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Year: 1956 | 1957 | 1958 | 1959 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 0: Rodeo Rough House

3 February 1956
Blake is sent to northern Nevada to investigate the robbery and beating of a rancher who just withdrew 600 dollars in brand new bills from the Tonopah bank. Blake investigation of the crime scene gleans information indicating that the thief was a cowpoke driving a truck with a battered horse trailer, so he heads to a rodeo in Elko to find his man.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Beverly Garland ... Nellie Austin

Claude Akins ... The Rodeo Clown

Robert Burton ... Sheriff Grundy
Tol Avery ... Bert Rogers

Robert Anderson ... Swede Austin (as Bob Anderson)
Simon Scott ... Ryan

James Flavin ... Director of Investigation
Pat Conway ... Saunders

Raymond Hatton ... The Old Man
Bob Morgan ... Gym Deputy
George Bell ... Cowboy (uncredited)
Cecil Combs ... Cowboy (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 1: Red Badge of Death

25 September 1956
When gamblers leaving Las Vegas are robbed of their winnings by men posing as police officers, Blake masquerades as a high roller to try to lure the bandits into a trap.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jean Byron ... Jean Burton

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Bob Elder
Cliff Ferre ... Johnny Tobias (as Clifford Ferré)
Carol Kelly ... Doll
Jacqueline deWit ... Mrs. Avery (as Jacqueline de Wit)

James Nolan ... Clark County Sheriff
William Remick ... John Howard Preston

Season 1, Episode 2: The Paperhanger of Pioche

2 October 1956
Blake is assigned to assist the Las Vegas police track down a couple passing bogus payroll checks.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Carolyn Jones ... Betty Fowler

Patrick O'Neal ... Jeff Manley

James Nolan ... Sheriff John Elder
Maureen Stephenson ... Irene Perry
Don Kohler
David Dwight
Tom Kingston (as Tommy Kingston)

Season 1, Episode 3: Meeting at Julias

9 October 1956
A gang of thieves kill a silver mine's paymaster and wound a policeman during a payroll robbery. Blake pursues a gang of murderous thieves to a graveyard in Virginia City, Nevada.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Tom Fadden ... Barnett Collins

Gail Kobe ... Girl at Cabin

William Phipps ... Alonzo Miller
Tom Gleason ... Deputy Sheriff Steve Donner
Nora Marlowe ... Julia Brundidge
Harry Fleer ... Ross Collins
Paul Stader ... Jethro Collins

Season 1, Episode 4: Jailbreak at Tonopah

28 November 1956
A wife and a friend engineer a jailbreak for a man in jail on concealed weapon charges so he dig up the loot from an earlier robbery. Rod Blake and the sheriff of Tonopah, Nevada attempt to apprehend the three crooks and recover the money.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jack Kelly ... Johnny Bledsoe

K.T. Stevens ... Ann Bledsoe

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Bill Logan (as Alex Campbell)

Robert Bice ... Fred Carr
Thomas E. Jackson ... Gordo (as Thomas Jackson)

Season 1, Episode 5: The Hills of Homicide

4 December 1956
A man seeking help after running out of gas discovers two bodies in a house trailer. Rod Blake tries to find the killer with only a Lake Tahoe trailer park brochure, a spearfishing gun and mining stock certificates for clues.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Leo Gordon ... Ed Munger
Evelyn Eaton ... Amelia Spender (as Evelynne Eaton)

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Bill Logan (as Alex Campbell)
Robert R. Stephenson ... Mr. Gerber (as Robert Stephenson)
Greta Ullmann ... Mrs. Stephenson (as Greta Ulman)
George Robotham ... Tom O'Dell
Bob Morgan ... Man (uncredited)
Carl Saxe ... Man (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: From Here to Molokai

7 December 1956
Blake learns that a suspect in a Reno murder might be living as a beachcomber on Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jorja Curtright ... Betty Davidson

Walter Coy ... Lou Kendall
Herbert Ellis ... Arthur Stanley

Norman Leavitt ... C.R. Benedict

Season 1, Episode 7: What Price Gloria

11 December 1956
Blake suspects that a boating accident is actually a case of attempted murder and his prime suspect is the victim's best friend.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Gloria Saunders ... Gloria DiNeen

Mike Connors ... Jim Herndon (as Jay Connors)
Maxine Cooper ... Mary Herndon

Season 1, Episode 8: Weep No More O'Grady

12 December 1956
Rod tries to determine the connection between forged antiques, an automobile accident and a corpse.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Fay Baker ... Judith Andrews

Ted de Corsia ... Jay O'Grady
Gene Hardy ... Jim Bender
Howard Wright ... Sheriff Dan Long

George DeNormand ... Joe (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: Nevada Boy, Pride and Joy

18 December 1956
Blake investigates a businessman's claim that someone plans to kill him.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Dorothy Green ... Nancy Cottle

Robert F. Simon ... Colonel Greenlee (as Robert Simon)

Rachel Ames ... Jenny Braedon (as Judith Ames)
John Bryant ... Hank Greenlee

Season 1, Episode 10: One Way to Tahoe

25 December 1956
When a bride vanishes while honeymooning at Lake Tahoe vanishes shortly after depositing a large sum in her new husband's bank account, Blake's investigation focuses on the woman's ex-husband.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Craig Stevens ... Arness Blackmore

Edward Platt ... Stanley Andrews (as Ed Platt)
Claudia Bryar ... Jane Andrews Blackmore

Season 1, Episode 11: Room Service for 321

1 January 1957
When a woman is found murdered in her hotel room, Blake and Sheriff Anderson suspect that an elderly ex-convict recently released from prison might be involved.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Douglas Fowley ... Matt 'Pop' Porter

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Robert Bray ... Harry Belinda

Burt Mustin ... Okra John

Bart Braverman ... Boy (as Bart Bradley)

