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20 Sep. 1957
The Dollar Doodle
When Nora's friend is accused of kleptomania, Nick agrees to investigate and discovers a link to a gang of blackmailers.
27 Sep. 1957
The Duke of Sing Sing
When a criminal tells Nick he will get revenge for sending him to jail, Nick decides to take up judo.
4 Oct. 1957
The Angel Biz
Nick investigates when the star of the play he's invested in is murdered. Nora insists on working with Nick because the dead man was found in her niece's apartment.
11 Oct. 1957
Come Back Darling Asta
Nick and Nora search for the owner of a silk handkerchief brought home by their dog, Asta, and discover a corpse.
18 Oct. 1957
Paris Pendant
While visiting Paris, Nora receives a beautiful pendant and discovers that she isn't the only person that wants to possess the necklace.
25 Oct. 1957
That's the Spirit
Nick attends a séance and is surprised when a mysterious voice claims that a death thought by the police to be an accident was really murder.
1 Nov. 1957
Acrostic Murders
Nick and Nora discover a murderer by solving an acrostic puzzle.
8 Nov. 1957
The Dead Duck
A gangster and his moll take a predatory interest in the manuscript for Nora's mystery novel.
15 Nov. 1957
Fatal Cliche
While visiting an art museum, Nick and Nora become involved in the theft of rare coins from the gallery's safe.
22 Nov. 1957
Ring Around Rosie
While Nick throws a wedding party, his enemies rig his car with an explosive device.
29 Nov. 1957
Angels in Paradise
While attempting to assist a former servant, Nick and Nora become the target of a murder who uses darts as a weapon
6 Dec. 1957
The Fashion Showdown
When a model doesn't show up for a charity fashion show, Nora agrees to take her place, not realizing the gown identifies the wearer as the woman to be murdered.
13 Dec. 1957
The Dead Giveaway
Nick competes against a criminologist on a game-show panel until another contestant is poisoned.
27 Dec. 1957
Unwelcome Alibi
When an agent is accused of murder, his only alibi is a beautiful blonde bimbo whose testimony would end his marriage.

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