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Season 2

2 Jan. 1958
The Space Society
A man hires Diamond to investigate an outer space society which he suspects is out to bilk his rich uncle since they have talked him into leaving the society $100,000 in his will.
9 Jan. 1958
The Dark Horse
Richard Diamond is hired by a newspaper editor to protect their party candidate from murder or abduction by a corrupt syndicate.
16 Jan. 1958
The Payoff
The detective is looking for a man, unaware that he has been hired by a gang leader looking for the member who got away with the loot from a safe robbery.
23 Jan. 1958
Double Jeopardy
When diamonds from a five-year-old robbery start appearing on the black market, the insurance company hires Richard Diamond to recover the gems. His primary suspect is the man who convicted of the crime and just released from prison, but the private detective begins believe that perhaps the man is innocent of the original crime as he maintains.
30 Jan. 1958
Diamond investigates an arson, which may turn out to be murder.
6 Feb. 1958
The Ed Church Case
A newspaper editor friend hires Diamond to find a missing reporter.
13 Feb. 1958
Chinese Honeymoon
Richard Diamond's friend Dr. Chang suddenly breaks his engagement to his fiancée. Diamond had introduced the couple and he goes to find out what's wrong.
20 Feb. 1958
Ed Murdock is a hot-headed rodeo star. When someone sabotages his equipment, he attacks who he thinks is responsible. It seems someone is out to get him but Murdock doesn't seem willing to think through the problem...he just wants to hit someone. So, Richard Diamond agrees to stick with Murdock and keep him out of trouble and possibly save his life.
27 Feb. 1958
A Cup of Black Coffee
Diamond stops for a cup of coffee on the way home and meets a woman who seems to be in shock. In the process of helping her, he needs to solve a mystery involving a dead body.
6 Mar. 1958
The George Dale Case
Richard Diamond gets a call from his answering service that a new client is willing to pay triple his daily fee. It's a trick and Diamond is mistaken for a guy who stole a painting. Now he has to find out who set him up and why.
13 Mar. 1958
Juvenile Jacket
Diamond is hired by a woman to clear her son of charges of murder, since he is a member of a gang which robbed a liquor store and killed the sales clerk.
27 Mar. 1958
Pension Plan
A jewelry store owner comes to Diamond for help when one of his employees refuses to return gems he had been assigned to clean unless he is given a large cash stipend.
10 Apr. 1958
Short Haul
Diamond goes under cover as a truck driver, in order to investigate a truck hijacking in which the driver was killed.
17 Apr. 1958
Another Man's Poison
Diamond sets out to find the man who is trying to kill him and who failed in a previous attempt leaving an innocent bystander dead.
24 Apr. 1958
The Purple Penguin
Diamond is hired to be the bodyguard of a former mobster turned club owner.
1 May 1958
Lost Testament
While investigating the death of an investment counselor, Diamond learns that a letter has recently been stolen from the deceased's attorney.
8 May 1958
The Percentage Takers
Diamond is hired by a singer who finds himself being threatened by extortionists.
22 May 1958
Widow's Walk
Diamond is hired to safeguard some valuable paintings.
29 May 1958
Bungalow Murder
Diamond is called upon to investigate the murder of a film producer, and upon arriving at the scene of the crime learns that the police have not been notified of the man's death.
12 Jun. 1958
One Foot in the Grave
A beat cop who used to work with Diamond is shot to death and Diamond vows to find the hood who threatened him a couple of years ago.
26 Jun. 1958
Snow Queen
Diamond tries to get to the bottom of a heroin trafficking scheme.

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