Season 1, Episode 12: The Cash Out

15 January 1957
When a large sum of money is stolen in Las Vegas, Blake's investigation leads him to a bookmaker, a chorus girl and Chicago, Illinois.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Paul Langton ... Hal Denton
Ann McCrea ... Debbie Lang

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder
Emerson Treacy ... Arthur Galbreath
Thomas Browne Henry ... Mr. Fine (as Thomas B. Henry)
Preston Hanson ... Ray Jensen

Season 1, Episode 13: Trail of the Dead

29 January 1957
Blake investigates when five amateur prospectors disappear in a remote area of mountainous area. The trail leads to a remote cabin and mine.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Denver Pyle ... Mark Schmedler

Jack Lambert ... Jessup Trask
Jean Inness ... Ma Trask (as Jean Innes)

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Logan (as Alex Campbell)
Tim Graham ... Storekeeper

Ted Mapes ... Hutchinson

Season 1, Episode 14: Rocking Chair Bandit

1 February 1957
Police investigate a series of robberies apparently perpetrated by an elderly woman. Blake believes that crimes weren't committed by an elderly crook at all, but by a pair of out-of-work dancers.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Robert Cornthwaite ... Gil Miller
Tracey Roberts ... Marie Miller
Joan Sudlow ... Mamie Grant
Don Kohler

Joe McGuinn
Chuck Tyler
Jack Hogan ... Deputy Sheriff Torrence (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 15: Coate of Many Colors

13 February 1957
Blake's murder investigation reveals that the victim lived a double-life - that of a ordinary cowhand and a famous artist.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Amanda Blake ... Betty Lavon
Cliff Ferre ... Lloyd Hersh (as Clifford Ferre)
Walter Kingsford ... Mr. Darnell
Jonathan Hole ... Art Dealer
Jim Hayward ... Tex

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Logan (as Alex Campbell)

Bud Osborne ... Elmer F. Rodin

Season 1, Episode 16: Boulder Joe's Bottle House

20 February 1957
Blake suspects a retired safecracker, now living as a desert rat, might be responsible for the robbery and murder of a night watchman.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Jeanne Cooper ... Doris - Lee's Wife
Peter Leeds ... Lee
Charles Seel ... Boulder Joe Palace
Helen Gereghty ... Mrs. Crossman

Season 1, Episode 17: Who Killed Doc. Robbins

27 February 1957
Sheriff investigates the disappearance of a local drifter who recently married the daughter of a prosperous Reno rancher.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Virginia Christine ... Dorette Mason
Douglas Odney ... Cleve Gilbert aka Doc Robbins

Edward Platt ... John Wilbur Mason (as Ed Platt)
Amzie Strickland ... Delia Gilbert (as Anzie Strickland)

Season 1, Episode 18: Buck Fever

1 March 1957
Blake investigates the connection between a hunting accident and buried treasure.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Michael Landon ... Joe Durando
Jan Chaney ... Marie Durando
Hugh Sanders ... Ed Hedstrom
Richard Newton ... Charlie Dickens

John Gallaudet ... Warden Fuller

Charles Stevens ... Ten-Gauge Vasquez

Season 1, Episode 19: No Fancy Cowboys

13 March 1957
Blake goes undercover as a dude range cowpoke to learn if the owner and her henchmen are extorting money from their guests.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Katherine Warren ... Hattie Hale (as Katharine Warren)

Myrna Dell ... Carol Smith

Guy Williams ... Vince Breedon
Mary Alan Hokanson ... Charlotte Jackson

Jeanne Bates ... Laura Henderson
Hal Le Sueur ... Alan Waterman

Season 1, Episode 20: Violets on Mt. Rose

27 March 1957
Blake investigates a Reno jewelry store robbery and learns that the crooks had inside help.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Joan Vohs ... June Rogarth

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Mark Dana ... Dooley Woodley
Ed Hinton ... Will Morrison
Rankin Mansfield ... Mr. Madden
Marion Gray ... Mae Smith
Eula Asher ... Mrs. Libbett

Season 1, Episode 21: The Last Stage Robbery

2 April 1957
A reenactment of an Old West stagecoach ride results in robbery, kidnapping and murder. Blake is called in to assist the Las Vegas police rescue the victim and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder
Doris Packer ... Bertha Thompson

John Crawford ... Fred Thompson

Stafford Repp ... Henry Myers
Nancy Evans ... Nell Myers
Robert Patten ... Tom Thompson

Boyd Stockman ... Stagecoach Driver

Season 1, Episode 22: The Silver Duke

10 April 1957
Blake goes undercover to learn the identity of crooks who have been stealing silver from a Nevada mine.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Anderson ... Carlson
Kim Spalding ... Kline

Ernest Sarracino ... Nick Puccelli

Roy Barcroft ... Chief Barron
Marshall Bradford ... Old Dusty

William Haade ... Stoneman

Fred Aldrich ... Miner (uncredited)
Fred Carson ... Deputy Sheriff (uncredited)

Franklyn Farnum ... Watchman (uncredited)
King Lockwood ... Clerk (uncredited)
Jack Perry ... Miner (uncredited)
Sammy Shack ... Miner (uncredited)
Bob Terhune ... Mine Guard (uncredited)

Henry Wills ... Saloon Patron (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 23: Death on the Rock

17 April 1957
When a missing hunter is found dead, Blake suspects that the land owner may have killed him.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Harry Lauter ... Sheriff Steve Reed
Rusty Lane ... Walter Johnson

Gilman Rankin ... Sy Conway (as Gil Rankin)
David Bair ... Billy Conway
James Stone ... Frank Gibbs
Wilson Wood ... Deputy Sheriff

Season 1, Episode 24: The Last War Party

8 May 1957
A Piute Indian is convicted of cattle-rustling and sentenced to serve a hefty jail sentence in spite of protesting his innocence.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Michael Landon ... Willie Losada
Charles Davis ... Wink Winkowitz

