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Season 2

17 Apr. 1958
The King's Four Wives
Mitchell and the crew of the "Shipwreck" are hired to retrieve the four wives of a disposed Middle-Eastern monarch. Captain Mitchell soon has cause to wonder if the king really wants his lovely brides rescued.
24 Apr. 1958
The Deserted Yacht
When the crew of the "Shipwreck" discover an abandoned vessel, they inherit more trouble than they bargained for.
23 Nov. 1956
Stranger in Danger
Mitch's search for a man named Curtis takes him 400 miles into the African interior with a angry sheik intent on preventing their reunion.
1 Mar. 1957
Desert Tomb
While visiting an Egyptian port, Mitch takes on cargo which quickly turns out to be less innocent than it had been described.
31 Mar. 1957
The Eastern Lighthouse
Mitch and his crew investigate a non-functioning lighthouse which should be guarding a dangerous reef.
7 Dec. 1956
The Crescent and the Star
Mitch becomes enmeshed in dangerous international intrigue when he asks the Tunis harbor master to move a neighboring freighter to another berth.
12 Jun. 1958
The Desert Bus
While docked in Algeria, the "Shipwreck" is besieged by local officials who need to make a quick getaway.
24 Aug. 1957
The Diamond Chips
Mitch lands in hot water when he innocently agrees to sell some jewelry for a pretty girl.
17 Aug. 1957
The Lost Portrait
While vacationing in Rome, Mitch becomes involved in a dispute involving an centuries old portrait.
3 Aug. 1957
Aircraft in the Desert
Mitch and his crew investigate a mayday signal received from an airplane preparing to crash in the desert. Before they can arrive, one of passengers kills the plane's crew and assumes a new identity.
Death at Sunset
A Shiek hires the "Shipwreck" to transport a female doctor away from a city about to burst into revolution, however, the "cargo" refuses to be transported.
26 Apr. 1957
Castle for Sale
Mitch suspects a swindle or foul play when Sean announces he has bought a Spanish castle for a pittance.
10 Apr. 1958
Hearse at High Noon
Mitch's curiosity is aroused when he watches a funeral procession with a hearse driver wearing a hidden pistol.
20 Jul. 1957
The Million Dollar Rose Tree
Mitch becomes curious when a tourist pays an enormous sum for a rose tree.

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