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6 Jan. 1962
A former governor of a Mexican province flees to San Francisco with his family's money to buy guns for the revolutionaries. A gang of former Mexican soldiers operating with stolen papers plan to steal the money with the unwitting assistance of Wells-Fargo.
13 Jan. 1962
Return to Yesterday
An old flame of Jim Hardie's, now a famous concert singer, returns to California on a concert tour. The singer's father knows his daughter still carries a torch for Hardie and wants her to decide once and for all whether she'll be a chanteuse or a rancher's wife. Meanwhile her maid plots to steal her employer's fabulous collection of jewelry.
20 Jan. 1962
Reward for Gaine
Jeb's brother, Sergeant Gaine, discovers that three of his men have been falsely convicted in a drumhead court-martial for desertion to cover up for their commanding officer's illegal attack on a band of Piute Indians that resulted in the deaths of Wells Fargo stagecoach passengers. Hardie and Prentiss, the governor's agent, must act quickly to save the condemned men before Colonel Bledsoe can silence the potential witnesses against him by executing the soldiers.
27 Jan. 1962
Assignment in Gloribee
Katherine Murdock, a writer from New England, is hired by Wells Fargo to write a series of articles about the West and her first research stop is in Gloribee. Hardie discovers that she had already made up her mind that the West is nothing but a violent wasteland and a series of brushes with lawlessness does little to change her attitude. It takes chance meeting with a honorable outlaw for her to consider altering her preconceived notions.
3 Feb. 1962
Incident at Crossbow
An ex-convict burning with the desire to avenge himself upon a judge who he insists falsely convicted him takes over a way-station and hijacks the stagecoach that Jim Hardie and an assortment of passengers are traveling in.
10 Feb. 1962
Portrait of Teresa
Hardie investigates a stagecoach hold-up and discovers only a single letter was stolen. He learns that the letter was sent from a woman who fled an arranged marriage with a brutal land baron to an itinerant painter. The two men race to find the woman first - the painter to marry her and the land baron to disfigure his ex-fiancée.
17 Feb. 1962
Hometown Doctor
Cattle drovers waiting to deliver their beef to the railhead at Gloribee are making life miserable for the townspeople, but Jim Hardie won't accept the stock until they're cleared by a veterinarian. The local doctor died under suspicious circumstances and Hardie convinces his son, also a vet, to examine the stock and help solve the older man's death.
3 Mar. 1962
Winter Storm
A blizzard forces the stagecoach in which Jim, Jeb and Tina are traveling to seek shelter in a ghost town. Investigating a light shining in the building that formerly served as the town's hotel, the passengers discover the town's last two residents barricaded against the expected onslaught of an escaped prisoner who is out for revenge.
5 May 1962
The Gold Witch
Hardie hires The Great Reardon, a mind-reading act, to serve as the entertainment at Wells Fargo's 15th anniversary celebration. Reardon's act always involved trickery, but now he plans to use his wife's "powers" to swindle a mine owner out of $10,000 by claiming to be able to reveal the location of a missing vein of gold ore.

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