Myron Healey ... Red Shawn (as Michael Healey)
Jan Chaney ... Mrs. Losada aka Little Rabbit
Alan Reynolds ... Deputy Sheriff Hank
Elizabeth Woods ... Rancher's Wife

Frank O'Connor ... Farmer Anson (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 25: Voice of the Bug

14 May 1957
A private detective, whose specialty is electronic surveillance devices, is found murdered. Blake joins the Las Vegas police force to bring the killer of the former policeman to justice.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Dan Elder

Carolyn Craig ... Katie George
Tol Avery ... Sam George
Jean Howell ... Wendy Miller
Russell Thorson ... Nelson Miller (as Russ Thorson)

Season 1, Episode 26: The One That Didn't Get Away

17 May 1957
Blake travels to an exclusive hunting lodge to investigate the death of three wealthy members and discovers that the "accident" was really cold-blooded murder.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Donald Randolph ... Dr. Cardella
Carol Shannon ... Jacqueline Milner

Ross Elliott ... Bob Milner
Lewis Martin ... Col. Emory Baker
Tom McKee
John Compton
Dick Crockett ... Undetermined Role

Season 1, Episode 27: Cinder Jungle

15 May 1957
Blake helps a railroad detective investigate a wave of freight train robberies.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Joseph Sargent ... Eddie Fremont
Charles Watts ... Tiny Ray

Frank Richards ... Max Dorfman
Ric Roman ... Cross

Malcolm Atterbury ... Slim Smith

Dale Van Sickel ... Brakeman (as Dale Van Sickle)

Bobby Barber ... Short Hobo (unconfirmed)

Season 1, Episode 28: Diamonds Come High

1 May 1957
Blake investigate pilots working for a charter airplane company when $200,000 worth of diamonds are stolen.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Rockwell ... Joe Bishop

Doris Singleton ... Benita Proctor
Will J. White ... Under Sheriff Rex Miller
Jean Engstrom ... Deputy Sheriff Lili Haskell

Ian MacDonald ... Bob Stuart
Henry Hunter ... Henry Young
Voltaire Perkins ... Milton Davis
Gwen Caldwell ... Connie

Season 1, Episode 29: Jail Trail

29 May 1957
Blake races to arrest a criminal who fled to Los Angeles after committing a murder in Reno before the husband can find him and exact his personal revenge.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Harry Lewis ... Lenny Barnes

William Phipps ... Hilliard
Elaine Riley ... Elaine Barnes
Mark Dunhill ... Harry Brandon
Francis De Sales ... Police Lt. Jackford

Bud Osborne ... Gas Station Attendant
Dick Crockett ... Bald Hoodlum at Gas Station
Carl Saxe ... Burly Hoodlum at Gas Station

Season 1, Episode 30: The Only Girl on Boot Hill

Blake must find for a mentally unstable man, unbalanced by the death of his wife, before he can harm himself or others.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Christopher Dark ... Greg Ormsby
Fintan Meyler ... Betty McGill
Madeleine Taylor Holmes ... Mrs. Willoughby (as Madeleine Holmes)

Raymond Bailey ... Mr. Ormsby

William Challee ... Mr. Willoughby

Season 1, Episode 31: No Blaze of Glory

12 June 1957
Blake investigates arson and murder in the small Nevada town of Goldfield. The owner of the general store's wife was found in the wreckage and the man was suspiciously out of town when the blaze occurred.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Frank Ferguson ... Frank Cliff

Vivi Janiss ... Mabel Cliff
Edgar Dearing ... Sheriff Cass Greevey (as Ed Dearing)
David Hoffman ... Mr. Beaton

Season 1, Episode 32: Beef ala Murder

19 June 1957
Blake and a female detective are investigating a payroll robbery when bills from the theft are discovered in Reno and Las Vegas.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Constance Towers ... Doris Woodley
John Reach ... Deke Connors Jr.

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder
Brad Johnson ... Matt Bakeman

Olan Soule ... Hotel Clerk
Tom Hernández ... Pepe Soto (as Tom Hernandez)

Season 1, Episode 33: Ride Til You Die

26 June 1957
When a love triangle at a dude ranch explodes into murder, Blake is ordered to apprehend the murderer.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Don Durant ... Ronnie Mann

Penny Edwards ... Ann Winters

May Wynn ... Nancy Trainor
Bill Cassady ... Dan Barrow

Phil Chambers ... Pell Larson

Hope Summers ... Helen Milliron

Season 1, Episode 35: Safe on a Boat

29 September 1957
Police investigate the theft of Las Vegas casino's safe that disappeared during a lavish wedding ceremony. Blake's only clue points to the honeymooning couple who are en route to Niagara Falls.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Whitney Blake ... Kathy Fallon

John Vivyan ... Gil Henderson
Gerald Milton ... Ben Ealy

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Dan Elder
Ned Wever ... Frank Leonard
George Pelling ... Police Inspector Harold

Season 1, Episode 36: Fury on Fremont Street

6 October 1957
When her former husband is released from prison, a woman contacts the police requesting protection because she fears the ex-con will kill her. Blake is ordered to investigate when the woman's second husband is shot during a Las Vegas Wild West parade.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Dick Foran ... George Larkin

Virginia Christine ... Ethel Larkin
Baynes Barron ... Marty Nestor

Barry Curtis ... Teddy Larkin

Season 1, Episode 37: The Live Shell Game

23 August 1957
Blake goes undercover at a small desert museum where con-artists are accused of swindling tourists of large sums of money.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder

Arthur Space ... Sam Denfield

Ann Doran ... Myra Denfield

Stafford Repp ... Ben

Bobby Jordan ... Ed Howard (as Robert Jordan)
Tim Graham ... Cactus Pete Parsons
Ann Staunton ... Mary Howard
Alyn Lockwood ... Detective Sgt. Nancy Grace

