especially when everyone feels they know who he is.
18 Feb. 1959
The Old Man Charvanaugh Story
Flint escorts a wagon, leaving the train, to their new home. When they meet an old man with a wagon load of uncured buffalo skins he's trying to sell, they invite him along as he appears friendly enough. But Flint feels he's too friendly.
25 Feb. 1959
The Annie Griffith Story
Flint, seeking safe passage through the mountains, is shot and losing consciousness is dragged to a cabin. Nursed back to health, his savior finds the man who shot him was her husband and Flint had to kill him or be killed.
4 Mar. 1959
The Jasper Cato Story
Wanting a safe escort through Indian country, a stranger rides upon the wagon train. Telling the major his reasons for being there, the truth is soon uncovered and it causes two men to come to change their lifelong habits.
11 Mar. 1959
The Vivian Carter Story
Getting set to leave the wagon train, Vivian Carter finds out a friend she knows from the train hoped for more than that. Heading to a new life and her first marriage, she's given some options and even at her age has its surprises.
18 Mar. 1959
The Conchita Vasquez Story
Suspecting a hurt girl he finds on the trail is part of a group of bandits, Flint cautiously helps her but soon learns she is all he suspects until her guardian is killed and Flint becomes her only protection.
25 Mar. 1959
The Sister Rita Story
Leaving the safety of their village, a group of nuns set out to help those Indians in need at a mission. Now Flint must try to help them fight some Ute Indians who don't seem to know the nuns are just there to help them.
1 Apr. 1959
The Matthew Lowry Story
Matthew Lowry seems timid to everyone especially a bully on the wagon train. Riding upon some cholera sick wagons in a pass, they find out who he really is and why he has been acting this way.
8 Apr. 1959
The Swift Cloud Story
During an Indian attack on the wagon train, Major Adams spares the life of Swift Cloud, crippled son of the Indian Chief. Adams is shocked to learn that Swift Cloud's condition is the result of a vicious attack by a half-breed. The chief sends his son with the wagon train to go see a city doctor who might be able to cure him.
15 Apr. 1959
The Vincent Eaglewood Story
An educated man from the East tags alongside the wagon train. When he offers to teach school to pay his passage, all goes well until he is kicked off the train and the kids go looking for him - and they are near an Indian camp.
22 Apr. 1959
The Clara Duncan Story
Clara Duncan joins the train in a search for her artist fiance. But finding him could lead to trouble, as one of his missing paintings depicting a heinous crime may implicate some of the locals.
29 Apr. 1959
The Duke Le May Story
Duke Le May, an escaped convict, joins the wagon train under an assumed name. When a deputy shows up to arrest him and is killed, Flint is asked to escort him to the nearest fort for trial but he does all he can to prolong that journey.
6 May 1959
The Kate Parker Story
The wagon train pushes ahead when one of the passengers has an accident. With only a wagon between two couples, one person decides to leave with money including some gold coins. They have an accident and the storm's only getting worse.
13 May 1959
The Steve Campden Story
Flint must find a way to get the wagon train around a snow covered pass. On a scouting trek, he meets a father and son who are willing to help him but they want to hike up the mountain. The adventure ahead has surprises for them all.
20 May 1959
Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
When a big snow halts the train, several of the men disappear mysteriously with no trace of them to be found. After Flint, Major Adams, and Hawks go missing, it's up to Chuck Wooster to lead the train to safety.
27 May 1959
The Jose Maria Moran Story
The Major and party find a Pawnee Indian strung up and left to die. Back at the wagon train they find he is not who he appears to be. The mystery deepens as the Shoshonees, who hung him there, are still after him and getting closer.
3 Jun. 1959
The Andrew Hale Story
The Major finds an old man in the desert and takes him to the wagon train. He doesn't remember his name but when he's recognized by one of the other passengers, he remembers not just his name but the faith he thought he lost as well.
10 Jun. 1959
The Rodney Lawrence Story
After his parents are killed by whites, a boy is raised by a lone Indian. Years later when the wagon train stops nearby, the Indian tells the young man to join his people. But his previous experience and with the train make him hesitate.
17 Jun. 1959
The Steele Family Story
Nearing the end of their trip, a mother with four beautiful daughters, all of marrying age and a wagon train full of men who are either the same or wanting to be and the Major is not off limits either.
24 Jun. 1959
The Jenny Tannen Story
A young girl is injured while on the way to San Fransico to find her famous mother who abandoned her as a baby. The crew helps her with her pending blindness and find her mother who has her own problem unknown to her daughter.
30 Sep. 1959
The Stagecoach Story
The men are returning to St. Louis by stagecoach except for Flint - until he becomes the driver to help a friend. They are forced to take a detour to Mexico by other passengers - one of whom denies knowing Flint who is in love with her.
7 Oct. 1959
The Greenhorn Story
At the beginning of any wagon train trip, the challenges faced by everyone turns a greenhorn into a seasoned veteran, even if those may mean death of those they love or some other loss.
14 Oct. 1959
The C.L. Harding Story
A reporter has joined the wagon train. When the Major finds out he is a she, he finds his hands full especially when her looks and curiosity jeopardize everyone's safety and their right to vote.
21 Oct. 1959
The Estaban Zamora Story
Flint find a young man bleeding to death and a knife nearby. He takes the body to sheriff who identifies the man as the youngest Zamora brother. His father is on the train from Spain. He feels duty bound to kill the murderer.
28 Oct. 1959
The Elizabeth McQueeny Story
Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the West. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth to all shows itself before that can happen.
4 Nov. 1959
The Martha Barham Story
Flint and a longtime Sioux Indian friend reunite but trouble is brewing as the Cheyenne are on the warpath and in their way is Fort Hastings, an old flame of his and her new Army Captain fiancé.
11 Nov. 1959
The Cappy Darrin Story
Old salt Cappy Darrin is on the train with his orphaned grandson Tuck. But Cappy's daughter granted custody of Tuck to his uncle, and as their parting nears Cappy finds he is reluctant to let Tuck go.
18 Nov. 1959
The Felizia Kingdom Story
Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.
25 Nov. 1959
The Jess MacAbee Story
Flint, scouting ahead of the wagon train, is in search of fresh meat. With prospects none too good he comes upon a hidden paradise, green and lush and offering far more than he expected especially for a single man.
2 Dec. 1959
The Danny Benedict Story
He says his name is Tom Smith but a young man Major Adams meets on the trail refuses to join the wagon train and won't say why. When he does find out he meets an old friend and why the boy is so tortured.
16 Dec. 1959
The Vittorio Bottecelli Story
The King orders his womanizing nephew to San Francisco. He joins the wagon train but causes the Major problems as the husbands are complaining but he may have lost his heart to someone who understands.
23 Dec. 1959
The St. Nicholas Story
Almost Christmas eve, the wagon train deals with a happy time, the perils that go with hostile Indians and a little lost boy who may have already been captured by those same hostiles.
30 Dec. 1959
The Ruth Marshall Story
Flint goes to look for a white woman lost in a battle with the Sioux eleven years earlier. A Sioux brave wounds Flint followed by Flint shooting the brave. A white woman who doesn't speak and lives with four wolves finds and treats Flint.

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