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3 Jan. 1958
Diamonds in the Rough
Blake investigates a jewelry theft and uncovers a cloud of suspects.
12 Jan. 1958
Cable Car to Tombstone
Blake investigates when a Hoover Dam worker irrationally flees a plainclothes detective and falls to his death.
19 Jan. 1958
The Perilous Picnic
A man kidnaps two women from a national park and threatens them unless his former boss ransoms them. Blake goes undercover as a photographer to try to rescue the missing women before they come to harm.
26 Jan. 1958
Grudge Race
Blake investigates a speed boat wreck that critically injured the driver and suspects that incident was not an accident.
23 Feb. 1958
Dangerous Honeymoon
When a private plane crashes in the Nevada desert, Blake is asked to help identify the victims.
9 Feb. 1958
The Doll Who Couldn't Sleep
Blake learns of the upcoming robbery of a Las Vegas Western Union branch.
16 Feb. 1958
Full Circle
Blake investigates the murder of a man found beaten to death and placed in a demolished car.
13 Apr. 1958
Crisis at Comstock
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1 Mar. 1958
The Case of the Happy Dragon
Rod Blake decides to go to San Francisco to investigate a most unusual case. The corpse of a Chinese woman has indeed been ... kidnapped and held for ransom.
15 Mar. 1958
Wild Green Yonder
When two men posing as soldiers and a female accomplice heist a large Air Force payroll, Blake is assigned to work with federal law enforcement personnel to recover the money.
11 May 1958
312 Vertical
Blake poses as a bank robber in order to infiltrate a gang who owns a number of hotels across the country to serve as hideouts after robberies.
16 Feb. 1958
Death on Wheels
Blake is ordered to investigate a wave of highway truck robberies.
6 Apr. 1958
710 Hysteria Street
Blake investigates when a prowler terrorizes a neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks.
8 Mar. 1958
Sweetheart of Sigmund Kaye
A husband and wife disappear under mysterious circumstances. Their daughter, a pretty college student, claims that they often travel great distances on the spur of the moment.
20 Apr. 1958
Kitchen Kill
Blake investigates a suspicious death to determine if it was an accident or murder.
10 Sep. 1958
Hardrock Man
Blake is suspicious of a man's confession to murder.
22 Jun. 1958
Key to a Killer
Blake investigates when a man is killed interrupting a burglary. His investigation shows that burglary fits into a pattern of other crimes with the link being a home-repair company. Blake goes undercover as a carpenter to investigate the company's personnel.
27 Apr. 1958
Stay Lost Little Girl
Blake is asked to locate a missing niece, who left her Kansas farm to join a carnival.
4 May 1958
Blake and Anderson pose as campers to serve as bait for two men posing as prospectors who rob and kill campers. The criminals try to hide their crimes by burning the crime scene.
18 May 1958
The Last Waltz
A family of crooks plans to hijack appliances bound for a new housing development.
18 Aug. 1958
Sweet & Gentle, Ltd.
Blake investigates the murder of a man found dead in his company's vault.
1 Jun. 1958
No, My Darling Daughter
A father trying to prevent his daughter's wedding, sends a man to prevent their elopement in Reno.
25 Aug. 1958
The Clever Man
Blake is asked to investigate when an insurance agent withdraws a large sum from his bank account and gives it to a known con-man.
14 Jul. 1958
Joker's Dead
Blake investigates when a compulsive practical joker is found dead at a resort.
21 Jul. 1958
The Winnemucca Weskit
Blake's investigation of a bank robbery in which a deputy sheriff was killed leads to an old friend who makes bullet-proof vests.
28 Jul. 1958
You Can't Run Forever
When a police officer searches a car after stopping the driver for speeding he discovers a stolen bracelet. Blake believes the young man was framed and tries to find the guilty parties.
1 Sep. 1958
When the Cat's Away
Blake joins a carnival to prove that some of its workers are involved in a series of burglaries.

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