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4 Jan. 1960
Cole Younger
While on vacation Jim Hardie becomes involved with the Cole Younger gang as a hostage with a spunky young girl after the Northfield, Minnesota holdup. His primary goal is the protection of the girl but one of Younger's men has other ideas.
11 Jan. 1960
The Easterner
After an attempted robbery of $50,000 on a train and two men killed, Jim Hardie is sent to carry the $50,000 on the rest of the trip by stagecoach. He is accompanied by the owner of the money - a lawyer from the east and a pretty woman.
18 Jan. 1960
The Governor's Visit
Jim Hardie is sent by Wells Fargo to help the Wyoming governor who supports expanding the railroads across Wyoming. His opposition is against expansion as he is in the pocket of an outlaw named Clancy who doesn't want to see law spread.
25 Jan. 1960
The Journey
Jim Hardie is sent to accompany Vincent Dodd, a jeweler, who is carrying $30,000 in gems from back east. Attempts have been made to steal the gems but Hardie is unable to stop a last attempt and there is a cast of possible suspects.
1 Feb. 1960
The Canyon
Jim Hardie decides to ride into an outlaw hangout known as "The Canyon of Wanted Men" to find the one man who can clear Ken Gibbons who is to hang in three days for a murder. The man Fred Kimball has his daughter Jane with him.
8 Feb. 1960
Red Ransom
Jim Hardie with help picks up the Apache renegade Joe Black wanted by Wells Fargo. However, when his brother Akana sees him captured, the Apaches capture the daughter of the local Wells Fargo agent hoping to make a trade.
15 Feb. 1960
The English Woman
When an English woman is killed by a sniper after she gets off a stage, Jim Hardie decides to provide some help to the Sheriff. After talking to the daughter, they learn the woman was there to identify an embezzler from England.
29 Feb. 1960
Forty-Four Forty
Jim Hardie runs into an unusual case when the Tucson stage is held up again. The outlaws are right in front of him without him realizing it. The lone clue is the special forty-four forty notched bullets the outlaws are using in the holdup.
7 Mar. 1960
The Late Mayor Brown
When the Wells Fargo agent Jess Brown who was elected mayor is killed on election day, Jim Hardie is sent to investigate. Jess was killed with a unique gun that only one man in the area owns but he is found killed before Jess was shot.
14 Mar. 1960
Black Trail
Jim Hardie is called in to investigate a $100,000 robbery. His only clue to the whereabouts of the robber is his mistress who was once an actress. Hardie soon finds that he has taken in by her acting abilities when she misleads him.
21 Mar. 1960
The Great Bullion Robbery
After $20,000 is stolen from the Weber Falls office and the agent Ben King is killed, Jim Hardie is sent to investigate. He finds no shortage of suspects including three convicts one of which is engaged to King's daughter Anne.
28 Mar. 1960
The Outlaw's Wife
Jim Hardie finds and sends the outlaw who stole $21,000 from the Dilman office to prison. However, the outlaw refuses to give up the stolen money until he receives a letter threatening his wife so he asks Jim for help in keeping her safe.
4 Apr. 1960
The Town
Jim Hardy is sent to Wolf Creek to setup a new office which requires acquiring property there but the entire town was left to Lucy Potter who inherited the entire town from her absent father but she wants to sell the town.
11 Apr. 1960
The Trading Post
When Dan Forster dies he had requested Wells Fargo to be his executor. Jim Hardie is assigned the task to track down his brother John Foster who has $100,000 coming. However, Jim learns John is also wanted - Dead or Alive.
18 Apr. 1960
Dead Man's Street
Passing through Paradise, California Jim Hardie finds himself backing up the local Wells Fargo agent and Marshal Murphy who he knows in a fight against the Ferguson brothers who own the area and the town when one brother is jailed.
25 Apr. 1960
Threat of Death
Jim Hardie is after Crail gang after a holdup in Dobie when the sheriff and several others were killed. He catches Johnny Crail but unknown to Jim, Johnny has help from an unlikely source and no one in town will help him with his prisoner.
2 May 1960
Dealer's Choice
Jim Hardie is assigned to deliver an expensive diamond to a wealthy Sacramento lumberman's family for a $80,000 payment. The gem he has is a duplicate for a necklace meant to be delivered before the daughter's wedding as a surprise to her.
9 May 1960
Pearl Hart
While Jim Hardie is on a private trip on the Wells Fargo stage line in Arizona, the stage is held up by Pearl Hart and her gang. The stage line is out $5,000 while Jim lost $55. Known to hangout in New Mexico, Jim tries to lure her out.
