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2 Jan. 1961
Border Renegades
Jim Hardie is sent by Wells Fargo to investigate the smuggling of guns via Wells Fargo to the Texas - Mexico border where there has been problems. After stopping a freight wagon, he thinks he has found where the guns are going.
9 Jan. 1961
Captain Scofield
Jim Hardie is after the same man the Army is after for desertion. Two soldiers who say they are looking for the man are not who they say they are. Plus, unknown to everyone the man they are searching for can't remember anything about them.
16 Jan. 1961
The Has-Been
Jim Hardie is riding shotgun guard on a stage that has to make an unscheduled stop to pick up a gold shipment from the Army. Riding on board are three passengers including a famous singer whose memory is slipping since his wife's death.
23 Jan. 1961
Town Against a Man
Jim Hardie arrives with a wedding gift for his friend Tony Crandall only to find he is dead and buried. Plus no one knew he was going to get married or to who. Jim has inherited the ranch and he suspects Tony's death was not an accident.
30 Jan. 1961
The Barefoot Bandit
Jim Hardie is sent to Bonanza Flats when the safe is robbed and an employee is killed. The suspect seems obvious as there was a bare footprint left and the money was bets on a fight with a barefoot fighter seen leaving the area.
6 Feb. 1961
The Hand That Shook the Hand
An incoming stage has problems with a drunken, violent passenger. Hardie struggles to remove him. Soon, they realize he is heavyweight boxing champion John L. Sullivan, and they've delayed him on his journey to an important match.
13 Feb. 1961
That Washburn Girl
Wells Fargo agent Jim Hardie becomes involved with a woman Wells Fargo agent, Nora Washburn whose brother, Tom Washburn, has become engaged to the daughter, Ruby Coe, of a former outlaw Jonas Coe.
27 Feb. 1961
The Diamond Dude
Jim Hardie is sent to escort jeweler Leroy Finch and a shipment of diamonds to San Francisco. Finch new to the west runs into a customer from New York, Bodie Seaton who Jim does not trust. For once Jim may be in the wrong.
6 Mar. 1961
A Show from Silver Lode
Jim Hardie is summoned to Silver Lode when a dog insured with Wells Fargo for $20,000 is lost. Actress Pearl Harvey won't perform without him as she claims he is part of her act. Hardie finds the dog but learns the dog didn't escape.
13 Mar. 1961
Jim Hardie is sent to the town of Still River to investigate a $20,000 insurance claim. When he arrives the local agent can't be found. Jim breaks into the office where he finds the agent dead in what looks like an apparent suicide.
20 Mar. 1961
Stage from Yuma
Jim Hardie goes undercover as Clint Carpenter to stop a Wells Fargo robbery involving Bud Peirce. He is able to infiltrate the gang but his plans hit a snag when a woman involved tells him she recognizes him and he wants to protect her.
27 Mar. 1961
Prince Jim
Jim Hardie finds an overturned stage with two survivors: a drummer who had $5,000 stolen and a little girl who lost the doll given to her by her mom before she died. With the driver dead, the doll and the drummer's memory are his clues.
3 Apr. 1961
The Remittance Man
Jim Hardie is on the trail of an outlaw who he finds shot dead by a bounty hunter and he has lost the $10,000 he stole in a craps game. The winner refuses to return the money as he needs it to pay his debts back in England.
10 Apr. 1961
The Jealous Man
Jim Hardie is summoned by old friend Kitty Wells who married the son of Wells Fargo agent Henry Thorpe. The son Andy, thinks Kitty is having an affair, because of their poverty, so he committed a robbery and escaped jail.
17 Apr. 1961
Something Pretty
Jim Hardie is called in after a bracelet insured for $35,000 is stolen during a stage holdup by two men. One robber is severely wounded while the second escaped. The bracelet in a pouch is found by the dog Teddy who gives it to his owner.
24 Apr. 1961
Lady Trouble
Jim Hardie is summoned by upper management to a station to meet a very important customer. Agatha Webster bought a large mining operation so she wants to investigate the protection provided by Wells Fargo but she may be the biggest issue.
1 May 1961
Moment of Glory
Jim Hardie is riding on the stage to Calico where the agent Mr. Bennett is reporting problems. Making things more difficult for Jim is Grandpa Bridger who not only likes to tell whoppers to impress his grandson Pete but acting them out.
8 May 1961
The Lobo
Sam Horne, wanted by Wells Fargo for robbery and murder, is wounded in a gunfight while taking his daughter to his brother to start school. The robbed agent Hi Walker offers Jim Hardie $10,000 out of his own pocket, to bring Horne in dead.
15 May 1961
Rifles for Red Hand
Captain Rawlings, of the U.S. Calvary, asks Jim Hardie sent by Wells Fargo to find out if a woman operating a gambling casino and ranch, Leah Harper, is shipping illegal guns to the Cheyenne Indians via Wells Fargo as farm tools.
22 May 1961
Gunman's Revenge
Outlaw Rocky Nelson has been released from prison early and he has four names on a list he aims to eliminate for sending him to prison. The list includes Jim Harde who is on his way to warn and protect the others involved.
29 May 1961
The Repentant Outlaw
When Jim Hardie stops in Mesa City with an Army payroll, he finds his friend Doc Dawson is there practicing dentistry and medicine without a license again. A wounded outlaw kidnaps Doc to remove a bullet letting Doc overhear their plans.