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: A Penny Saved

19 September 1957
A publicist calls the Las Vegas police to claim an entertainer he represents has been kidnapped. Blake and Elder's investigation reveals a link between the abduction and a bank robbery.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder

Jackie Loughery ... Penny Lawrin
Gordon Mills ... Ronnie Nevers

John Mitchum ... Sheriff Tom Newell
Phil Tully ... Red Jackson

Lovyss Bradley ... Dora Jackson

Season 2, Episode 2: Out of Line

15 September 1957
Rod tries to capture a murderous robber through his ex-wife, a Las Vegas chorus girl.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jean Willes ... Jackie Purcell
Joe Miksak ... James Flynn (as Joseph Miksak)

Gail Kobe ... Mary Beldon

Don Haggerty ... Sheriff Elder
Helen Wallace ... Helen Crane

Guy Teague ... Deputy Gunderson

Season 2, Episode 3: Madman on the Mountain

22 September 1957
When a gangster is arrested for attacking his ex-wife with a wrench, he pleads insanity. Blake works to prove that the thug is competent to stand trail and intended to maim his former spouse.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Bart Burns ... Roy Barnett

Sara Anderson ... Jane James

Robert Stevenson ... Sheriff Dan Long

Bill Erwin ... Neal James
Dudley Manlove ... Henry--Prosecuting Attorney
Jack Gargan ... Jury Foreman

Pat O'Malley ... Judge Wilbur Stanton
Roy Darmour ... Dr. Dine
Paul Power ... Juror
Bud Wolfe ... Deputy Sheriff Bob Daniels
Don Turner ... Court Deputy
Allen Pinson ... Deputy Sheriff Walt Roberts (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 4: The Talking Corpse

1 December 1957
The captain of a sightseeing boat reports a passenger, who had been acting oddly after spotting a couple on the dock, has disappeared during a tour of Lake Mead.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jeanne Cooper ... Emma Dupenz

Craig Stevens ... Jim Bancroft
Lewis Martin ... Henry Dupenz
Charles Keane ... Ranger Clyde Dorn
Don Kohler ... Frank Mattlock

Season 2, Episode 8: Diamonds in the Rough

3 January 1958
Blake investigates a jewelry theft and uncovers a cloud of suspects.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Russ Conway ... Deputy Sheriff Jim Long

Sara Shane ... Marilyn Thayer

David McMahon ... Sheriff Jeff Carney
Ralph Reed ... Jack
Scott Peters ... Eddie Long

Season 2, Episode 9: Cable Car to Tombstone

12 January 1958
Blake investigates when a Hoover Dam worker irrationally flees a plainclothes detective and falls to his death.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Ross Elliott ... Detective Wes James / Johnny Henderson
Ann Morrison ... Mrs. Boger

Larry J. Blake ... Harvey Steen (as Larry Blake)

Dennis Moore ... William Boger
Harry Hickox ... Sheriff Elder

Season 2, Episode 10: The Perilous Picnic

19 January 1958
A man kidnaps two women from a national park and threatens them unless his former boss ransoms them. Blake goes undercover as a photographer to try to rescue the missing women before they come to harm.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Veda Ann Borg ... Sheila Granville
Tom Dillon ... Lesley Adams (as Thomas P. Dillon)

John Dennis ... Burt Granville
Sue George ... Sue Adams

Jeanne Bates ... Martha Adams
Harry Hickox ... Sheriff Elder
Kenneth Patterson ... Mr. Brighton

Season 2, Episode 11: Grudge Race

26 January 1958
Blake investigates a speed boat wreck that critically injured the driver and suspects that incident was not an accident.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Brian G. Hutton ... Ben Ericson (as Brian Hutton)
S. John Launer ... Gil McAdams (as John Launer)
Mary Munday ... Ellen McAdams
Ric Roman ... Johnny Lanbia
Harry Hickox ... Sheriff Elder
Robert Brubaker ... Scott Davis
Joe Haworth ... Al Maple

Season 2, Episode 12: Dangerous Honeymoon

23 February 1958
When a private plane crashes in the Nevada desert, Blake is asked to help identify the victims.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Tom Greenway ... Sheriff Jack Bronson

Walter Reed ... William Baxter
Paul Smith ... Jim Sheldon

Sally Fraser ... Nancy Sheldon
Francis De Sales ... Donald Perry
Oliver McGowan ... Robert Stone

Season 2, Episode 13: The Doll Who Couldn't Sleep

9 February 1958
Blake learns of the upcoming robbery of a Las Vegas Western Union branch.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Harry Landers ... Ben Stassel
Susan Morrow ... Rose Stassel
Tom Greenway ... Sheriff Jack Bronson

Gina Gillespie ... Edith Stassel
Chuck Couch ... Cy

Season 2, Episode 14: Full Circle

16 February 1958
Blake investigates the murder of a man found beaten to death and placed in a demolished car.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Virginia Gregg ... Laura Marco

Bartlett Robinson ... Vincent Marco

Ken Lynch ... Edward Loomis
Tom Greenway ... Sheriff Jack Bronson

Season 2, Episode 15: The Gandy Dancers of Steptoe Valley

15 December 1957
Blake pursues a gang who have been robbing mines and mills.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Claude Akins ... Janskey
Laurie Carroll ... Francesca Viejo
Sid Cassel ... Paul Viejo

Eilene Janssen ... Rose Janskey
Carlos Romero ... Pablo Viejo

Lane Chandler ... Stanton

Season 2, Episode 16: The Sound of Death

22 December 1957
Blake is called as a witness in a million-dollar lawsuit against the U.S. government.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Roy Engel ... Sam Ketch

