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Season 2

9 Sep. 1957
Belle Star
A gang lead by Belle Starr, commits a train robbery which included robbing Jim Hardie who happened to be there. Hardie tries to lure the pretty outlaw out of hiding by tempting her with a top notch race horse as she has a fancy for them.
16 Sep. 1957
Two Cartridges
A rookie outlaw, Al Porter, holds up a stage for $10,000. Jim waiting for the money to arrive decides to go after him alone after learning about the holdup, but requires the outlaw's assistance to drive off an attack by vengeful Indians.
9 Sep. 1957
Apache Gold
Hardie agrees to join a father searching for his son who is seeking a lost gold mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. The men must deal with a lack of water and the fact that the map leads him into lands held sacred by the Apaches.
30 Sep. 1957
John Wesley Hardin
Hardie is the only witness to a robbery. The young man hopes to get off if his partner has Jim scared off or killed before his trial. Hardie still hopes to determine who his partner in the robbery was even after John Wesley Hardin arrives.
7 Oct. 1957
The Target
While on a stage coach, a Pony Express rider, Stan Blake, who Jim knows stops to help them and is found dead down the route. Jim Hardie takes on the man's route and hopes to lure the murderers out into the open after notifying Stan's wife.
14 Oct. 1957
The Feud
Jim is sent to negotiate a right-of-way for Wells Fargo stagecoaches through Sam Brundage's property as a shortcut. His price - convincing Brundage's neighbor, John McCloud, to share his water in a river he dammed up with the Brundages.
21 Oct. 1957
Billy the Kid
Hardie investigates a stagecoach holdup where white men posing as Indians kill the driver and guard and left a pretty passenger for dead. Billy the Kid rescues the stranded lady who convinces Hardie Billy didn't rob the stage.
28 Oct. 1957
The Auction
At the annual auction of Wells Fargo's unclaimed luggage a man and a woman Hardie is following bid vigorously on a battered suitcase. Hardie wins the auction. He is pistol whipped and the suitcase is stolen which may contain stolen money.
4 Nov. 1957
Hank Aka Chips
Jim Hardie is called in when a stagecoach is robbed near the Arizona/New Mexico border. He is told that the only thing taken was a yellow mongrel dog. Investigating further he learns that the dog's collar may provide evidence to a murder.
11 Nov. 1957
Man in the Box
Jim Hardie and Wells Fargo agents set a trap for the notorious Stillwell gang, but the outlaws manage to outwit the detectives and escape with five thousand dollars. Now all the detectives can do is hope the marked bills appear.
18 Nov. 1957
The Kid
Hardie, sent by Wells Fargo, tries to clear a young man he hired for them charged with murder when he's found standing over a dead man with his gun still smoking. With no time due to a quick trial, Hardie is forced to act as his lawyer.
25 Nov. 1957
Barbary Coast
A Wells Fargo ship captain is charged with delivering jade worth $20,000 in the Barbary Coast. Instead the jade is stolen and he is charged with the guard's murder. It is up to Hardie to prove his old friend is innocent and find the jade.
2 Dec. 1957
Ride with the Killer
When a train carrying a Wells Fargo express car is robbed, Hardie is assigned to recover the stolen money. His efforts are handicapped by a new trigger-happy detective he is training who disapproves of Jim's methods as being too soft.
9 Dec. 1957
The Inscrutable Man
Hardie is ordered to track down the man who murdered a Wells Fargo messenger. He is helped by the driver who recognized the killer and is willing to testify. The town is wild and Hardie is surprised at the actions of several people.
16 Dec. 1957
The General
Hardie is ordered by Wells Fargo to escort General Sheridan who hates Indians by stagecoach to Fort Laramie for a meeting with the Sioux tribe to create peace in the area. Attacking outlaws may ensure that the powwow never comes to pass.
23 Dec. 1957
Rather than spend Christmas with friends as he planned, Hardie is sent to track gunrunners who are transporting weapons illegally across the Mexican border at Laredo to gangs who say they are insurrectionists.
30 Dec. 1957
The Witness
When a Wells Fargo office is robbed and one of Jim Hardie's friends is murdered, Hardie is doubly intent on solving the crime. With the help of an aging sheriff and a spunky boy, Jim sets a trap to lure the criminals to expose themselves.
7 Jan. 1958
Doc Bell
Pretending to be hardened convict, Hardie escapes from prison with a felon who stashed the proceeds from a stagecoach robbery before he was captured. The Wells Fargo detective hopes that his new partner will lead him to the hidden loot.
13 Jan. 1958
Stage West
Jim Hardie agrees to having Wells Fargo take a woman as cargo who is wanted as a material witness in a San Francisco political corruption investigation. He is forced to guard her after the detective assigned to escort her is murdered.
