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7 Jan. 1958
Doc Bell
Pretending to be hardened convict, Hardie escapes from prison with a felon who stashed the proceeds from a stagecoach robbery before he was captured. The Wells Fargo detective hopes that his new partner will lead him to the hidden loot.
13 Jan. 1958
Stage West
Jim Hardie agrees to guard a woman wanted as a material witness in a San Francisco political corruption investigation after the detective assigned to escort her is murdered.
20 Jan. 1958
Hoss Tamer
A young man whom Jim Hardie befriended returns the favor by helping Wells Fargo solve a robbery.
27 Jan. 1958
Hide Jumpers
Hardie attempts to break up a gang of outlaws who specialize in stealing buffalo hides.
3 Feb. 1958
The Walking Mountain
When Wells Fargo is accused of stealing high grade gold ore from the Walking Mountain mine's wagons, Hardie is sent to the mine to investigate.
10 Feb. 1958
Bill Longley
Wanted outlaw Bill Longley and Jim Hardie join forces to retrieve money stolen from Wells Fargo by another outlaw.
17 Feb. 1958
The Prisoner
Hardie offers an old outlaw whom he sent to prison the opportunity to earn a parole and a reward if he will lead a posse into an outlaw stronghold and help rescue a United States senator from his kidnappers.
23 Feb. 1958
Dr. Alice
An outlaw gang abducts a pretty woman doctor to operate on one of their wounded confederates. Hardie and a deputy sheriff, whose wife needs her assistance during a difficult childbirth, desperately attempt to rescue the young woman.
3 Mar. 1958
The Sooners
During the land rush of 1889, Wells Fargo selected a spot for its first bank and relay station in Oklahoma and Jim Hardie was tasked with buying a fast horse with plenty of stamina to carry its rider to the designated spot and stake the company's claim. When the dust settles, another group has laid claim to the designated spot. Hardie is ordered to investigate when neither the rider nor horse can be found to determine what went wrong with the plan.
10 Mar. 1958
Alias Jim Hardie
An outlaw gang abducts Jim Hardie. One of the outlaws, using Jim's identification papers, robs the local Wells Fargo safe.
17 Mar. 1958
The Johnny Ringo Story
When Hardie captures the notorious Johnny Ringo, the outlaw request that he be able to care for her sister, who is dying, and to keep from the young woman Ringo's criminal background.
24 Mar. 1958
The Newspaper
Sent to Madden to investigate problems Wells Fargo's stagecoaches are having in the vicinity, Hardie discovers the town is run by a ruthless businesswoman who opposes the townspeople's attempt to have an election, going so far as to murder her opponent for chairman of the town council. Using the town's newspaper, Hardie helps organize the citizenry to bring good government to the community.
31 Mar. 1958
Special Delivery
While riding shotgun to protect a valuable gold shipment, Hardie and his stagecoach driver an interesting collection of passengers - including a U.S. Army officer being sent to Fort Laramie to stand trial for massacring a peaceful Indian village. Hardie's trip is far from uneventful - first the stagecoach is robbed by an outlaw gang and then passengers and criminals alike are attacked by Cheyenne Indians bent on avenging the murder of their families.
7 Apr. 1958
Jim Hardie tries to prove a notorious gunslinger has been framed for the crimes of stagecoach robbery and murder.
14 Apr. 1958
The Gun
During an attempted hold-up, Hardie guns down a man who the outlaw leader claims was not a member of their gang. Hardie learns the man was an ex-convict who had gone straight after being released from prison and travels to the dead man's home town to learn what he was doing on the street at the time of the robbery.
21 Apr. 1958
The Reward
Hardie rides into a small town to present a reward check to a man who helped prevent a stagecoach robbery. The fearful townspeople claim that they've never heard of the man and when the Wells Fargo detective investigates, he discovers the hero's grave.
28 Apr. 1958
The Pickpocket
Hardie's train is robbed and he is left without funds in a small town whose businessmen refuse to grant him credit. With the help of friendly old pickpocket, Hardie manages to alleviate his money problems and bring the thieves to justice.
5 May 1958
Hardie is sent to investigate the murder of a Wells Fargo agent and finds that the sheriff suspect their new schoolteacher, an ex-convict, of perpetrating the crime. Although Hardie's testimony sent the man to prison many years earlier, the investigator is convinced that the murderer is one of the town's and other leading citizens.
12 May 1958
The Renegade
A Wells Fargo manager has second thoughts about a stagecoach guard he recently hired despite the man's lack of references. He remembered that the new guard wore a belt buckle similar to those worn by a notorious family of Texas outlaws and fears that they may be plotting to rob a valuable shipment and asks Hardie to investigate the man's background.
19 May 1958
The Break
Hardie investigates a robbery and the murder of a Wells Fargo express agent. His only lead is a young outlaw who was wounded during the crime. With the help of the local sheriff, Hardie pretends to be Jesse James and tricks the youthful criminal into taking him to the gang's hideout. Once inside, Hardie is aided by a wanted man who he rescued from two murderous bounty hunters.
26 May 1958
The Sniper
While investigating the robbery of a Wells Fargo office, Hardie witnesses the murder of its agent from a bullet shot from the hotel across the street. Hardie's investigation quickly focuses on a number of suspects, including two Wells Fargo employees who have dark secrets they wish to keep hidden.
8 Sep. 1958
The Gambler
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15 Sep. 1958
The Manuscript
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22 Sep. 1958
White Indian
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29 Sep. 1958
The Golden Owl
While attempting to deliver a golden owl to its wealthy purchaser, Hardy is attacked and the owl is replaced by one of lead while a Chinese religious society claims the owl was stolen from their temple in China.
6 Oct. 1958
Faster Gun
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13 Oct. 1958
Butch Cassidy
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20 Oct. 1958
End of the Trail
So that a railroad section through the Dakota Black Hills can be completed, Hardie arrives to negotiate with the Pawnees who have killed a crew's hunter consigning the crew to meager rations and who continually harass the crew.
3 Nov. 1958
A Matter of Honor
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17 Nov. 1958
The Gunfighter
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24 Nov. 1958
The Deserter
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1 Dec. 1958
The Killer
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8 Dec. 1958
The Counterfeiters
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15 Dec. 1958
Cow Town
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22 Dec. 1958
The Happy Tree
Jack Kramer soon to be executed asks Hardy to help his son change his evil tendency in exchange for stolen Wells Fargo gold so Hardy takes the son from an orphanage placing him with a family but Kramer's murderous partner follows.
29 Dec. 1958
The Dealer
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