Robert Stevenson ... Sheriff Dan Long
Laurie Mitchell ... Fern Ballard
Mike Steele ... Johnny Folks
Guy Kingsford ... King

Season 2, Episode 17: The Dancing Dowager

29 December 1957
In order to capture a con-woman, Blake must run a con of his own.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Noreen Nash ... Cynthia Hayes
Harry Hickox ... Sheriff John Elder
Larry Kerr ... Roger Hayes

Paul Keast ... Elmer Grant
The Ames Brothers ... Singing Group

Ed Ames ... Singer (as The Ames Brothers)
Paul Bradley ... Manager (uncredited)
Rudy Germane ... Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Joseph La Cava ... Waiter (uncredited)
Fred Rapport ... Waiter (uncredited)

Cosmo Sardo ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 18: Crisis at Comstock

13 April 1958

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Douglas Kennedy ... Harry Goodman

Virginia Gregg ... Helen Domby

Myron Healey ... Ed Benson
Stanley Farrar ... Mr. Briggs

Season 2, Episode 19: The Case of the Happy Dragon

1 March 1958
Rod Blake decides to go to San Francisco to investigate a most unusual case. The corpse of a Chinese woman has indeed been ... kidnapped and held for ransom.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Marvin Miller ... Police Sgt. Clarence Wong
Pat Hogan ... Walter Kam

Joi Lansing ... Angie
Frances Fong ... Mei Ling Kam

Chris Alcaide ... Joe Forrest

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Frank Logan

Norman Leavitt ... Ross Partridge
Harold Fong ... Jung

Season 2, Episode 20: Wild Green Yonder

15 March 1958
When two men posing as soldiers and a female accomplice heist a large Air Force payroll, Blake is assigned to work with federal law enforcement personnel to recover the money.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Bart Burns ... Agent Frank Dent

Angie Dickinson ... Betty Locke

Jan Merlin ... Ben Miller

Doris Singleton ... Mary Jenson

Don Keefer ... Ed Locke
Dale Cummings ... Corporal Craddock

Season 2, Episode 23: 312 Vertical

11 May 1958
Blake poses as a bank robber in order to infiltrate a gang who owns a number of hotels across the country to serve as hideouts after robberies.

Season 2, Episode 24: Death on Wheels

16 February 1958
Blake is ordered to investigate a wave of highway truck robberies.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Leo Gordon ... Dan Quirk
Jeanne Vaughn ... Lucille King
Tom Greenway ... Sheriff Jack Bronson

Harry Lauter ... Hal Michaels

Kenneth MacDonald ... John Dalby

Robert Williams ... Cafe Owner
Eddie Gomez ... Truck Hijacker
Paul Stader

Season 2, Episode 26: 710 Hysteria Street

6 April 1958
Blake investigates when a prowler terrorizes a neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Lee Van Cleef ... Frank Parnessa

Frank Albertson ... John Henderson

Sheila Bromley ... Gladys Henderson
Sandra Knight ... Jenny Henderson

Season 2, Episode 27: Sweetheart of Sigmund Kaye

8 March 1958
A husband and wife disappear under mysterious circumstances. Their daughter, a pretty college student, claims that they often travel great distances on the spur of the moment.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Corey Allen ... Sigmund Kaye

Norma Eberhardt ... Doris Green

Walter Coy ... Doc Brennan
John Harmon ... Roy Fleck

Eddie Parker ... Deputy Sheriff Jim Dailey

Season 2, Episode 28: Kitchen Kill

20 April 1958
Blake investigates a suspicious death to determine if it was an accident or murder.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Rebecca Welles ... Betty Dolan
Richard H. Cutting ... Sheriff John Bronson (as Dick Cutting)
Ralph Clanton ... Ted Joiner

Richard Crane ... Jeff Hoskins

Jack Albertson ... Dr. C.R. Wenner
Fred Sherman ... Medical Examiner (as Fred E. Sherman)
Paul Power ... Grantson

James Gonzalez ... Casino Patron (uncredited)
Shep Houghton ... Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Joseph La Cava ... Robbery Suspect (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 29: The Widow Makers

22 March 1957
A case of mistaken identity after a fatal car wreck sets in motion a series of attempted murders. Believing her son dead, Virginia Syckles shoots Ogden Karnes, the man she blames for her husband's death in a mine he owned. Her son, Jamie, is Karnes sole heir and when the old man seems to be recovering from his wounds, decides to finish the job with the help of his gold-digging girlfriend.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Carl Benton Reid ... Ogden Karnes
Peg Hillias ... Virginia Syckles
Wright King ... Jamie Syckles
Lisa Gaye ... Edie Sloan
Irene James ... Starry Ide

Season 2, Episode 30: Mystery Sniper

29 March 1957
Blake tries to stop a sniper who is terrorizing the populace.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Kathryn Givney ... Melissa Barlow

Frank Ferguson ... Ralph Barlow

Kay E. Kuter ... Shag Jorgenson (as Kay Kuter)

Barbara Knudson ... Cora Shields
Joe Durkin ... Herb Story
Robert Tetrick ... Mort Jorgenson

Rush Williams ... Lem Jorgenson

Season 2, Episode 31: Hardrock Man

10 September 1958
Blake is suspicious of a man's confession to murder.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Paula Raymond ... Connie Moser
Joan Banks ... Edna Linkman

Charles Cooper ... Tod Linkman
Bart Burns ... Detective Capt. Leo Horton

Douglas Fowley ... Black Jack Nighbert

Season 2, Episode 32: Key to a Killer

22 June 1958
Blake investigates when a man is killed interrupting a burglary. His investigation shows that burglary fits into a pattern of other crimes with the link being a home-repair company. Blake goes undercover as a carpenter to investigate the company's personnel.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Richard H. Cutting ... Sheriff John Bronson (as Dick Cutting)