16 May 1960
Jim Hardie is sent to Monterey to help catch the Vasquez gang. The Sheriff captured one of the gang but he refuses to talk. Jim decides to take on the persona of the outlaw Rattlesnake Jim with a bounty on his head to work into the gang.
23 May 1960
Kid Brother
Jim is sent to capture an outlaw living in Louisiana but hitting Wells Fargo in Texas which means the law can't touch him. While in Louisiana he decides to visit his brother who is getting restless living on the farm so he goes with Jim.
30 May 1960
Man for the Job
Wells Fargo sends Jim Hardie to Goldfield to help setup a new station that will be shipping silver. Jim is forced to hire an old employee suspected of helping rob Wells Fargo a few years ago in Tonodah when the original hire looks bad.
5 Sep. 1960
Day of Judgment
Jim Hardie is on the trail of Eli Fisher but first he must contend with a strange looking man on his own trail. They are both after Fisher so when they trap Fisher in an abandoned town, Jim is as scared of the other man as he is Fisher.
12 Sep. 1960
Angry Town
Jim Hardie is after the Utah Kid who stole $20,000 from Wells Fargo. He tracks down the Kid's horse to a farmer who tells Jim that he was there last night when the Utah Kid was hung by a posse for killing a local man - Mr. Warren.
19 Sep. 1960
Doc Dawson
Jim Hardie is led to southern Utah while looking for Wells Fargo Driver Ed Matton. Jim and the local sheriff find the freight wagon overturned and Ed's body. The only stolen freight is a dental chair and supplies found with Jim's parole.
26 Sep. 1960
The Kinfolk
Jim Hardie is on the trail of Len Lassiter for killings and robbery in Texas as it leads to Arizona where Jim finds a body near a town where over half the residents are Lassiters and Len lost his cousin to the new Marshal before he left.
17 Oct. 1960
A Study in Petticoats
Jack Hardie is on a stage guarding a package for Jake Hoover insured for $10,000. He is with two female passengers and a renown gunfighter. An attempt is made on the stage but rebuffed. However, the owner's daughter wants to relieve Jim.
24 Oct. 1960
All That Glitters
Jim Hardie is sent by Wells Fargo to investigate the theft of $50,000. The catch is that they do not know when or where the money was stolen. Jim must first determine those answers. He is suspicious as the Marshal is the best safe cracker.
7 Nov. 1960
Run for the River
Jim Hardie is escorting prisoner Ira Kyle to Santa Fe for trial when they stop in Red Bluff overnight. Jim quickly learns Ira is hated in Red Bluff when the marshal attacks Ira. However, Pop Kyle says Ira didn't commit the murder they say.
14 Nov. 1960
Leading Citizen
Jim Hardie is on the road looking for a missing stage coach and six horses in Texas near the Mexican border. In San Tomas he spots the stage coach sitting in town and a group of outlaws many of whom Jim has sent to prison in the past.
21 Nov. 1960
The Killing of Johnny Lash
When a man dies owing Wells Fargo, Jim Hardie is sent to dispose of a saloon provided as collateral for the loan. Just before he arrives the manager, Johnny Lash, is killed and then there is an attempt on Jim's life as well.
28 Nov. 1960
The Wade Place
Jim Hardie is given information about a future robbery by a saloon woman wanting revenge. However, the Wells Fargo station to be held up is in disarray and being straightened out by another employee who doesn't see eye to eye with Jim.
5 Dec. 1960
Jeff Davis' Treasure
Jim Hardie is forced to kill the man, Amos Birely, who can lead him to $100,000 in gold stolen by the man and three others years earlier. However, a friend unexpectedly provides Jim with a new lead to the buried gold involving three men.
12 Dec. 1960
The Bride and the Bandit
Jim Hardie is on the trail of an holdup man when he arrives in a town where the agent is awaiting a bride to be. She arrives on the stage which has been held up but her knowledge of the incident goes beyond simply being a witness to it.
19 Dec. 1960
Escort to Santa Fe
Jim Hardie has been sent by Wells Fargo to escort a stage coach from El Paso to Santa Fe. A Major Barkley is being sent from a nearby fort with instructions on why Jim is needed and the importance of the trip according to a letter.
26 Dec. 1960
Frightened Witness
Jim Hardie is sent in to ensure the trial of Walt Corbin is successful. He murdered a 20 year old Wells Fargo employee. His gang is pressuring the two farmers who are witnesses to not testify. One is killed and the other one is wavering.

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