20 Jan. 1958
Hoss Tamer
A young man stranded in a remote town is looking for a job working with horses. Jim Hardie befriends him along with a cranky softy and he returns the favor by helping Hardie solve the murder of a Wells Fargo agent and a robbery.it.
27 Jan. 1958
Hide Jumpers
Hardie attempts to find a gang of outlaws who specialize in stealing buffalo hides from a buffalo hide buyer, Fresno Keeley, backed by Wells Fargo. He suspects one of those involved is Billy Thompson, brother of Ben Thompson.
3 Feb. 1958
The Walking Mountain
When Wells Fargo is accused of stealing high grade gold ore from the Walking Mountain mine's wagons, Hardie is sent to the mine to investigate after another Wells Fargo investigator is killed in a mine accident after two days on the job.
10 Feb. 1958
Bill Longley
Wanted outlaw Bill Longley and Jim join forces to retrieve money stolen from Wells Fargo. Another outlaw working with Longley tricks Hardie into having the $5,000 reward available to steal and then steals Longley's girl with the money.
17 Feb. 1958
The Prisoner
Hardie offers an old outlaw he sent to prison, not known for his trustworthiness, the opportunity to earn a parole and a reward if he will lead a posse into an outlaw stronghold and help rescue a United States senator from his kidnappers.
23 Feb. 1958
Dr. Alice
An outlaw gang abducts a pretty woman doctor to operate on one of their wounded confederates. Hardie desperately attempts to rescue the young woman as the local Wells Fargo agent's wife needs her assistance during a difficult childbirth.
3 Mar. 1958
The Sooners
Hardie delivers a race horse to Wells Fargo employee Ken Hunter to use in the race for land in the Oklahoma Strip to stake out a Wells Fargo depot. When there is no word from him, Hardie is sent to locate the missing man and the horse.
10 Mar. 1958
Alias Jim Hardie
After a train robbery Jim Hardie is sent to guard a $20,000 payroll. An outlaw gang abducts him and one of the outlaws, using Jim's identification papers, takes his place to rob the local Wells Fargo safe with the help of the female clerk.
17 Mar. 1958
The Johnny Ringo Story
When Hardie captures the notorious Johnny Ringo, the outlaw requests that he be able to visit his sister, who is dying, for three days and to keep from the young woman Ringo's criminal background but another man may mess things up.
24 Mar. 1958
The Newspaper
Hardie is sent to the town of Madden controlled by Effie Sutton when the Wells Fargo stages runs into problem on the line competing with Effie's own S&S stage line. The revolt by the people of Madden results in a murder and holdup.
31 Mar. 1958
Special Delivery
While riding shotgun to protect a valuable gold shipment, Hardie and his stagecoach driver have an interesting collection of passengers and cargo:a U.S. Army officer being sent to Fort Laramie to stand trial, a married couple and a baby.
7 Apr. 1958
Jim Hardie in Deadwood to protect a shipment tries to prove a notorious gunslinger, Billy Reno, has been framed for holding up the stagecoach and murder after he realizes the case against Billy has come together far too easily.
14 Apr. 1958
The Gun
During an attempted hold-up, Hardie guns down a man who the outlaw leader claims was not a member of their gang. Hardie learns the man was an ex-convict who had gone straight after being released from prison and investigates him.
21 Apr. 1958
The Reward
Hardie rides into Bridger to present a reward check to a man who helped prevent a stagecoach robbery. The fearful townspeople claim that they've never heard of the man and when the detective investigates, he discovers the hero's grave.
28 Apr. 1958
The Pickpocket
Jim's train is robbed and he is left without funds in a small town whose businessmen refuse to grant him credit. With the help of a friendly old pickpocket, Hardie manages to alleviate his money problems and bring the thieves to justice.
5 May 1958
Jim is sent to investigate the murder of a Wells Fargo agent and finds that the sheriff suspects their new teacher, an ex-convict. Although Jim sent the man to prison, he is convinced that the killer is one of the town's leading citizens.
12 May 1958
The Renegade
Wells Fargo manager has second thoughts about a stagecoach guard he recently hired despite the man's lack of references. He remembered that the new guard wore a belt buckle similar to those worn by a notorious family of Texas outlaws.
19 May 1958
The Break
Jim investigates the murder of a Wells Fargo express agent. His only lead is a young wounded outlaw. With the help of the local sheriff, Jim pretends to be Jesse James and tricks the youthful criminal into taking him to the gang's hideout.
26 May 1958
The Sniper
When he arrives at a Wells Fargo office, Hardie witnesses the murder of its agent by a sniper bullet. Hardie quickly focuses on a number of suspects, including two Wells Fargo employees who have dark secrets they wish to keep hidden.

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