Jean Willes ... Ruby Nowell

Harry Lauter ... Ben Everett

Robert Foulk ... Jim Granite
Jack Moyles ... Eddie Scott

Season 2, Episode 34: Stay Lost Little Girl

27 April 1958
Blake is asked to locate a missing niece, who left her Kansas farm to join a carnival.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Jack Kirkwood ... Howell Haley
Tom Greenway ... Sheriff Jack Bronson
Ann McCrea ... Delphine Schigalo

Ralph Moody ... Peter Hochschuler
Harlan Warde ... Tom Schigalo
Leonard Bell ... Chip Martin

Season 2, Episode 35: Firebug

4 May 1958
Blake and Anderson pose as campers to serve as bait for two men posing as prospectors who rob and kill campers. The criminals try to hide their crimes by burning the crime scene.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Penny Santon ... Mother May
Jack Daly ... Nick May
Tod Griffin ... John Reinhardt
Jolene Brand ... Mrs. Reinhardt

Paul Brinegar ... Storekeeper

Richard Devon ... Willy Reeves

Charles Horvath ... Daniel Hobbs

Season 2, Episode 37: The Last Waltz

18 May 1958
A family of crooks plans to hijack appliances bound for a new housing development.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

James Westerfield ... Chauncey Potter

William Phipps ... Ernie Story

Ellen Parker ... Clara Potter

Jeanne Bates ... Kay Baylor

Harry Tyler ... Pop (as Harry O. Tyler)
Fred Krone ... Oral Potter

Season 2, Episode 38: Sweet & Gentle, Ltd.

18 August 1958
Blake investigates the murder of a man found dead in his company's vault.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Andrea King ... Marguerite Dorn

Martha Vickers ... Constance Trayles
Tol Avery ... Leo Hogue
Tyler McVey ... Sheriff Tom Billings

Season 2, Episode 39: No, My Darling Daughter

1 June 1958
A father trying to prevent his daughter's wedding, sends a man to prevent their elopement in Reno.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Don Oreck ... Victor Marks
Maurice Manson ... Donald Bowling
Patricia Hardy ... Desra Bowling
Arthur Batanides ... Nick Shawn

George Cisar ... Hotel Manager

Season 2, Episode 40: The Clever Man

25 August 1958
Blake is asked to investigate when an insurance agent withdraws a large sum from his bank account and gives it to a known con-man.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jacqueline Scott ... Betty Landers
William Swan ... Joe Landers

Barbra Fuller ... Lois Brinkman (as Barbara Fuller)

Frank Wilcox ... Walter Eagles
Nora Marlowe ... Sarah Brinkman

Season 2, Episode 41: The Silver Spiral

26 February 1959
A murderer escapes from an insane asylum and heads for Virginia City. Blake must capture him before he can kill again.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert H. Harris ... Jefferson Meadows
Joyce Meadows ... Felina Meadows
Lucius Beebe ... Lucius Beebe
Charles Clegg ... Charles Clegg
Owen Cunningham ... Dr. Felder

Season 2, Episode 42: Travel Now, Slay Later

12 February 1959
Blake pursues a thief of negotiable bonds to his Hawaiian hideaway.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Mark Roberts ... Tom Lanning
Jan Harrison ... Carol Ward
Craig Duncan ... Police Sgt. Kelso
Ralph Clanton ... Drayton
Jonathan Hole ... Harry Stack
Howard Ledig ... Sid Jaffe

Season 2, Episode 44: Excitement at Milltown

22 January 1959
Blake investigates a series of deadly accidents at a remote lumber mill and discovers sabotage.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Dayton Lummis ... Mr. Carlson

Malcolm Atterbury ... Doc

Vivi Janiss ... Ella Westover

Myron Healey ... Big Nels (as Myron Healy)

Suzanne Lloyd ... Myrna Carlson
Chuck Couch ... Log Worker (uncredited)
Paul Stader ... Yard Boss (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 45: Joker's Dead

14 July 1958
Blake investigates when a compulsive practical joker is found dead at a resort.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Whit Bissell ... Charles Bowman
Eleanore Tanin ... Esther Milford
John Stephenson ... Paul Stagg
Karl 'Killer' Davis ... Big Mike George

Kasey Rogers ... Molly Crane

Marian Collier ... Spa Woman

Season 2, Episode 46: The Winnemucca Weskit

21 July 1958
Blake's investigation of a bank robbery in which a deputy sheriff was killed leads to an old friend who makes bullet-proof vests.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Craig Stevens ... Johnny Marvin
Sally Brophy ... Marie Marvin (as Sallie Brophy)

Jean Byron ... Millie Marvin

John Mitchum ... Deputy Sheriff Joe Dugan

Dale Van Sickel ... Blainey Bartel

Season 2, Episode 47: You Can't Run Forever

28 July 1958
When a police officer searches a car after stopping the driver for speeding he discovers a stolen bracelet. Blake believes the young man was framed and tries to find the guilty parties.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Christine White ... Lucille Drake

King Calder ... Harvey Evans

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson
Fay Baker ... Norma Evans

Ron Hagerthy ... Bob Evans
Read Morgan ... Trooper Gaines
Paul Stader ... Ed Lerner (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 52: When the Cat's Away

1 September 1958
Blake joins a carnival to prove that some of its workers are involved in a series of burglaries.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Barbara Baxley ... Zelda

Addison Richards ... Sam Cooley

Chris Alcaide ... Bart

Russ Conway ... Sheriff Billings
Jack Daly ... Dolan
Mike Ragan ... Flaky

Charles Horvath ... Roustabout (uncredited)

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Prettiest Dress in Goldfield

1 January 1959
A hermit is accused of murdering a man and a woman, but Blake believe the man was framed.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Douglas Fowley ... Doc Crippin

Edward Binns ... Harley Bender

Jean Byron ... Stella Bender

William Challee ... Pop Boltster

Trevor Bardette ... Sheriff John Morton (as Trev Bardette)
Paul Stader ... Frank (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 2: The Trap That Jack Built

