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Season 2

24 Oct. 1958
Scene of the Crime
Nora has always wanted a brownstone, so Nick signs a lease for one. On moving day Nick and Nora find out their new home was the scene of a murder, in their bedroom no less. Nora refuses to stay and insists Nick get them out of the lease.
31 Oct. 1958
Barney once saved Nick's life. Now gangsters are after him and he wants Nick to hide him out. Things would be fine if Nora hadn't mistaken Barney's list of suspects for Nick's guest list for their housewarming.
7 Nov. 1958
Pack My Gat, Beulah
Nora comes home to find a blonde in her bed. Nick arrives soon after saying he has no idea who the blonde is or how she got in. The blonde (Nita Talbot) claims to have no memory of who she is and demands everyone get out of her hotel room.
14 Nov. 1958
The Lost Last Chapter
Writer Neil Jackson calls with the news that he has finished the last chapter of an overdue manuscript. Unfortunately, when Nick tracks Neil down, the writer has been murdered. It seems he based his chapter on an actual murder that is due to occur that night - but where?
21 Nov. 1958
I Loathe You, Darling
A hep songwriter and a record figure in Nick and Nora's latest mystery.
28 Nov. 1958
The Human Bomb
Mr. Rankin (Jacques Aubuchon) has his finger on a dead-man's switch and is holding Nora hostage. It's evening and Nick has to find $50,000 with all the banks closed.
5 Dec. 1958
A Plague of Pigeons
A large bag of bird seed is delivered, by mistake, to Nick and Nora. They take it to the carrier pigeon owner down the street and find him murdered. Nick and Nora fly into action to find the killer.
12 Dec. 1958
Design for Murder
While in France to promote his new book, Nick and Nora attend a Napoleonic-themed costume ball. Nick is told by the host he will commit a murder and challenges Nick to prove he committed the crime.
19 Dec. 1958
Murder in Mink
Nora takes a mink home on trial unaware the mink is stolen and the shop owner is murdered. Nick has to solve the mystery and rescue Nora from the fur vault.
26 Dec. 1958
Lady on the Lam
Blondie Collins (Nita Talbot) returns, having escaped from prison. Nick and Nora hit a triple: exposing a drug ring, putting a bookie ring out of business, and getting rid of Blondie - or did they?
2 Jan. 1959
Beauty and the Bath
A visit to a European spa turns into a working holiday for the reluctant detective and his trouble prone spouse.
9 Jan. 1959
The Case of the Baggy Pants
Nick has to join a burlesque act in New Jersey to solve a murder and a series of crimes.
16 Jan. 1959
Maine Thing
Nick and Nora drive into a small town where Nick is arrested for a minor traffic violation. While Nick is in the town jail, Nora and Asta wander around the town and find no one there.
30 Jan. 1959
Nick and Nora take in Blondie (Nita Talbot) after she alerts them of a plot to kill Nick..
6 Feb. 1959
The Big Holdout
Nora has jury duty. Can you guess who on the jury is the big holdout?
13 Feb. 1959
The Perfect Servant
"Nitro" Noonan (Jesse White) is just out of prison. He tells Nick he's cracked his last safe and is looking for a job. Nick is stumped--if only Nitro had learned a trade. As they sit down to eat the meal Nitro cooked, with the linens he ironed, Nick gets an idea.
20 Feb. 1959
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Morgue
On live television, a comic star is shot to death during a program. It turns out that though he was a funny fellow for his audience, off-camera he was a hated bully to his staff, so there's plenty of suspects.
27 Feb. 1959
Black Wind and Lightning
A New England ship's captain falls into Nick and Nora's apartment. He disappears but leaves a note which leads them to a "haunted house" owned by a "witch". Truly haunted or just a ploy to promote her book?
6 Mar. 1959
Holiday for Hazel
Hazel dog sits Asta while waiting for a game show to call the Charleses number. Cross-identities and a plot to even a score with Nick play havoc.
13 Mar. 1959
Lady Frankenstein
Blondie Collins returns to bother Nick and Nora. To get away from her, the couple takes a hastily planned trip to Florida
20 Mar. 1959
Mayhem to Music
Nick and Nora's new neighbor is an arrogant,unlikable piano genius who even throws things at Asta. When Nora pays him a visit, she ends up locked in a closet and the musical virtuoso murdered.
27 Mar. 1959
La sabre invecta est?
Nick and Nora are at the car races where the handsome winner has a little black book filled with military secrets in code. Will Nick and Nora be able to win the book before it is sold to spies?
3 Apr. 1959
Gory Road
People start dying after a novelist announces on TV that her forthcoming book will reveal those responsible for a big swindle involving state roads.
10 Apr. 1959
Anonymity Anyone?
Nick's assuming the name of a banker gets the Charleses into a mess in Palm Beach.
17 Apr. 1959
That's Gratitude
Stelle and Belle, two dance hall hostesses, hire Nick to bribe a recently released con to leave their friend Gracie alone. Nora agrees with them but things go wrong when the con is found dead.
24 Apr. 1959
The Cat Kicker
At a charity auction, Nora is auctioning Nick's detective skills for 24 hours. She has serious reservations when a beautiful amnesiac dressed only in a nightgown and fur coat wins the bid.
1 May 1959
Bronze Bonze
Chewie Chang wants to hire Nick to retrieve the Bronze Bonze, a statue of Buddha, from Lily Ying who wants to hire Nick to leave the statue alone. The fireworks begin when Nick finds the statue.
8 May 1959
Requiem for a Recluse
The patriarch of family who lives reclusively in a house outdated by decades hires the Charles to work undercover as domestic servants so that Charles may investigate who is trying to kill him and his two sisters.
22 May 1959
Hamilton Hollered Help
Nora's charitable work inadvertently uncovers a mom and son counterfeiting ring.
29 May 1959
Dear Dead Days
Frenchie Popineau passes away in prison after sending his cohorts a map to a treasure buried at his speak easy now the home of Nick and Nora.. Each map holder tries a different ruse to get the treasure much to the dismay of Nick and Nora.
5 Jun. 1959
Cold Cargo
Nick and Nora's weekend trip to Old Mexico turns unsettling when Nora stumbles on a dead body which mysteriously keeps appearing and disappearing.
12 Jun. 1959
Bat McKidderick
Nick and Nora go to Centipede City to find Bat Mckidderick to see if he is the last of the western bad men as his autobiography claims. They also must figure out if he shot his business partner.
19 Jun. 1959
Cherchez la Sexpot
Knott's Berry Farm will have to wait when Nick is hired by a movie producer to find his missing starlet. Has something happened to her or is she hiding after killing her boyfriend?
26 Jun. 1959
Paradise Discovered
Nick is hired by a dying millionaire to find his long lost nephew on a tropical isle. There is trouble in paradise when the millionaire's wife trails Nick and Nora so she can eliminate the nephew and become sole heir.

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