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16 May 1958
Mine for Keeps
When the Navy learns that Japanese freighters are hugging the coast of Japan in order to evade US submarines, the Trigger is sent to the area to lay mines to force Japanese shipping out into deeper waters. While laying mines in dangerously shallow waters the captain of the Trigger gets to see a Japanese freighter hit one of the mines they just laid.
13 Jun. 1958
The Hawkbill's Revenge
The skipper of the USS Hawkbill vows revenge when a Japanese mine-layer sinks the Legarto.
25 Jul. 1958
The S-44 Story
A renovated 18-year-old sub is sent to sink a Japanese cruiser.
8 Aug. 1958
The Crevalle's Mine Plant
Laying mines off the Japanese-held harbor of Saigon was a tough job at best; but, with one of your own mines stuck in the torpedo tube and an enemy destroyer closing fast, it was a downright nightmare.
15 Aug. 1958
The Sunfish Story
The U.S.S. Sunfish endures 186 depth charges released by Japanese surface craft.
22 Aug. 1958
The Sunfish's Cook
Fed up with his routine chores in the gallery, the cook of the USS Sunfish, Teddy Aldridge, requests an active combat station for the next engagement with the enemy. The ship's executive officer assigns him a Browning automatic rifle for use during surface action.
29 Aug. 1958
The Nautilus and the Nuns
Fourteen nuns escape from the Solomon Islands in the U.S.S. Nautilus.
3 Oct. 1958
The Swordfish Story
USS Swordfish travels to the Lembeh Straits on Celebes to discover how an Imperial Japanese air base is being supplied.
7 Nov. 1958
Royal Submarines
A British sub commander in the Mediterranean intercepts enemy supply boats.
28 Nov. 1958
U-47 in Scapa Flow
On 14 October 1939, Gunther Prien penetrated the Royal Navy's primary base at Scapa Flow where he torpedoed and sank the battleship Royal Oak and returned home to instant fame.

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