8 January 1959
When a woman is electrocuted in an abandoned mine, Blake determines that the "accident" was really murder and suspects the mine's owner had the best motive.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jocelyn Brando ... Vera Woodridge

Robert H. Harris ... Jack Woodridge

Paul Langton ... Charles Medford
Kathy Marlowe ... Katharine Dolan

Season 3, Episode 3: This One'll Kill Ya

15 January 1959
Blake investigates the murder of a woman found dead in her car in Reno. His prime suspect is the woman's ex-husband.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Buddy Lester ... Waldo Sims
Joey Forman ... Johnny Garth
Joan Tabor ... Jill Benton
Miranda Jones ... Kay Wallace

George N. Neise ... Warren Poole (as George Neise)

Season 3, Episode 4: Carson City Kitty

24 March 1959
Blake suspects an inside job when a valuable necklace is stolen from a Carson City, Nevada museum.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Bek Nelson ... Sara Williams
Bart Burns ... Al Brady
Voorheis J. Ardoin ... Ben Hardy (as Voorhies J. Ardoin)
Lillian Powell ... Nettie Simmons
Johnny Standley ... Chester Avery
J. Edward McKinley ... Sheriff Billings
Paul Stader ... Deputy Sheriff Jim Wallace (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 5: Lonely Valley

29 January 1959
Piute Indians request the assistance of Rod Blake when a hermit and his sons, crazed by an atomic test in the Nevada desert, shoot anything that moves in their valley, especially Indians hunting for game.

Season 3, Episode 7: Case of the Barefoot Girl

16 April 1959
When an old friend is accused of murdering a vacationing couple in Mexico, Blake travels south of the border to investigate the crime.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Merry Anders ... Mrs. Wallace
Stephen Douglass ... Johnny Wallace
Tudor Owen ... Mr. Donnelly
Eduardo Noriega ... Lt. Lasada

Miriam Colon ... Francesca (as Miriam Colón)
Mark Neiman ... Ramon
George Travino ... Capt. Perez
Raoul De Leon ... Mr. Rodriguez

Season 3, Episode 8: Fiddle Dee Dead

19 February 1959
When a holdup gang steals the car of a popular Reno band leader, Blake uses a violin as bait to capture the crooks.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Frank De Vol ... Frank De Vol (as Frank Devol)

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Barbara Bain ... Madge Slausen

George N. Neise ... Ben Slausen (as George Neise)

Harry Lauter ... Rex Bomar

Season 3, Episode 9: The Judas Tree

2 April 1959
A drifter who witnesses a murder attempts to flee, but falls victim to the murderers.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jeanne Cooper ... Doris Ormsby
Ray Stricklyn ... Jeff Turner

Robert Anderson ... Sheriff Jim Bronson (as Bob Anderson)
Robert Tetrick ... Hobson
Barry Brooks ... Thorney

Season 3, Episode 10: Inherit a Bullet

3 March 1959
When a wealthy rancher dies in an automobile accident, his mother is shocked to meet a woman claiming to be his wife who demands her share of the estate.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Sara Haden ... Agnes Easton
Anne Sargent ... Katherine Baker Easton
Carol Leigh ... Jennie
Freddy Ridgeway ... Baker Easton
Robert Herrman ... Ross

Season 3, Episode 11: The Man from Solitary

10 March 1959
Blake goes undercover in Arizona to investigate the activities of a rancher who hires ex-convicts to work on his spread.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Roscoe Ates ... Dusty Peabody (as Rosco Ates)
Joe Patridge ... Brad Clinton
Eddie Kane ... Jake Clinton
Jack Littlefield ... Johnny Byrd

Terry Frost ... Sheriff Matt Webster
Betty McMahon ... Mrs. Freemont (as Bette McMahon)
Allen Pinson ... Henchman

Carol Henry ... Mr. Freemont
Ronnie Rondell Jr. ... Booboo (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 12: Hard Money, Soft Touch

17 March 1959
Blake suspects a casino dealer and her shifty boyfriend when a priceless coin collection is stolen.

Season 3, Episode 13: Pistols for Two

7 May 1959
Blake is asked to determine whether or not a San Franciso newspaper reporter was murdered or killed in self-defense.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Faith Domergue ... Elaine Kendall

John Archer ... Cliff Bateman
Stephen Roberts ... Joe Black
James Chandler ... Capt. Brody

John Milford ... Matty Herman
Tom Gleason ... Jay Kendall
Herb Caen ... Herb Caen - Newspaperman
Terrence O'Flaherty ... Terrence O'Flaherty - Newspaperman
Bill Fiset ... Bill Fiset - Newspaperman
Bob Foster ... Bob Foster - Newspaperman

Season 3, Episode 14: So Early in the Mourning

21 May 1959
Blake goes undercover to investigate a tip that a woman is seeking to hire a killer for a murder-for-hire scheme.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Faith Domergue ... Janice Moore
Abigail Shelton ... Linda Green (as Abbey Shelton)
Charles H. Gray ... Lloyd Dalton (as Charles Gray)

Richard Crane ... Peck Brinkman

Vito Scotti ... Reggie Sorbin

Season 3, Episode 15: The Choker

9 April 1959
Blake's investigation into the deaths of nightclub waitresses leads to a hobo camp. He tries to get evidence by posing a vagrant.

