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Season 2

5 Sep. 1958
Killer Take All
Hoby investigates the murder of a well known rancher who lead a double life as a notorious gambler.
12 Sep. 1958
Outlaw's Wife
The town's women want Hoby to make an outlaw's wife (who just returned to Porter) to leave town.
19 Sep. 1958
Chinese Cowboy
The town hoodlums make life miserable for Porter's new Chinese launderer.
26 Sep. 1958
The Set Up
Henrietta's new gentleman friend is only using her to setup an alibi for a bank robbery.
3 Oct. 1958
A Stone for Benny French
Hoby tracks down Benny French who was the only member of the Morgan Larker gang who escaped from the bank robbery.
10 Oct. 1958
Hoby is held prisoner in a shack during a blizzard by the wife of husband and wife outlaws to care for her sick husband.
17 Oct. 1958
Matter of Justice
One of the outlaws who held up the Butterfield stage depot has been caught and is awaiting trial and hanging. Hoby is called in to protect the town of Talpa. The prisoner claims his outlaw gang will kill the witnesses and destroy the town.
24 Oct. 1958
Tenner Smith
The town of Porter is threatened to be shot up by a trail hand and his friends looking for revenge against a card shark who won his money and shot him in a fair fight.
31 Oct. 1958
The Avenger
Lance Garth is accused of stealing the payroll from Banning Mining but he is shot and killed before the money is found.
7 Nov. 1958
The Schoolteacher
The Schoolteacher, Jim Martin, is being forced out of town by the town bully, Quince Flanders, who does not want the children to have an education.
14 Nov. 1958
Deadly Decoy
Stranger Ed Teller brings a body into Crater Junction saying it is Cass Desmond who he killed in self-defense and claims the $1,000 reward. Hoby accompanies Ranger Stan Elliott (the only person who can identify the body) to Crater Junction.
21 Nov. 1958
Sunday's Child
Gambler Joe Sunday comes to Porter with a court order to take possession of his baby daughter from her mother Cindy who plays the piano in the saloon. Hoby has to enforce the order over the objections of Henrietta and the whole town.
28 Nov. 1958
Day of Vengeance
Henrietta tells Hoby that she just received word that murdering convict Jack Summers has been released and is returning to Porter to kill somebody to avenge his brother's death and Hoby has to stop him.
5 Dec. 1958
Three-Legged Fox
Five over age 50 tough and scruffy looking men slowly ride into town. While Sheriff Vernon Croft watches, 3 of the men take positions outside the Coleman Citizens Bank while two go in and then come and carefully leave town.
12 Dec. 1958
The Kid
Hoby stakes out a hotel hallway waiting for a burglar and then shoots somebody running away who refuses to stop only to find out it was a 16 year old boy.
19 Dec. 1958
Ranger Jim Perkins got drunk and killed a boy in cold blood 3 years ago and was given life in prison. Hoby makes a surprise announcement that Jim is returning by stage tonight and that makes 2 men in town very afraid.
26 Dec. 1958
Every Man a Witness
Sheriff Alvin Freemont and a mob take prisoner Char Lopez out of jail and threaten to lynch him unless he confesses. The horse bolts and Lopez is hanged. Hoby is sent in to investigate who was responsible.
2 Jan. 1959
McCallin's Daughter
Youngster Debby McCallin comes to town and asks Hoby to stop her father Bart McCallin from committing a robbery.
28 Jan. 1959
Bad Judgment
Rafe Borden is trying to frighten Charley Wagner and his family so he will not testify at the trial tomorrow against Rafe's brother Lute who would be hanged if convicted of murder. Sheriff Whittaker asks Hoby if he can do something to help.
4 Feb. 1959
Doc Calhoun and Hoby deal with an outbreak of Typhoid fever in town.
11 Feb. 1959
The Feud
Elderly and dying Maude Turley has her boys bring her back to Porter to die and be buried next to her husband after being run out of town 17 years ago by the Corbett's. Hoby tries to keep the two families from killing each other.
18 Feb. 1959
The Samaritan
Hoby finds a man on the trail with his leg caught in a bear trap and releases him. The man then knocks Hoby out, steals his horse and gun and leaves him caught in the bear trap.
25 Feb. 1959
The Gang
On his way back to Porter, Hoby meets Frank on the road. Frank is dying and warns him of trouble in Porter. Riding into Porter, Hoby learns the Hastings Gang has treed the town.
4 Mar. 1959
The Threat
A smiling stranger wearing a 3-piece suit and bowler hat barges into the bank manager's office carrying a package under his arm and threatens to blow the town of Porter off the face of the Earth in one hour unless he is given $10,000.
11 Mar. 1959
Hard Lines
Joker Wells who was a traitor with the Confederate Army returns to his home town of Porter. Everybody wants Hoby to run him out of town especially Ed Crow who blames Joker for the loss of his arm in the war.
18 Mar. 1959
Ambrose Hooker and his 3 brothers are bullying Joe the Bartender and saloon owner Tenner Smith. Hoby walks in and Ambrose goads his kid brother Little Beamer to draw on Hoby and Hoby kills him. Now Abrose wants revenge.
25 Mar. 1959
Stranger in Town
Henrietta Porter receives a letter from Harry Keller who was just released from prison warning the town of Porter to stay away from Hoby because Harry is coming to kill Hoby in revenge for killing his brother. Making things worse, Hoby doesn't even know what Keller looks like.
1 Apr. 1959
The Protector
Hoby shows a wanted poster for Frank Wilson to the Sheriff of Blanton who lies and says he never heard of him (because he knows his daughter is in love with Frank).
8 Apr. 1959
False Witness
A strange girl arrives in Porter and tells Hoby that she knows that Joe Corbett is innocent of murder even though he was convicted and sentenced to hang because she was a witness and saw somebody else do it.
15 Apr. 1959
The Trick
Tully Saxon knocks on the door to Tenner Smith's office in the saloon. When Tenner opens the door, he is surprised to see someone he had not seen in 8 years. Tully tells Tenner he will kill him before he leaves town.
22 Apr. 1959
The Eyes of Jerry Kelso
When traveling salesman Emanuel Brock is found shot to death in his hotel room, Hoby has to figure out who did it.
29 Apr. 1959
Gift Horse
Two old men (Zack and Levi) tell Ralph that they are his long lost uncles but Hoby thinks something about the two men rang sour.
6 May 1959
The Vote
A man and a woman came to Porter bringing with them the idea of "Give Women the Vote".
13 May 1959
The Unwanted
Hoby is called to the town of Glenville who are afraid that a group of religious people who moved in outside of town are practicing witchcraft and are causing bad luck.
20 May 1959
Toss Up
Naomi Wallace tells Hoby that her husband Paul has hired gunman Billy McCall to protect him from her brother Gary who blames Paul for killing Gary's father.
2 Sep. 1959
Hoby is helping Sheriff Lee look into a murder. But the widow, the doctor and even the sheriff have motives with none helpful in finding the killer.
9 Sep. 1959
Back to Crawford
Hoby returns home to Crawford to help his sister Nora after she sends him a telegram that somebody has been threatening her and because he gets a telegram from town drunk Fred Sales to come home quick because his sister is going to die.
16 Sep. 1959
Blind Alley
Rufus Cole shoots Mike Hardesty off his horse on the trail. Hoby who had been trailing Rufus for six weeks comes along to save Mike but he has lost his sight.
23 Sep. 1959
Quiet Night in Porter
Chad Winter, the owner of the general store, finds an old woman in his store after closing then two men walk in and shoot him. Hoby has to find out who killed him.

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