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3 Jan. 1958
Asta Day
Nick and Nora recount how their dog Asta was responsible for bringing them together.
10 Jan. 1958
The Scene Stealer
Nick accepts a job in Hollywood as a technical advisor for a mobster film. When valuable props start to disappear, Nick agrees to investigate.
17 Jan. 1958
Damone Dilemma
Vic Damone asks the Charles's assistance in ridding himself of a stalker.
24 Jan. 1958
Unlucky Lucky Number
Nick and Nora decide their apartment is too small so they search for another with more space. Of course, the model they like comes with a corpse in the closet.
31 Jan. 1958
Man on the Bridge
While playing with his new telescope, Nick spots a man behaving oddly on a nearby bridge. When he later meets the same man at a party for a visiting Middle Eastern diplomat, Nick suspects that the foreign dignitary is in danger.
7 Feb. 1958
The Pre-Incan Caper
Bored with life, Nick threatens a return his career as a private detective. In order to discourage him from taking such a step, a friend bets Nick that he can't discover how he has stolen a priceless Inca artifact.
14 Feb. 1958
Murder Is Where You Find It
Nick and Nora investigate a murder in an ice-cream parlor where the only witness is a blind man.
21 Feb. 1958
Ship Shakedown
While on a Caribbean cruise, Nick and Nora investigate a burglary where the stolen goods are discovered in a fellow passenger's stateroom. The accused man is a New York City policeman who swears he was framed.
28 Feb. 1958
Robot Client
Nick and Nora visit the inventor of a robot. They wonder if the mechanical man might have been the instrument for murder.
7 Mar. 1958
The Mystery of the Missing Murders
Nick swears there was a dead body in the Charles's apartment but when the police arrive the corpse has disappeared.
14 Mar. 1958
Double Jeopardy
A psychotic killer, deported from the United States, returns to the country to kill Nick.
21 Mar. 1958
Nora buys a used book which turns out to be a rare first-edition. The book was sold by mistake and the thieves who stole the book in the first place are intent on recovering the volume.
28 Mar. 1958
Jittery Juror
A condemned murdered vows to return from the grave to avenge himself upon the jury that convicted him. When three of the jurors are found slain, Nick and Nora decide to investigate.
4 Apr. 1958
The Departed Doctor
When a doctor disappears from a dude ranch, Nick and Nora mount horses to investigate.
11 Apr. 1958
The Tennis Champ
When a tennis player dies mysteriously, Nick suspects foul play and discovers that the man was hated by most of his fellow competitors.
18 Apr. 1958
The Delinquent
Nick and Nora go undercover to infiltrate a gang of murderous hot-rodders.
2 May 1958
The Painted Witnesses
Nick and Nora find a corpse at a charity carnival.
9 May 1958
The Saucer People
Nick and Nora are suspicious when a scientist friend swears that he has seen the inside of a flying saucer.
16 May 1958
The Carstadt Man
Nick investigates when a paleontologist is found murdered while examining old bones.
23 May 1958
The Art of Murder
Nora witnesses a murder. The killer, an actor who is a master of disguise, visits Nora in a number of different impersonations to see if she can recognize him.
30 May 1958
Kappa Kappa Kaper
Nick attends homecoming at his college and is asked to investigate when the school's mascot, a seal, is stolen.
6 Jun. 1958
The Valley Forger
Nick investigates when an expensive pin that Nora did not purchase is charged to her account. Along the way, he uncovers two murders and learns that Nora is slated to be a third victim
13 Jun. 1958
The Screaming Doll
Nick and Nora investigate when a calypso singer receives a voodoo doll and mysteriously looses his voice.
24 Oct. 1958
Scene of the Crime
Nora has always wanted a brownstone, so Nick signs a lease for one. On moving day Nick and Nora find out their new home was the scene of a murder, in their bedroom no less. Nora refuses to stay and insists Nick get them out of the lease.
31 Oct. 1958
Barney once saved Nick's life. Now gangsters are after him and he wants Nick to hide him out. Things would be fine if Nora hadn't mistaken Barney's list of suspects for Nick's guest list for their housewarming.
7 Nov. 1958
Pack My Gat, Beulah
Nora comes home to find a blonde in her bed. Nick arrives soon after saying he has no idea who the blonde is or how she got in. The blonde (Nita Talbot) claims to have no memory of who she is and demands everyone get out of her hotel room.
14 Nov. 1958
The Lost Last Chapter
Writer Neil Jackson calls with the news that he has finished the last chapter of an overdue manuscript. Unfortunately, when Nick tracks Neil down, the writer has been murdered. It seems he based his chapter on an actual murder that is due to occur that night - but where?
21 Nov. 1958
I Loathe You, Darling
A hep songwriter and a record figure in Nick and Nora's latest mystery.
28 Nov. 1958
The Human Bomb
Mr. Rankin (Jacques Aubuchon) has his finger on a dead-man's switch and is holding Nora hostage. It's evening and Nick has to find $50,000 with all the banks closed.
5 Dec. 1958
A Plague of Pigeons
A large bag of bird seed is delivered, by mistake, to Nick and Nora. They take it to the carrier pigeon owner down the street and find him murdered. Nick and Nora fly into action to find the killer.
12 Dec. 1958
Design for Murder
While in France to promote his new book, Nick and Nora attend a Napoleonic-themed costume ball. Nick is told by the host he will commit a murder and challenges Nick to prove he committed the crime.
19 Dec. 1958
Murder in Mink
Nora takes a mink home on trial unaware the mink is stolen and the shop owner is murdered. Nick has to solve the mystery and rescue Nora from the fur vault.
26 Dec. 1958
Lady on the Lam
Blondie Collins (Nita Talbot) returns, having escaped from prison. Nick and Nora hit a triple: exposing a drug ring, putting a bookie ring out of business, and getting rid of Blondie - or did they?

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