Season 3, Episode 17: Let 'Em Eat Smoke

23 April 1959
Blake parachutes into a forest fire to capture a murder suspect hiding in an abandoned mine.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jody Lawrance ... Patty Roberts (as Jody Lawrence)

Charles Bateman ... Jeff Roberts
Garry Walberg ... Dewey Binns
Will J. White ... Hank Patton

Robert Williams ... Dispatcher (as Robert B. Williams)

Season 3, Episode 18: The Patient Skeleton

30 April 1959
When a runaway truck accidentally strikes an old mansion, a human skeleton--long hidden inside a wall--are revealed.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

DeForest Kelley ... Graham Jones

Charles Aidman ... Tommy Brandywine

Ian Wolfe ... Eli Crater
Edith Evanson ... Emily Brandywine

Season 3, Episode 19: Everything Else Is Bridgeport

11 June 1959
While investigating a murder, Blake discovers his suspect has fled Nevada, heading for New York City.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Read Morgan ... Harry Hess
Bart Burns ... Joseph Belden
Jean Howell ... Ruby Hess

James Flavin ... Police Capt. Daniel Box
Pat McCaffrie ... Police Sgt. Riggs

Season 3, Episode 20: While Jerome Burned

14 May 1959
Blake investigates the murder of a ranch owner found dead in a burning car. His prime suspects are the ranch foreman and the dead man's former spouse.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Dick Foran ... Gabe Beiler

Catherine McLeod ... Linda Graham
Fredd Wayne ... Frank Nagel

Robert Anderson ... Sheriff Martin (as Bob Anderson)
Carlos Rivas ... Nick Fleming (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 22: Love on the Rocks

28 May 1959
Blake investigates the murder of a woman and discovers there are clouds of suspects - everyone who knew the woman had reason to hate her.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Mason Alan Dinehart ... Danny Holden
Nancy Kilgas ... Pat Desmond

Virginia Christine ... Rena Desmond
Tim Graham ... Jake Holden

James Bell ... Sheriff Art Logan
Jason Johnson ... Harry T. Desmond

Season 3, Episode 23: And Baby Makes Two

4 June 1959
When a gambling casino is robbed, Blake is called in to lead the search for the crooks and recover the loot.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Constance Ford ... Wendy 'Baby' Davis / Sally Stoddard

Dennis Patrick ... Pete Rogers

Bill Quinn ... Milt Bowers
John Stephenson ... Patrick Drake

Season 3, Episode 24: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

18 May 1959
Blake investigates when a visitor disappears from a military academy's campus under mysterious circumstances.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Les Tremayne ... Major Fillmore

Andrea King ... Alice Benton
Connie Davis ... Jane Lewis

Barney Phillips ... Wilkie
Bart Patton ... Clifford Johnson
Dean Stewart

Season 3, Episode 26: The Girl on Cloud Nine

25 June 1959
Blake investigates the link between a blackmail threat and an assault on a Las Vegas showgirl.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Jean Allison ... Claire Eaton

Gale Robbins ... Dawn Corday (as Gail Robbins)

Penny Edwards ... Carol Davis

Gregg Palmer ... Ben Stander

Marc Platt ... Tony Wing

Unknown Season

Another Chance

2 July 1959
While transporting a murderer to Reno for trial, Blake begins to wonder if the young man's claim of self-defense might not be valid.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Robert Vaughn ... George Jones

Rachel Ames ... Mary Jones (as Judith Ames)

Robert Burton ... Miller
Henry Hunter ... Dr. Spencer

Walter Barnes ... Grindell
Irving Mitchell

Larceny and Old Ace

The wife of Brady Colfax, a soon-to-be-released convict, warns Blake that the man still held a grudge against him for testifying against him in court.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Rachel Ames ... Julie Colfax (as Judith Ames)

Harry Lauter ... Barney

Paul Lukather ... Brady Colfax

Still Water Runs Red

A feud over water rights between a rancher and a female neighbor threatens to erupt into bloodshed unless Blake can prevent it.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Armstrong ... Sheriff Andy Anderson

Jeanette Nolan ... Lola Tucker

Wilton Graff ... Colonel Lee Moorehead
Tod Griffin ... Bill Larson
Barbara Stuart ... Anita Moorehead

Dale Van Sickel ... Jed
Paul Baxley ... Ranch Hand (uncredited)

The Black Leaper

A game warden finds a fisherman dead in his boat. Although the man had died hours earlier there was a freshly hooked trout hooked on his fishing tackle and the sign of bruising on the back of the man's head. Blake learns that the man was a wife-beater who had threatened to divorce his wife and name a neighbor in the complaint.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Andrea King ... Florence Story
William Meigs ... Fred Landry (as Bill Meigs)
Joel Ashley ... Jeffrey Story
Jane Barclay ... Millie Landry

John Hamilton ... Oscar

The Bride Wore Bullets

A used car salesman's estranged wife shows up at his apartment and begs forgiveness. During their argument a gunman bursts into Victor's apartment and kills the pretty brunette. Blake discovers that the car the dead woman was driving was hot and decides to set a trap to capture the killer and break up the stolen car racket at the same time.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Robert Strauss ... Steve Lane

Joan Taylor ... Marietta Beck

Ross Elliott ... Victor Beck
Betty Lou Gerson ... Bundy Lane
Vermelle McCarter ... Josephine Gilbert

Nicholas Georgiade ... Novak (as Nick Georgiade)

The Woman Who Cried Wolf

6 August 1959
A young girl replaces a woman in a vaudeville act.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake
Richard H. Cutting ... Sheriff Bronson (as Dick Cutting)

Virginia Gregg ... Clara Lacey

Whitney Blake ... Myrna Cabot

Mike Connors ... Jim Madison (as Michael Connors)
Billy Snyder ... Bill Lacey

What's Mine Is Mine

When a mine owner is murdered, Blake suspects that either his partner, his partner's wife or both are implicated in the killing.

Rod Cameron ... Lt. Rod Blake

Edward Binns ... Frederick Walden

Jean Byron ... Claire Walden

Alexander Campbell ... Sheriff Logan

Lane Bradford ... Joe Hooker
Chuck Couch ... Fowler (uncredited)
Paul Stader ... Henry Moon (uncredited)

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