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Season 1

22 Sep. 1957
Sally Tries to Say No
'Sally Tries to Say No' - While traveling on an ocean liner with Mrs. Banford, Sally meets an attractive man whom she at first dislikes. She warms up to him as the cruise continues.
26 Jan. 1958
Operation Intrigue
While traveling along the two Germany's borders Sally and Myrtle become suspicious of a man they believe is following them. Convincing themselves that he is a Soviet agent the travlers become determined to expose him.
2 Feb. 1958
World's Greatest Lover
When a handsome count asks Sally out for the evening she's thrilled. After her friends learn his identity they warn her that he's a notorious playboy. Sally must decide whether to continue the relationship.
9 Feb. 1958
To Myrtle With Love
To cheer Mrs. Banford up for her birthday Sally hires a man to shower her with attention. But after fulfilling his duty he continues to reappear which flatters Myrtle. Then Sally learns it's herself he's interested in.
9 Mar. 1958
Sally, the Cosmetician
Sally has a brainstorm to help her boss; she thinks it would be more profitable to the department store where she works if they made the cosmetics they sold, so she gets a friend in the ad department to help sell the idea.
23 Mar. 1958
Sally, the Love Doctor
Bascomb Jr. thinks he's in love but lacks self confidence to approach the young lady. He's heading to Tibet to become a monk until Sally convinces him to stay and helps him develope the courage in the dating department.
30 Mar. 1958
Dear Myrtle
An orphan's home that Myrtle is a patron of is in financial difficulties. Sally decides the solution is a charitable show put on by the Banford and Bleecher department store employees.

 Season 1 

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