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26 Feb. 1959
The Silver Spiral
A murderer escapes from an insane asylum and heads for Virginia City. Blake must capture him before he can kill again.
12 Feb. 1959
Travel Now, Slay Later
Blake pursues a thief of negotiable bonds to his Hawaiian hideaway.
22 Jan. 1959
Excitement at Milltown
Blake investigates a series of deadly accidents at a remote lumber mill and discovers sabotage.
1 Jan. 1959
Prettiest Dress in Goldfield
A hermit is accused of murdering a man and a woman, but Blake believe the man was framed.
8 Jan. 1959
The Trap That Jack Built
When a woman is electrocuted in an abandoned mine, Blake determines that the "accident" was really murder and suspects the mine's owner had the best motive.
15 Jan. 1959
This One'll Kill Ya
Blake investigates the murder of a woman found dead in her car in Reno. His prime suspect is the woman's ex-husband.
24 Mar. 1959
Carson City Kitty
Blake suspects an inside job when a valuable necklace is stolen from a Carson City, Nevada museum.
29 Jan. 1959
Lonely Valley
Piute Indians request the assistance of Rod Blake when a hermit and his sons, crazed by an atomic test in the Nevada desert, shoot anything that moves in their valley, especially Indians hunting for game.
16 Apr. 1959
Case of the Barefoot Girl
When an old friend is accused of murdering a vacationing couple in Mexico, Blake travels south of the border to investigate the crime.
19 Feb. 1959
Fiddle Dee Dead
When a holdup gang steals the car of a popular Reno band leader, Blake uses a violin as bait to capture the crooks.
2 Apr. 1959
The Judas Tree
A drifter who witnesses a murder attempts to flee, but falls victim to the murderers.
3 Mar. 1959
Inherit a Bullet
When a wealthy rancher dies in an automobile accident, his mother is shocked to meet a woman claiming to be his wife who demands her share of the estate.
10 Mar. 1959
The Man from Solitary
Blake goes undercover in Arizona to investigate the activities of a rancher who hires ex-convicts to work on his spread.
17 Mar. 1959
Hard Money, Soft Touch
Blake suspects a casino dealer and her shifty boyfriend when a priceless coin collection is stolen.
7 May 1959
Pistols for Two
Blake is asked to determine whether or not a San Franciso newspaper reporter was murdered or killed in self-defense.
21 May 1959
So Early in the Mourning
Blake goes undercover to investigate a tip that a woman is seeking to hire a killer for a murder-for-hire scheme.
9 Apr. 1959
The Choker
Blake's investigation into the deaths of nightclub waitresses leads to a hobo camp. He tries to get evidence by posing a vagrant.
23 Apr. 1959
Let 'Em Eat Smoke
Blake parachutes into a forest fire to capture a murder suspect hiding in an abandoned mine.
30 Apr. 1959
The Patient Skeleton
When a runaway truck accidentally strikes an old mansion, a human skeleton--long hidden inside a wall--are revealed.
11 Jun. 1959
Everything Else Is Bridgeport
While investigating a murder, Blake discovers his suspect has fled Nevada, heading for New York City.
14 May 1959
While Jerome Burned
Blake investigates the murder of a ranch owner found dead in a burning car. His prime suspects are the ranch foreman and the dead man's former spouse.
28 May 1959
Love on the Rocks
Blake investigates the murder of a woman and discovers there are clouds of suspects - everyone who knew the woman had reason to hate her.
4 Jun. 1959
And Baby Makes Two
When a gambling casino is robbed, Blake is called in to lead the search for the crooks and recover the loot.
18 May 1959
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Blake investigates when a visitor disappears from a military academy's campus under mysterious circumstances.
25 Jun. 1959
The Girl on Cloud Nine
Blake investigates the link between a blackmail threat and an assault on a Las Vegas showgirl.
Larceny and Old Ace
The wife of Brady Colfax, a soon-to-be-released convict, warns Blake that the man still held a grudge against him for testifying against him in court.
2 Jul. 1959
Another Chance
While transporting a murderer to Reno for trial, Blake begins to wonder if the young man's claim of self-defense might not be valid.
6 Aug. 1959
The Woman Who Cried Wolf
A young girl replaces a woman in a vaudeville act.

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