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Season 3

30 Sep. 1959
The Stagecoach Story
The men are returning to St. Louis by stagecoach except for Flint - until he becomes the driver to help a friend. They are forced to take a detour to Mexico by other passengers - one of whom denies knowing Flint who is in love with her.
7 Oct. 1959
The Greenhorn Story
At the beginning of any wagon train trip, the challenges faced by everyone turns a greenhorn into a seasoned veteran, even if those may mean death of those they love or some other loss.
14 Oct. 1959
The C.L. Harding Story
A reporter has joined the wagon train. When the Major finds out he is a she, he finds his hands full especially when her looks and curiosity jeopardize everyone's safety and their right to vote.
21 Oct. 1959
The Estaban Zamora Story
Flint find a young man bleeding to death and a knife nearby. He takes the body to sheriff who identifies the man as the youngest Zamora brother. His father is on the train from Spain. He feels duty bound to kill the murderer.
28 Oct. 1959
The Elizabeth McQueeny Story
Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the West. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth to all shows itself before that can happen.
4 Nov. 1959
The Martha Barham Story
Flint and a longtime Sioux Indian friend reunite but trouble is brewing as the Cheyenne are on the warpath and in their way is Fort Hastings, an old flame of his and her new Army Captain fiancé.
11 Nov. 1959
The Cappy Darrin Story
Old salt Cappy Darrin is on the train with his orphaned grandson Tuck. But Cappy's daughter granted custody of Tuck to his uncle, and as their parting nears Cappy finds he is reluctant to let Tuck go.
18 Nov. 1959
The Felizia Kingdom Story
Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.
25 Nov. 1959
The Jess MacAbee Story
Flint, scouting ahead of the wagon train, is in search of fresh meat. With prospects none too good he comes upon a hidden paradise, green and lush and offering far more than he expected especially for a single man.
2 Dec. 1959
The Danny Benedict Story
He says his name is Tom Smith but a young man Major Adams meets on the trail refuses to join the wagon train and won't say why. When he does find out he meets an old friend and why the boy is so tortured.
16 Dec. 1959
The Vittorio Bottecelli Story
The King orders his womanizing nephew to San Francisco. He joins the wagon train but causes the Major problems as the husbands are complaining but he may have lost his heart to someone who understands.
23 Dec. 1959
The St. Nicholas Story
Almost Christmas eve, the wagon train deals with a happy time, the perils that go with hostile Indians and a little lost boy who may have already been captured by those same hostiles.
30 Dec. 1959
The Ruth Marshall Story
Flint goes to look for a white woman lost in a battle with the Sioux eleven years earlier. A Sioux brave wounds Flint followed by Flint shooting the brave. A white woman who doesn't speak and lives with four wolves finds and treats Flint.
6 Jan. 1960
The Lita Foladaire Story
Never having met Lita Foladaire, Major Adams learned a lot about her past, the town she grew up in, the people who loved her and most importantly what happened to her surrounded by those same people.
13 Jan. 1960
The Colonel Harris Story
Flint goes to Fort Young to see the Harris family and Bowman Lewis who were friends from his youth. He finds Mrs. Harris dead and her husband swearing to wipe out all Indians including Lewis who leads the Comanche and his mother, Princess.
20 Jan. 1960
The Maidie Brant Story
Trying to give her son a chance, Maidie Brant is found by the wagon train. Needing fresh horses after a cougar attack, she is reluctant to say why she won't go back to town and buy some but would rather pay top dollar for the Major's.
27 Jan. 1960
The Larry Hanify Story
On his deathbed, Joe asks Flint to look after his 17-year old son Larry Hanify and get him to California. There was one catch. His latest escapade put him in jail awaiting trial for armed robbery.
10 Feb. 1960
The Clayton Tucker Story
Taking a dangerous route through the desert to join up with the wagon train, a small band of settlers take a turn for the worse when they lose the one man leading them, their scout, and now differ on where they need to go now.