5 Jun. 1961
A Quiet Little Town
Jim Hardie arrives in Warburg four weeks after his buddy Sheriff Dave Prescott is killed. He is there to find the killer but finds Wade Cather is the new sheriff. Wade tries to convince Jim to leave town so he can solve the murder himself.
12 Jun. 1961
Bitter Vengeance
The Martin family is in disarray. Wells Fargo is closing its station there, Ben Martin has taken to drinking, and Sarah is still short $60 needed to pay off their mortgage. Wounded Jim Hardie arrives with neighbor Joe Martin under arrest.
26 Jun. 1961
John Jones
When a passenger is kidnapped off a stage, Wells Fargo sends Jim Hardie to investigate and find the passenger. He tracks down the one witness left who might know something - the pretty gypsy Zita who was a passenger on the stage.
10 Jul. 1961
The Dowry
Bertram La Tour has requested Wells Fargo send Jim Hardie personally to escort his dowry of $200,000 and his granddaughter Michelle Bovarde to Baton Rouge where she is to be married. However, Jim is unaware why this is being done.
30 Sep. 1961
Casket 7.3
Jim and his foreman, Jeb Gaine, are busy moving onto the ranch purchased from Ovie and her two lovely daughters when the Wells Fargo agent is called back to service to retrieve plates used to counterfeit bonds. Hardie learns the plates were stolen by a group of former Confederate soldiers who plan to print enough worthless bonds that the United States economy would fall into shambles.
7 Oct. 1961
The Dodger
A man sentenced to a ten-year prison term has released and is out to avenge himself upon the man who put him there - Jim Hardie.
14 Oct. 1961
Treasure Coach
Acting on a tip that an outlaw gang may attack a gold shipment, Hardie and McCloud try to persuade group of stagecoach passengers to take the next stage so they can better protect the cargo. Each passenger has their own reasons for continuing the dangerous journey, and Hardie fears that the reasons of more than one are highway robbery.
21 Oct. 1961
Death Raffle
Ex-convict Davey Hewitt is thrown off the train in Gloribee. He meets two members of his old outlaw gang who try to convince him to join them in robbing a bank that contains a large gold shipment for Wells Fargo. Meanwhile Jessamie, the handicapped daughter of Hewitt's new employer tries to convince him to go straight.
28 Oct. 1961
Hardie negotiates a new stagecoach route through Indian land with the local chief who is satisfied with the outcome. The tribe's young men, led by the warrior Red Knife, are looking for an excuse to return to the warpath.
4 Nov. 1961
Mr. Mute
Two gunmen rob a Wells Fargo train compartment and then hide the money in the baggage of a fellow passenger, a clown who stage name in Mr. Mute. When the clown unexpectedly decides to disembark from the train in Gloribee to perform at the town fair, the criminals must scramble to retrieve their ill-gotten loot before the money bags are discovered.
11 Nov. 1961
Jeremiah Logart, a former friend of Hardie's, is prevented from robbing a Wells Fargo office by Jim and his men. After a gun battle, Jim and Beau pursue of the remaining gang members and trail Jeremiah to the remote ranch of a widow and her two young children.
18 Nov. 1961
A Fistful of Pride
The estranged wife of a washed-up boxer returns to Gloribee to obtain custody of the couple's only child. Needing quick cash for legal fees, the boxer challenges the Frisco Kid, an up-and-coming pugilist, to a fight and wins, only to discover that the fight was fixed so that the Kid's crooked manager and his stooge could clean-up on side bets.
25 Nov. 1961
Defiant at the Gate
Hardie and McCloud capture Matt Blackner, an aging outlaw who is suffering from heart disease. He agrees to turn the money he stole from a Wells Fargo stagecoach if he's allowed to visit his wife and daughter before he's thrown in prison. Blackner's last days aren't to be happy ones - his wife is dead, his daughter despises him and his former gang members are trailing him to get their share of the hidden loot.
2 Dec. 1961
Man of Another Breed
A veteran Wells Fargo stationmaster, about to retire, never gets the chance when two thieves stab him in the back and ransack the safe. Hardie suspects the killer is a part-time employee who disappeared after the robbery; Caleb Timmons and his sons want to find the man, too, since he ran off with Caleb's wife.
9 Dec. 1961
Kelly's Clover Girls
Three dance hall girls are being transported to Nevada to serve as witnesses in the murder investigation of a Wells Fargo agent. The subject of the investigation has no desire for the girls to testify and goes to great lengths to see that they don't arrive, including raiding Jim Hardie's ranch where the women are staying pending suitable escort.
16 Dec. 1961
A Killing in Calico
Jamie Coburn, a member of Birch Morgan's notorious outlaw gang, agrees to turn himself in and help capture Wells Fargo capture the outlaw leader. Hardie allows the gunslinger to visit his ailing mother, but when Jamie returns home he learns his mother has died and his wife wants nothing to do with him in spite of the hefty reward Wells Fargo has paid for Jamie's assistance.
23 Dec. 1961
New Orleans Trackdown
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30 Dec. 1961
Frank Lambert is furious when his kid brother, Wally, rides into his camp asking that the older man return the money he stole from Wells Fargo. He becomes even angrier when he learns that Jim Hardie followed Wally to arrest him. Meanwhile, Jeb Gaine becomes upset when his friends and neighbors lavish affection on him on his 60th birthday.

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