17 Feb. 1960
The Benjamin Burns Story
One dry water hole is normal but when the wagon train has two, Flint and Ben Burns lead a party to find a legend that only the Indians speak of, Shining Water. Troubles await them but the worst may be a too green city boy.
24 Feb. 1960
The Ricky and Laurie Bell Story
Laurie and Ricky Bell uproot and go West, leaving their comforts in Baltimore. When she announces she is pregnant, he is less than happy as he feels she has just made their lives more complicated especially where it concerns his needs.
2 Mar. 1960
The Tom Tuckett Story
Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train he feels he's about to find out who that is but it isn't who he imagined.
9 Mar. 1960
The Tracy Sadler Story
David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his past.
16 Mar. 1960
The Alexander Portlass Story
Kidnapped, Flint is forced to scout and find a lost Aztec treasure. As some of the men were previously thrown off the wagon train, their unfriendliness is certain unless he can help them find the lost treasure of Montezuma.
23 Mar. 1960
The Christine Elliott Story
Her father on his deathbed, Christine Elliot decides to fulfill his dream of a boys school and joins the wagon train. A good start: the eleven boys he already has. One man is determined to stop her unless he collects his pound of flesh.
30 Mar. 1960
The Joshua Gilliam Story
Bill and the Major find a man lying hurt, a meal for the buzzards. When he meets an innocent woman on the wagon train who has an inheritance waiting for her, he shows other skills besides being just a schoolteacher and her mother is wary.
6 Apr. 1960
The Maggie Hamilton Story
When their daughter runs away from the wagon train, the Hamiltons hire Flint to bring her back. With renegades in the area, he soon discovers how spoiled Maggie really is and they still manage to make it back in one piece.
13 Apr. 1960
The Jonas Murdock Story
Out of meat and low on food, the wagon train must not kill any wildlife or all will face the wrath of the local Indians. The one holdout is Jonas Murdoch who has always lived outside the rules and doesn't consider a rabbit an issue.
20 Apr. 1960
The Amos Gibbon Story
After an argument with Major Adams, Flint leaves the wagon train and cozies up to a bar at a nearby town. What he doesn't know is the locals are shanghaiing strangers for slave labor in the mine and no one on the train knows where he went.
27 Apr. 1960
Trial for Murder: Part 1
When a well thought of member of the wagon train is found dead, Adams needs to prevent mob rule and make sure a lawful trial takes place. The accused who was not well liked is found passed out with the rifle used in the murder.
4 May 1960
Trial for Murder: Part 2
When the deceased's wife arrives, the people on the wagon train learn that the murdered man has a dark past, and this could be a case of Cain & Abel - or perhaps something or someone in the dead-man's past came home-to-roost.
11 May 1960
The Countess Baranof Story
Countess Baranof is desperate to get to Alaska to claim her family fortune, and with no horses she applies her considerable charms on Flint. But she's not the one Flint should worry about, as her bodyguard has a more sinister agenda.
18 May 1960
The Dick Jarvis Story
A boy hurt in a crippling accident and a domineering mother meet a runaway boy who she feels is making him do things outside his capabilities. Another accident reveals something unexpected since it may pit two friends against each other.
25 May 1960
The Dr. Swift Cloud Story
Thinking he is not welcome by the white man or his people, an educated Chiracua Indian returns to find prejudices among both of them and must find a way to overcome all of them before it is too late.
1 Jun. 1960
The Luke Grant Story
Luke Grant is found wandering the desert with one wish on his mind - kill me! Turned over to the wagon train by some friendly Chiracawa Indians, they slowly discover his identity and that there are Apaches on the war path and nearby.
8 Jun. 1960
The Charlene Brenton Story
A baby girl sure has a rough start when she arrives on the stage with her dead mother. Plague is what people think killed her and then Charlie Wooster steps in to try to help - and well, you can imagine where it went from there.
15 Jun. 1960
The Sam Livingston Story
Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride West reveals another side of him that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.
22 Jun. 1960
The Shadrack Bennington Story
Shadrack Bennington has been a cavalier of the open road, not wanting to be tied down until he joins the wagon train, heading for San Francisco and a future even he couldn't anticipate.

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